Excited!!! The Count Down Begins - Southfield, MI

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I have been searching this site for quite sometime...

I have been searching this site for quite sometime and have gained a lot of helpful information that has influenced me in my decision to move forward with my procedure.
I am a 41 yr old mother of 5 ages; 21, 11, 7, 7 and 6. The last child being 13 lbs (she was larger than the set of twins together) left me battling with my weight. Especially in the stomach area. No matter how much I worked out the stomach would not respond. I was stuck with a kangaroo pouch that would hang between my thighs depending on my weight. A few months ago I began to experience abdominal pain and noticed lumps in the ab area. When I consulted my doctor I was taken through the normal tests and then referred to a surgeon. The surgeon advised that the lumps were fatty necrosis but because when I lay down they can not be felt she could not guarantee she could get them out should she perform surgery to remove them. The surgeon suggested either waiting for them to get larger or consult with a PS who would be sure to remove them. Since my mother suffers from Liposarcoma (cancer of the fatty tissue) this was not an option for me.
Well after reading so many of the stories on this site and the continued pain I was experiencing, I decided to become more aggressive with my weight loss and research surgeons. As of March I have gone from 212 lbs to 187 lbs and pushing. The weight loss has caused my stomach to hang and I have noticed that the abdominal pain that I was experiencing has increased. After consulting with a few PS's, I chose a PS that was referred to me by a family friend that had a TT done by the PS a few years back and looks wonderful.
So, here we go. The count down begins. I am scheduled for July 15.

Second Thoughts

Ok so I went to see my GYN for an annual check up all excited about my upcoming surgery. You know I am crossing my T's and dotting my I's. He of course recommended a I get a mammogram, which I understood. But then he went on to say that I should consider waiting until I have lost more weight as I will not be happy will my results due to my present weight. Talk about busting my bubble.
I been fighting really hard to lose this weight but now I'm wondering if I should hold on a while longer and bare the pain in my stomach until I can get down further. Uncertain and frustrated ....

Kangaroo Pouch photos

I've finally uploaded photos of my pouch. I feel just as self conscious as standing in front of the PS but some many of you have been open and real I might as well share.

Surgery Date Postponed

Hi Beauties,

Had my pre-op appt today, unfortunately my surgery date had to be postponed until July 26th. :( I know a little disappointing but not really it gives me a bit more time to shed some more weight before the big cross over day.
Can I tell you I LOVE my PS. She is the BEST.com if there ever was ever she is.
So I took hubby with me so that he could hear first hand what he was in store for. Let me tell you; she and her staff welcomed him with open arms. They all were very patient with us and explained what he and I were in store for. She addressed all my concerns even those repetitive ones and the whole while kept her warmth and compassion the whole time.
In the process of my weight loss I have lost my breast. They have gone from a D to one a B and the other C. Holy COW!! What happened. We talked about implants but I am not certain. Hubby seems to think that a reduction in one and a lift will be fine making me hopefully a solid B. But then again if I continue to lose I am thinking they might shrink even more.
Still trying to think about that one.
I let you know what I decide.

Struggling with eating issues...

Ok, I have been really struggling with eating issues. Last week my husband and I celebrated our 8th anniversary. He surprised me with dinner and night away from home. No children but being with him is like having the children around. He loves to eat.. The room was beautiful he surprised me with champaign, chocolate covered strawberries and an anniversary cake (sooo good). Needless to say I was a bit of a piggy this weekend. So much so that the scale added a whole 8lbs. Between the sweets, the dinner and the room service I completely over indulged. Although I am also PMS'ing right now so that could also have something to with it. Still the increase in numbers on the scale have kind of rained on my little parade here.
So as of this morning I am back on my wagon pushing.... Even wrote little note on the fridge and hand ( I'm sure people that look at my hand think I a bit off my rocker but hey I gotta set some reminders in place).
I am trying to not to be so obsessive with this weight thing but I keep having nightmares about having a TT and still having a huge stomach.
Lately, I have been reading more of the success stories of you fellow TT for extra reassurance that it will be all okay. Every once in awhile you'll come across someones nightmare TT and I just pray that will not be me. I keep telling myself it gotta be better than what it is now.
Well, my little people are calling for food. Gotta get dinner started. Goodness to Betsy help me. I feel like I am surrounded by food. LOL!!

Anxiety Kicking in

8 days until the big day... Got up this morning and step on the scale and it read a whole 12 lbs gain. What the heck??? I am so frustrated and disappointed. Needless to say I called my surgeon to reschedule the surgery for a later date and was advised that the approval from my insurance for portion they will cover will expire on the 27th of July. If I want to push it back I will have to go through the whole approval process again. Not happening the first time was a nightmare. So the 26th it is. How in the heck am I going to get this 12 lb increase off of me and make to my goal of 175 that's basically 17lbs in 8 days... Unheard of right???? So I am stressing myself out. Anyone have any suggestions??

