3.5 Months PO Tummy Tuck

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I guess I'm jumping on Dr. Cardenas bandwagon....

I guess I'm jumping on Dr. Cardenas bandwagon. Took me a while to accept going out of the country to fix my belly. I'm in my late 20's and I am married with children. I have a set of twins, which is the reason why I am on realself today. My belly is horrible. I've visited 5 doctors in Dallas, TX. Out of those 5, I love just one but he wants to charge me $7985 for just the tummy tuck and lipo on my flanks. The lipo to the flanks is $1000. There is another doctor in Southlake that I like, didn't charge for lipo to the flanks but his tummy tucks are "okay". Total price he quoted for TT and Lipo to flanks was $6700. So far Carmina has the best tummy tucks. I'm willing to take the chance to travel outside of the US to get enhanced for a better price. But I'm still feeling a little ify about it. It's scary! My best friend had a TT and BBL by Dr. Carmina this past December and her stories have brought me to comfort. So, I'm like what the hell. I still have time to search around in Dallas if I needed to cancel with Dr. C. I will post pictures of my ugly stomach soon. And I'm still searching for a wish photo. I just figured out how to post my story today. LOL I'm so lame. If anyone is having their surgery around the time of mines, let me know.

Well I'm jumping off Dr. Cardenas bandwagon. :-(...

Well I'm jumping off Dr. Cardenas bandwagon. :-( Sorry. I've been in deep thoughts for the past month. So, I've visited several doctors and I'm so done with my search. And after all of the anxiousness and headaches I have finally made a decision to go with the very first doctor from the beginning of my search. I liked Dr. Kasden the first time I met him (last year) but wanted to explore my options plus educate myself on the procedure(s). Also, I ended up spending all my money on my wedding so I had to start over. Anyhow, I love Dr Kasden's character. He is very very silly, he had me laughing during the whole consultation visit. Some of the things I like about him compared to the other docs are: He is very honest, he told me what he could and can't do. He demonstrated on me on how I would look after surgery (using differ options). He has explained every detail of the procedure, before, during, and after. He is concerned about my health. And the most part of all, He wrote down everything that I am requesting out of this surgery. He asked me, "What is it that you don't like about your body?" So I told him. And he said that he'll fix all of the areas that I am complaining about, it wasn't a big deal to him. Now the other docs wanted to charge extra for a little lipo and other small things and they didn't want to perform a BL during the same time of the TT. Dr Kasden has fair prices compared to the others and his work is great.

My reason for wanting Dr Cardenas was I was going for the look that everyone else wanted or have (from surgery). Everybody wants a big butt nowadays. I remember when that wasn't important to me. Although I need a tummy tuck due to my pregnancy with twins, I do not want abs. I'm not saying that there is something wrong with wanting a big butt and abs, my point here is if I would have chased everyone else's dreams/goals I would have still been unhappy in the end because of doing something for the wrong reasons which is getting surgery to receive a "video vixen" body when I am not a vixen. Anyhow, Dr Cardenas is a good doc. My BF went to her for a TT and BBL and she has very good results. Me on the other hand, I am a differ person, my surgery goals are quite differ from most.

When I first started my TT journey my vision was to get a mini TT because I was afraid of being cut open. I was also scared of the muscle repair. I kept thinking that it would be too painful. But as the year went by and as certain celebrities big juicy booties (lol) and flat tummies were viewed on television plus spoken on a daily basis on the radio, I had no choice but to want some juicyness in the butt my damn self. My husband has always accepted me for who I am and what I have. I don't have a problem there but I do have a problem with the world around me. And it shouldn't be that way but I let things get to me in a bad way. I've always been a skinny chick, I was picked on at school because of it. Right now I am trying to gain weight. I've spoken with Dr. K about it and he says its okay. So that is a 2nd journey that I am now working on. I currently weigh 133 and I am 5'4" tall. I would like to see myself get to 145/150 by this summer. I've been faithfully putting in calories, we'll see how it goes.

I truly do think that most plastic/cosmetic docs in the US are a little wack. It seems that they are only good with breast, nose, and other face reconstructive surgeries. I do believe that it is possible to find a good doctor, you need patience and time to meet with several doctors, it is always good to get more than one opinion. Ask the right questions, gain a relationship with them, make sure you are highly respected. The key is finding a doctor that listens to you, know what you want and is willing to give it to you. I've now saw 7 doctors in the DFW metroplex area and only one doctor told me he will do exactly what I'm asking for. Its all about what you want! And if the doctor doesn't want to give it to you (not to sound sexual) and if he only stands by his book and his ways, then move around. BTW pictures are still coming.

I just realized I'm 3.5 weeks away from Surgery...

I just realized I'm 3.5 weeks away from Surgery and I am not prepared. I've been working my butt off and is very tired. I forgot to mention during my last post that, one thing that sucks when getting surgery in the U.S. is the hospital cost. This is what makes the quotes fly sky high! But I am in and all set even though it doesn't feel like it since I've been busy with work and family. I guess it will come to me as time gets closer. I'm just ready to get it over with. I've asked my employer if they will allow me to work from home starting on the 2nd week of recovery, I haven't received a reply yet.

