28 Yr Old Mother of 2, 5'5 150 Lbs. - 500cc HP silicone Mentor MemoryGel

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Today was my pre op appointment. I'm super...

Today was my pre op appointment. I'm super excited/scared/nervous/anxious! So many different feelings it's getting stressful, can't wait for this to be over. Dr Obaid and his staff have been great so far. I did a whole lot of research before hand so I didn't really have too many questions to ask. I'm just hoping for awesome results with beautiful looking boobs!! I've decided on 500cc/550cc silicone mentor memory gel implants. Apparently one of my boobs is bigger than the other so he has to use 550cc on one side ... That makes me really nervous bc the last thing I want is uneven boobies! I used to be a small B, but after my 2nd pregnancy they shrunk down to a very small A with no volume left.

Before BA

Some before pics...
Stats - 28, 5'5 150 lbs
500cc/550cc silicone Mentor MemoryGel

Wish boobs

Just a few pics of what I hope my results will be similar to :) I want natural yet really perky new girls lol if that makes any sense ....

Ladies help pls....

Any suggestions of things I should buy to prepare for surgery?? I want to have everything ready before hand. So far I only have some stool softners, Tylenol, and comfy zip up sweater to wear afterwards.....


Here's a pic of the Sizers I tried on 500cc/550cc to even out asymmetry and I move they way they look... Makes me look porportionate now! Just hope this is the final result I actually end up with.


Yikes today is the BIG DAY!!

I have to be there at 1:30pm, I'm still so nervous and scared!!! I couldn't sleep all night I kept tossing and turning and then the bad dreams didn't help either :/ ugh just want today to be over already.... I know it'll be worth it in the end just have to get past the next few hours. Wish me luck girls!! :)

Finally home!!

First of, I want to give a big THANK YOU to all the ladies who wished me good luck!! Seriously you guys support means a lot and was great help.

Ok so the car ride was horrible! Every bump hurt like hell. And it's true that you wake up feeling like a car ran over your chest but it's bearable.... I took my pain meds so it feels like I can breathe again. Without meds the pressure on my chest felt horrible and it was hard to breathe. I ended up with silicone HP 500cc unders on both. I'll keep you guys updated :) I hope I'm able to help other ladies here.

Oh and Emily(my nurse) is such a doll, so funny & sweet... I really like her. Dr Obaid has been awesome as well!!

Day of BA

Here's some better pics :) I'm in love!! I even peeked at them and the incision hehe

Hey ladies...

How long did you have to sleep at a 45' degree angle? My back is killing me already!! Even with the tons of pillows I have its making my back hurt :/

Post Op Day 4

This bloating is getting so annoying seems like I wake up worst everyday. It literally looks like I'm 3 months preggo! And this tightening on my Breast doesn't seem to get any better. My boobs look and feel just as hard as day 1. I know I have to be patient :/ it's still early. Only good thing is that the pain has gone away Its more of a discomfort now from the tightness.

Post Op Day 6

Yesterday was my first post op check up & everything went well Dr said I'm healing nicely. It was also the first day I was feeling good enough to do some shopping after wards and had dinner. By dinner time I did start feeling uncomfortable and my back was killing me! But I'm glad I'm finally feeling better and I slept very well last night with NO meds at all. Today has been great as well no pain meds needed so far. My boobs are still very high and tight, dr gave the ok to start massaging them. I haven't noticed any D&F yet but hoping to see some soon.

23 Days Post Op

So I've finally noticed just a tiny bit of D&F not much but a little is better than none. For the most part they feel way softer but still riding very high which I've come to the conclusion that I actually love & might miss once they fully drop. I'm still not comfy with how they look naked, they still have a weird square ish look and the bottom hasn't filled in at all :/ but on the other hand I love how they are looking with clothes on :) I can't wait to see my final results down the line! Back pain has gotten much better, and just slight sharp pains here and there. What I can't stand is how tender my nipples are now. I'm still sleeping on my back and I'm pretty used to it now. My surgical glue is barely coming off which I think has taken wayyyyy too long compared to everyone else!! Can't wait for that too be off so my incisions can feel some what heeled, they feel so fresh still since the glue is holding the scabs in place which makes them look ugly ass well. Other than that it's still the best decision I've ever made!!!!!

23 Days Post Op Continued....

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