25 Y/o, No Kids, 360+415 Silicone Mods, Looking to Be More Proportionate with a Natural Look - Southfield, MI

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I have always been unhappy and self conscious of...

I have always been unhappy and self conscious of my breast size. I have wide hips, a small waist, and always dreamed of having an hourglass figure instead of my pear shaped one. About one month ago I decided to look into having a BA- I had never even thought about having one until talking to a friend who wanted one and realized- wow, I really want this!

I previously wore a 32B in VS Pink and Gilligan & O'Malley bras- I could only wear these two specific styles to get a decent shape and the padding/push up I needed. With my hips, I wanted to be around a full C/small D to balance them out.

I set up my first consultation with Dr. Awada. It was important to me to have a female surgeon so I would feel more comfortable speaking openly with her. I knew before my consultation that I wanted silicone, and a moderate profile for the most natural look possible. I had intended to go to a few different consultations but everything just fell into place at her office. I have a very physical job working with animals and knew I would need at least 2 weeks off work- I ended my previous job on the 26th and will be starting a new one in mid-August. I figured it was the perfect time to have my surgery done and Dr. Awada just so happened to have an opening on the 29th! Perfect! Everyone was very patient with me as my consultation turned into my pre-op visit. I'm a very anxious person and even though I knew I wanted this, my anxiety had me a little freaked out! I hadn't expected to be making a decision that quickly but I'm glad I did. The staff gave me reassurance all the time I needed to make my decision.

Before pictures - 32B

More before pics

1 Day Post Op!

My doctor and I had planned on using 330 (L) and 360 (R) cc Natrelle Inspira implants. After surgery, she told me she tried a few different sizers during and decided to do 360cc in the left and 415cc in the right. I went in at 6am, and was on my home by 9. I expected to be in a lot more pain, but was mainly just very sore- like doing an intense chest workout x10! I took my pain pill every 4-5 hours and took short naps throughout the day but wasn't very tired. I managed to eat a little bit but I wasn't really hungry.

I had trouble sleeping last night and would only sleep for an hour or two at a time. Not because I was in pain but just because I didn't do anything to be tired! I've been icing about 30 min on/30 min off. I'm in loooove with my new boobies! I went to reach my arm across my body yesterday and there was boobs blocking it! I'm really happy with the size so far. They seem like once they drop and settle in they'll be perfectly proportionate and not too big which was a big concern for me. I don't plan on telling anyone and didn't want it to be super noticeable. I'm still pretty sore but I don't think I will need my pain pill as often since the pain was minimal. :)

Day of surgery!!! Love them ????

1 Day Post Op Pics

I know it's soon, but I can't wait for them to drop & fluff!!!

Boobies greed madness

I told myself over and over before my BA that I wouldn't have boobie greed and I wouldn't obsess over any asymmetry.... but it's happening anyways!

My PS went 55cc's bigger in my right implant to compensate for asymmetry, but I'm worried she over corrected because that one is so much larger now! I'm hoping they will settle more evenly. Thank goodness she went larger in surgery... I am already looking at others' 400+cc's and wishing they were bigger.

Today is 2 days post op and I feel great. Last night I actually slept for 7 hours! Woohoo! I definitely don't need my pain meds today and can move my arms more and do more without soreness. My chest still feels heavy and sore but it really isn't bad.

My PS said I'm okay to shower tomorrow, can't wait!! I'm feeling pretty grungy. The worst part of the whole experience is just the boredom! I'm staying at my moms house (she is out of town) because My dogs are crazy and would be jumping all over me. Not much to do! I cleared out Redbox and trying to keep myself busy. I think I'll be good to go home tomorrow with how well I'm improving. :)


I'm obsessing over the difference in my implant sizes. My PS told me she would do 30cc more on my right to compensate for less breast tissue. I had never noticed my breasts being uneven but trusted her to know best. During surgery she actually did a 55cc difference. Now my right is so much fuller and rounder than the left... 415 versus 360. I have my post-op appointment tomorrow and am going to talk to her about it. I'm upset I spent all this money and although I knew they're not going to be perfect and identical, it just seems like it was way too much of a difference! It's noticeable in just a tank top, the right is so much more full. I'm praying when they drop it will even out. :(


Sooo noticeable!
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