29yrs Old Cute Mom of 3 but I'm in Need of a Booty N Lipo...... Southfield, MI

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I've never had a butt I've tried it all squats etc...

I've never had a butt I've tried it all squats etc. nothing happens. So now I'm saving and determined to get a bbl........I want the butt to go with my face then I'll be the perfect ten;)........don't get me wrong I love my body,, I just don't see nothing wrong with a lil enhancement.......open to any ideals or advice ladies;)

Wish pic

My pan cake...ughhhhh

Picking a dr

I thinking dr Sampson or dr. J curves....any ladies in mi went to dr Sampson helpppp

Need to find a good dr in mi

Can somebody please help me find a good dr in mi to get a bbl....yikes I didn't know it was gonna be so hard finding a dr that cn gv u wat u want not wat they want ughhhh help

Talk to steffany from dr. J office yayyy

She said I have to do an webinar with dr j before I can schedule a consult with him.....so I take my webinar today at 11am can't wait this ball is rolling yayyy......then I'm gonna schedule my consult man I love dr j bbls anywho hope he gives me a good price so I can schedule my surgery date...pray fa me ladies n I will keep u posted on my journey.......yayyy so Geeked ready to be bootylicious;)

Got my consult date Geeked

Ok ladies did my webinar fa dr. J today....then scheduled my consult with him for May 27th IM SO GEEKED LADIES........NXT STEP IS ME GETTIN MY SURGERY DATE WHICH IM PRAYING CAN BE THIS YEAR AYEEEEEEEEE....PRAY FOR ME BBL SISTERS N I WILL DO THE SAME........

Slowly waiting

So ready to Hv my consult n set my sx date....geese it's takin forever smh.......

Hello my bbl dolls

Well nothing is really going on still waiting for my consult may 27 but I just emailed Shelly my photos n my wish pics...waiting on feedback frm that....went out last night n I'm thinking pretty soon ima have a booty to shake all around the club lol

Oh yeah

Ladies do u know how I can upload my pics n cover my tatts so I can put my photos up

Finally had my consult

Had my consult today with jasmine from dr. Jimerson's office.....so Geeked got my surgery date for June 2016.....yes I gotta wait til 2016 unless I pay cash in full n get on the fast track program....I was told I need to lose 7lbs n get a tummy tuck smh I dnt want a tummy tuck ughhhh....bt I if I want it dn right got a do wat I gotta do......this whole procedure is scary to me n nw a tummy tuck yikes

Advice on tummy tuck

Do any of my bbl sisters have experience with tummy tuck n bbl at da same time....pls helppppp
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Can't wait to be a Jimerson Doll;)

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