Finally decided w/ Dr. Omepeu

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Ok, I am currently at my consultation with Dr....

Ok, I am currently at my consultation with Dr. Obaide. The office is very gorgeous. Anyway, let me tell you a little bit about me.I am 27 years old, no children but my stomach looks as if I have had at least so sad and im starting to feel miserable. I am 5"10 and I weight 202. I have came down from 240 and I have been able to keep that off for about 4 years now. I just cant seem to get below that plus I need some ASS!!!! here I am. My mom and twin sis are against this but who cares?...cuz I dont....I do want to thank all the BBL sistas who have been actively positing their experiences. Trust me this has helped me with my decision....

Pissed but looking at the bright side!

So I am very upset, although I have not selected a doctore nor have I placed a deposit down with anyone, I HAVE LOST MY JOB!!! this sucks now becauze EVERYTHING will have to be prolonged but maybe its for the best. I am a positive thinker and I know this is just a minnie road block to this ASS im trying to run to lol. Ok I have really been researching this BBL stuff and I noticed that everyones process is very diffefent. I also realize the expenses that can be associated with this whole procedure. I currently reside im Dallas, Tx and good surgeons are limited, well let me rephrase that, the before and after pics I have seen are just not that eye catching. So I do want to be local just in case I need to run back for any reason Post op but I need to seesome results from my Dtown people who used a local Dr. Please let mw know! Oh yea and I love this site it allows me to put everything into perspective...

Paid my deposit!!!! Dr. Omupeu

So after constant research I have finally decided that Dr.O is the best option thus far! My surgery date is July 31st 2015 and the countdown begins. I'm extremely nervous and excited at the same time. So what items to I need to be purchasing between now and then?

So confused...

So I know they provide a stage 1 garmet after surgery but how do you know what size stage 2 to purchase? Also, I was trying to fly spirit airlines but they do not fly directly into Mimi int. airport but to ft lauderdale. Has anyone else had this issue?!!!

Feeling lost!

Ok! After reviewing several O dolls, I see that they have a triangle board and an abdominal board? Where do you obtain the triangle board from?

Time is winding!!!

My surgery date is July 3rd and I am still so confused about a lot of things. I have been reading multiple post and I see that they are taking iron 325 mg a day. Is this something we all should take even if iron isn't an issue? Also, garments? What's a good stage 1 garment to buy in addition to the one Dr. O provides? Also how often should we get the lymphatic massages and how soon after the surgery? IM SO CONFUSED!!!!

So worried now!!! Staph infections....

These common-sense precautions can help lower your risk of developing staph infections:

Wash your hands. Careful hand-washing is your best defense against germs. Wash your hands briskly for at least 15 to 30 seconds, then dry them with a disposable towel and use another towel to turn off the faucet. If your hands aren't visibly dirty, you can use a hand sanitizer containing at least 62 percent alcohol.
Keep wounds covered. Keep cuts and abrasions clean and covered with sterile, dry bandages until they heal. The pus from infected sores often contains staph bacteria, and keeping wounds covered will help keep the bacteria from spreading.
Reduce tampon risks. Toxic shock syndrome is caused by staph bacteria. Since tampons left in for long periods can be a breeding ground for staph bacteria, you can reduce your chances of getting toxic shock syndrome by changing your tampon frequently, at least every four to eight hours. Use the lowest absorbency tampon you can, and try to alternate using tampons and sanitary napkins whenever possible.
Keep personal items personal. Avoid sharing personal items such as towels, sheets, razors, clothing and athletic equipment. Staph infections can spread on objects, as well as from person to person.
Wash clothing and bedding in hot water. Staph bacteria can survive on clothing and bedding that isn't properly washed. To get bacteria off clothing and sheets, wash them in hot water whenever possible. Also, use bleach on any bleach-safe materials. Drying in the dryer is better than air-drying, but staph bacteria may survive the clothes dryer.

Cleared for surgery!!! Shit is getting real....

Not answering the damn phone!!!

These people are beginning to work my nerves! I have been trying to call so that I can pay off my balance and I can never get anyone on the phone!!!

Anxiety starting to kick

Well I will starting my make me heal vitamins this week at least 14 days prior to my surgery which is July 3rd. Also been taking these iron pills as they recommended.

10 more dayS!!!

So I have 10 more days! If first I was worried but now I am at peace.I have 1 million questions that constantly race through my mind. I have been reading about and exfoliation wash can anyone recommend what type and went to start doing this? Also when is it appropriate to began wearing a waist clincher?

On the other side!!!!

Hey ladies! So I had my surgery yesterday and I don't remember a thing just waking up COLD AS HELL. Anyway ,I wasn't in much pain and this ass it sitting pretty nice as far as I can see. It feels really heave and hard to walk. The pain is bare able more like extreme muscle soreness. I did and will continue my Make Me Heam VItamins which my be helping some!!! I have been eating and walking and peeing like crazy using the female urinal! Best purchases so far. I will be getting a massage tomorrow and I will post better pics!!!

10 days post op!!!

Ok! So I'm moving around much better now and I finally can get this drain out hopefully today!!! My stomach is getting flatter daily but I know the garmet I am currently is to already too loose. I have the foams, triangle and board on daily. So I purchase an XL garmet with he butt out and I'm soooooo scared to put it on. I'm still really tender to touch on my abdomen love handle area which is where he was most aggressive. I will be uploading more pics today without clothing to show my progress. Can anyone tell me if I can start wearing a sqweem vest once the drain comes out? I need the tightest compression around my stomach!!!

Finally pulled out the drain!!!

Ok! So my drain came out yesterday and yes I had a friend take it out because my PCP is currently on vacation. Anywho, it was not painful at all like I thought. Yes you can feel it moving inside of you but not pain more discomfort. When it was out!!! WHAT A FUCKING RELIEF!! So here are some pics of it. Also I have removed my foams and pads and now I'm in a Stage 2 garmet that I paid $120 really great quality and can be easily altered. My incisions on my upper abdomen have healed and the stitched have dissolved. I was really surprised it's only been 10 days this far. So my faja does have the butt out and I had to cut it a little bit to make sure I dont squeeze this investment. My hips are really stiff but I'm loving my shape. I have not sat down yet and I plan to hold off as long as possible. My lower back is taking the pressure though!!! Pics coming soon...



Pics now in Stage 2 garmet.

I am currently not wearing the ab board because the garmet is soooo tight I couldn't get it in. So hopeful when it loosens a little I can put it in. I will be uploading pics of garmet only as well!!!

Discharge papers!!!

Does anyone have of copy of the discharge paper work with the emergency number on it! I can't find what I did with mines. If so please someone inbox me a copy .

Still a little swollen

Before pics I never added

My body was just ALL WRONG!!!

3 weeks PO on Friday

So far things are looking great!! The swelling has went down significantly and I still have some ASS!!! It's not as big as I wanted it but it definitely more than I started with. It's still not that soft so hopefully when it softens it will round out more. Overall in love with my shape. My stomach is flat, except for where I had the drain at and il working on getting that flatter. I still do not sit with out my half foam roll under my thigh!!! So I have not sat directly on the butt and I don't plan to for a little while!!! My stomach is still tender and so is my butt but everything is healing nicely. I hate driving though!!!
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

After speaking with Dr. Osak Omulepu, he stated I have enough fat in my flanks and upper back to get a nice size butt!!....thats sad news but also good news knowing I can now get rid of this sh×+*! He also recommended a TT becuase of the extra skin that would be left....He was very imformative and his staff was very nice and helpful.....

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