Finally Having Orthognathic Surgery (And Genioplasty) for Underbite Correction. Southfield, MI

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This idea of jaw surgery was first presented to me...

This idea of jaw surgery was first presented to me (and rejected by me) as a teenager. I've had several consultations since then. Once I got a job where I could finally afford braces and got them put on I still had my doubts about going under the knife for this. Fast forward to age 35, I decided I wanted to go ahead with it for a thorough fix. My family isn't thrilled about my decision, and it's not helping with keeping my anxiety at bay as the surgery date is fast approaching, but this is something I've thought about for quite a while and have a strong desire to have fixed. So here it goes! God help me. Praying my surgery goes well with normal to speedy recovery.

Here's an x-ray

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