Well I guess I'll jump to rushing to get all of my needs for recovery this weekend.

My date is right around the corner and I'm only...

My date is right around the corner and I'm only 20% ready. Pre Op pictures are posted.

So I had my surgery on march 8th. I can't believe...

So I had my surgery on march 8th. I can't believe I was expecting to go back to work after 1.5 weeks. Even though I sit at a desk all day, this feeling is very uncomfortable. I was in severe pain last night, every part of my stomach hurt including my back. My husband rearranged all my pillows and it made it much better. The drugs are great! The only pain I have now is when I'm up walking around, I can feel my stitches. They are painful. I can't until I'm done taking meds. I'm really not a pill person. The doc also has me taking a few laxatives and fiber to stimulate my bowels. ugh!

I tried taking pics with my phone last night, it is so uncomfortable I will wait until after a week or so. My tummy is really flat, I'm happy about that but I can't wait until the swelling goes down. It doesn't look good to me as of yet, plus the stitches are ugly. I will be going back in a couple months to do some light adjustments or enhancement to my hips. But don't want much work in that area.

So the whole experience was good. The nurses took good care of me. I'm just ready for the pain to go away. Oh and I can't wait until I can eat again, remember I'm trying to gain weight. And I haven't been eating much since the surgery but am drinking alot of fluids.

I finally had a BM. I've been walking around just...

I finally had a BM. I've been walking around just fine, but my back gets tired quick. I sometimes walk with a walker. And I have to constantly adjust my pillows in the bed. I can eat but eat small and certain foods (fried foods) makes my stomach growls very loud and it doesn't stop for hours. I still have lots of swelling and because I had stretch marks all over the belly, it is still very noticeable below the belly button.

I'm so ready to feel normal again. Ugh this recovery kicks ass. Oh and I go back to see Dr. K on Thursday, I will then be given my garment.

Maybe it's not a good pic but you have an idea. ...

Maybe it's not a good pic but you have an idea. I'm super swollen and the tummy is super hard. Hoping that my stretch marks clear or lighten up sooner.

Well you can clearly see my stretch marks. I...

Well you can clearly see my stretch marks. I had/have them pretty bad. The twins really stretched me out pretty far.

It really doesn't feel good being on your...

It really doesn't feel good being on your menstrual cycle while recovering from a TT during the first week. UGH!!!!! This sucks.

I had my visit with Dr. K yesterday, I so love his...

I had my visit with Dr. K yesterday, I so love his funny character. Anyhow, nevermind my bra and panties not matching. I am still on my cycle and it seems like it doesn't want to end. WTH So the Compression Garment feels great, but last night I couldn't get comfortable in the bed. My garment felt tight. I decided to loosing it a little just so I can sleep. But it really does secure and protect you, I'm feeling better.

During my visit, the nurse took out the stitches around my belly button and cleaned my incision. I'm not ready to show off my scar. I don't like how it looks right now, I'm waiting on it to heal a little more. My husband and Dr. K goofed off the whole visit, I was trying my best not to laugh so hard. The doc also told me I may begin to stand straight and can sleep normally. But that isn't possible right now. I took away to pillows from my bed and slept just fine. But I am unable to stand straight as of yet.

I am still taking my pain pills, my pain is the worst right after I wake up in the morning. I guess because of sleeping so stiff during the night. Ugh But that is also getting better.

I am a week post op today. I snook and tried to clean my toilet yesterday and got fussed at by my husband. lol I can't wait until I can do things on my own.

I forgot to mention several updates ago that...

I forgot to mention several updates ago that before my surgery, I did visit two docs in Southlake. And during one on my updates I stated that the doc in southlake TT's are "okay" . I just want to let you know, I was not referring to Dr. K. He is great. I am liking how my stomach look, my husband is amazed also.

So Finally, I am feeling very well. I'm to the...

So Finally, I am feeling very well. I'm to the point to where I do not need any pain pills at all. The only thing that is uncomfortable is the garment. I take it of for about 10 mins each day to readjust and also to receive a massage around the sore areas on my stomach and back. This feels so good afterwards. I got out for the first time today. I went to ULTA to find me a highlight/concealer for under my eyes. I wasn't in the store for 10 mins and I got extremely tired. So even though I feel alot better doesn't mean I'm ready to walk around in a store. I've learned that today.

I put up a 10 day post op pic. I still have my belly button covered because it still isn't healed. It also has a black glue that the doc used after stitching around it. But hopefully the glue will fall off or something soon so I can really get a good view.

I had my 2 wk PO Dr. visit yesterday. I've only...

I had my 2 wk PO Dr. visit yesterday. I've only got one drain pulled, other than that I'm doing well. I'm so bored sitting at home. I'm going back to work this coming Monday. I hope that day goes well for me. Whenever most of my swelling goes down I will be posting more pics.