Made it to the flat side 2 days post op

Well ladies its official the muffin top is gone. I am feeling some discomfort but for the most part today is a whole lot better than yesterday. I had some minor issues that caused me to stay in the hospital but I will take being in the hospital over home. For some reason my lower lungs are not expanding the way they should which is causing shortness of breath. We are working on getting that take care of. I haven't been able to see my tummy but i can sure feel it. Its really tight. Hubby says its flat. All I know is when I look down there is not spare tire. I hope to be posting pic soon., Hopefullly I will go home tomorrow. ( got say that my PS rocks. She very concerned and caring she listens well and does not rush. Her bedside manner is A+++

13 Days Post Op

Yesterday marked 13 days po, really rough day for me. Nausea all day, not sure from what. Felt like I injured my stomach while I was tossing my cookies. Spoke to my PS and she thinks that if I did anything I just stretched my tissues. She seems to think no harm done. Since being sick my stomach has been burning and throbbing non stop.
Still in swell hell can't tell how I feel about everything. My bb looks low to me but due to the swelling can't be certain. PS says that bb is fine and once swelling has gone down bb will look normal. On a positive note I'm down 14 lbs from the day of surgery. Photos coming soon.


Picture of me 7 days po

Picture update

14 days po

4 wish post op

I am 4 weeks post op as of Friday. Saw my PS on Thurs and was advise I could being walking and driving. Have small hiccup with my BL it appears to have a slight scab opening under each breast in the same area. PS recommended cleaning and applying neosporin to them with band aid. Been doing that since Thurs but noticed it has began bleeding and is more painful. Think I'm going to call PS on Monday hurting a bit more.
On the plus the TT scar looks good and weight has dropped an additional 10 total 20 since TT surgery date.
PS says that I still very swollen so can't wait to see the results without the swelling.
Moving around pretty good these days but every once in while I find myself bending over. I think it's out of habit.
Aside from the breast issue I've notice some stinging pains in my pubic area where's there's stitching and at the upper stomach area (no stitching there). Despite all of these little issues I love the results.

Car Accident

Unfortunately my son and I were involved in a car accident 2 days ago. A 7 car pile up. We were the 6 car to get hit by driver who lost consciousness at the wheel and her foot remained on the gas peddle while she was out. My son and were stopped a red light with no car behind us at the time before I knew it we heard screeching and felt the hard jolt are car was being pushed into the oncoming traffic by two vehicle and we had a vehicle in stopped in front of us at the red light. We scrapped the vehicle in front of us and thankful came to a stop before any oncoming traffic could hit us.
Fortunately we were able to move around and the lady who caused the accident seemed to make it out the car but don't know her medical condition.
The sad part is that due to impact of the car my stomach rammed into the steering wheel and the seat belt snapping me back, the PS thinks I may have muscle separation. Right now I am back in swell hell and pain all over. Boobs are constantly throbbing and stoping is swollen with a burning sensation.
So upset right now. I was cleared to drive last and made it a point to wait a week and look what happens. Oh well what can we do but wait and see once some of the swelling a passed. See the PS next Thursday.

Car Accident Cont'd

Meant to say in the last part...

My boobs are constantly throbbing and my stomach is swollen, lumpy with a burning sensation.
So upset right now. I was cleared to drive last week and made it a point to wait a week and look what happens. Oh well, what can we do? Not a thing just wait and see once the swelling has passed. Scheduled to see PS next Thursday.

This is why it pays to proof read before saving. Can catch the errors before they post. LOL!!!

18 week update

I haven't been updating for awhile, after the accident I kind of became down about the procedure and results. Today marks 4mths and 2 weeks post op for me. I finally feel like I am making some stride. The pain is sooo much better. I am still taking my pain meds but not like anything before. I do swell up a lot but it is getting better.
Saw my PS this week and confirmed that the accident did cause muscle separation. Looks like my left abdominal wall is enlarged and some hematoma is present. At this point we are waiting for my swelling reduce some more but additional surgery is needed. Looks like sometime in Feb. possibly depending on how the swelling goes.
So, I am in back to square 1 so to speak. PS says that the procedure won't be as bad as the first and down time shouldn't be as long.
In the meantime from what I can see I am noticing my curves (haven't seen them in years) yeahhhh:) . Tummy is somewhat flat but left side is clearly enlarged and lopsided.
I do love love my bb. PS did an awesome job.
I think had I not had an accident my results would have been fantastic.
I will update with pictures later.

4 mth 2 weeks picture updates

Finally posted some updated pictures.
Lauran Bryan

Wonderful, made me feel comfortable, addressed my concerns. Dr. Bryan is fantastic!! I was not an easy patient, yet she made me feel as if I was here only patient. My procedure was a bit complicated, (nothing Dr. Bryan did) and I ended up staying in the hospital a week. Dr. Bryan was at the hospital everyday of my stay. She made certain all was well with me; not just the procedure performed by her but my complete health. She answered all my questions and when she didn't know would let me know and find out for me. Even after my hospital stay, Dr. Bryan was easily accessible. I could always reach her with my concerns and when needed she would come into the office after hours or on the weekends to evaluate me. Love this Doctor...

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