Arm, Breast lift with Implants.

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I have lost over 100 pounds in the past year and...

I have lost over 100 pounds in the past year and have a lot of access skin specially in my arms. Another issue that came after loosing weight was the loss off volume in my breast. After much research I decided to get an arm lift as well as an extended breast lift and augmentation. I had surgery on March 5, 2015 and it went pretty smoothly. I am happy so far. There are some things I have to watch closely to see how they heal but only tI me will tell.

2 weeks post

Everything is going good. My arms still feel swollen but the incisions look good.

3 week update

Everything is going good. Arma are healing great! I am currently 3 weeks out and am using maderma for the scars. I still feel discomfort with my arms and I feel like it will never go away. Does anyone know how long it takes for this discomfort to go away?

Breast Update

I am very happy with my results. It has been about a month and everything is looking good.

Arm Lift Scars

I was hoping that my scars would be less visible from behind but I am happy with my current results. I'll take the scars and imbrace them. They are better than all that access skin. :-)

3 month review.

It's been almost 3 months since my arm lift and breast agumentation and lift. So far I'm loving it. Arms are getting better each day and I'm excited about the Future. I'm still Expiriencing pain from time to time but nothing I can't handle. I will post pics of my breast scars and results Later this weeK.

Update and New procedure

After several months I noticed that my breast had Buttom out. I had no volume on top and my implants where sitting really low. I went to see my surgeon and I have was able to get approval through my insurance to fix the extra armpit skin I had and while we are there the Buttom out of the breast. My procedure was yesterday and the pain is pretty bad. I don't remember being in much pain with my other procedures but it's all worth it at the end. Update on my arms: Everything is looking great my scars are there but fading a little bit. I would take the scars anytime!!

Access Armpit/breast tissue removal Day 1 Post Op

Had to change my dressings and was able to take a couple of pics. So far so good!!

5 Day Post Op

Today has been a much easier day. I have been able to hadle the aches and pains without any medication. :-) I return to work tomorrow and I see my surgeon to get the drains removed. :-) my only concern is I'm having this sharp pain on my left breast. It's like a shooting pain that only happens if I move a certain way. If I put pressure on that breast it helps it go away. Everything else is healing pretty good.

Week 2 update

I have reached the second week and am feeling good. Pain comes and goes but nothing to bad! I am able to move my arms more and more everyday. My breast look good so far. The correction seems to have fixed the problem I had when they Buttomed out. The scars on my sides and arms look good. Like every new scar it looks a bit overwhelming but I have started to treat them. I found some good and pretty inexpensive silicone strips and have been using them for about 3 days now. My routine is I place them on my scars at night and around mid morning I remove them and then I massage my scars and apply maderma PM. I'm hoping this helps the healing of the scars.

Breast Revision Week 3

Breast look pretty good. They sit a lot higher than before which makes me very happy. I feel a lot better about them. I'm still in a bit of discomfort but everyday it gets better.

5 week update picture

5 week update Access side skin removal pictures

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