Overall, I'm feeling good! I got out today and went to Michael Kors outlet for only 20 mins. I didn't get tired or wasn't running out of breath. I'm standing more straight now. But I did fall asleep in the car on the way home as my husband was driving, lol. So, I'm hoping I will be able to do a 8 hr shift on Monday.

I got the other 2 drains pulled today. Yay! Drain...

I got the other 2 drains pulled today. Yay! Drain Free.

I love my surgeon.

I still have to take it very easy though.

Hey everyone, I am doing fine. I visit the Doc a...

Hey everyone, I am doing fine. I visit the Doc a couple of days ago and he started me on my scar treatment. He has also told me that I don't have to wear my garment any more but I still wear it when I'm moving around (walking, driving).

See my 4 wks PO pics. I do have a red bruise or rash or something. It came about 4 days ago, I believe it is because I was wearing my garment extra tight. If I would've know that would happened, I would have worn a shirt under the garment. Hoping that goes away soon. But other than that, I'm doing good. Sleeping and eating back to normal. I am doing light house chores as of now (washing dishes, folding clothes, wiping down the tables and counters). My husband and twins is still helping with everything else (vacuuming, washing clothes, etc). I have two weeks to go until I can start working out and return to my daily duties.

Oh and I am still super swollen but is very pleased with my flat tummy!

I'm feeling good but not too excited about the...

I'm feeling good but not too excited about the swelling. It seems like it is not going down at all. I'm on a scar treatment right now, my scar is looking really good and is healing just fine. I wish there was something I could do about the swelling.

Oh well, trying my best to be patient. I'll be posting more pics soon, whenever I feel up to it. I'm tired, hope everyone else is having a happy healing and for those who have surgery coming up, I'm smiling for you. :-)

I just finished my workout and decided to take a...

I just finished my workout and decided to take a few snaps since I am wearing the same bottoms I wore in my Pre Op photos. I had lost some weight/inches in my buttocks after surgery but today I have notice that I am gaining it back finally. I will start back measuring myself after a week.

Today my swelling is down a little but the swelling is still there, even in my back and sides but its not as bad as last week. I have no problems working out, I stretch a little before starting. I did about 80 squats today and worked out my arms with a dumbbell (5lbs-to start off).

I have no pain at all but I am starting to itch in places where I don't have feeling yet and its frustrating because I kind find the spot that itches. (weird)

I am so ready to start back dancing and belly dancing, I tried to do a belly roll and it looked funny since the whole area around my belly button is swollen, that part wouldn't roll. lol I'm more patient than before, I'm just hoping that I will be able to go dancing sometime this summer. I believe my workout plan will get me ready for it anyhow.

3.5 Months PO Tummy Tuck

I am now 3 and a half months PO. I'm doing good! Now I really feel like I'm ready to get back into belly dancing, etc. I can belly roll with no issues. However, I think the whole surgery has made my skin very sensitive or have unbalanced my anatomy. My stomach and back has become very sensitive to perfumes, soaps, and detergents causing me to have a rash all over my back and the sides of my stomach. I've stopped wearing perfume on my shirts, I use mild soap when bathing, and I now wash all of my clothes in the Baby Dreft Detergent. I don't break out in rashes anymore but I still have marks from the previous rash that I can't get rid of. Other than that I have been enjoying my flat belly and I am also gaining weight as planned. I still have swelling and I think majority of that comes from me working out alot. My scar is healing fine and is looking better.

My plans now is to continue gaining weight and to work on getting rid of my marks from my rash. I hate how sensitive my skin is!


So It's been almost 10 months since the surgery and I'm doing fine. I've been working out and trying to get a little more tone but I'm doing this slowly. I hate working out! ugh! Oh and still is trying to gain weight. I lost weight over the summer due to stressing but I was able to get that weight back and right now I weigh 145 lbs. Hopefully I can see 155 someday.

As I logged in today and looked at my before pictures, I was stuck and shocked. I cannot believe that my stomach use to look like that. I am so happy that I got a TT!! I can now wear anything I want to and can dance without worrying about my pooch popping out. lol And it used to hang, omg! Luckily we have cosmetic surgeons to fix issues like that.

I haven't taken any new after pics except for the poses I put on facebook, haha. I'll do it though, whenever I'm in the mood to do so.

It was sooooo worth it!!!!

10 month Post Op TT

Okay, dont laugh at the boxers. My husband can't fit them anymore and now i'm wearing them. Lol Every body is different and due to me having twins is the reason you're seeing stretch marks. I had a million of those on the belly. Let me know what you think and if the doc did a good job. I wonder if the appearance of the stretch marks and scars will lighten up a little later on.

10 month Post Op TT

Here are a couple more from tonight after working out. I wore my garment while working out which is the reason you're seeing extra lines on my belly.

11 months post op tummy tuck

I've been working out hard. It seems that my swelling has come back. I tried to do sit ups and planks but that has caused me to swell even more so i've stopped. But I'm needing to tone by summer and have no idea how to stop the swelling. It goes down on its own. I am posting updated pics, I'm almost at my 1 yr anniversary.
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