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I broke my nose when I was younger, makeing it...

I broke my nose when I was younger, makeing it difficult for me to have breathe while problems while asleep. So my primary doctor referred me to Dr. Michael Carron. I ended up having twisted septum, I was going to get that corrected and decided to fix what bothered me about my nose at the same time. My cartilage on the sides of my nose it to wide, the bump from when I broke my nose and my nasel tip hangs really low.

I had my counsultation with Dr. Carron he knew exactly what the problem was and how i wanted it changed. So I immediately scheduled and appointment for surgery. I chose to have It done during spring break, so I have a week to recover. I had surgery 3 days ago and I must say it's not scary at all. I wasn't Nervous at all.

Surgery went great first 2 days I was just really tired, takeing my medications and sleeping. The 2nd day is when the swelling of my eyes got really bad. Very puffy and dark underneath. I dip the gauze in bucket they gave me filled with ice and applied it to my eyes. The cast is annoying. And I can't smell taste, or breathe out of my nose. I don't like pain so I do take my pain killers as needed. It's pretty annoying to sleep with your head elevated but it's better to. I change the drip pad under my nose frequently and apply prescribed antibiotic ointment outside and in the nostrils to prevent infection. So far I can already see a big difference with the tip of my nose it's not low anymore. Can't wait to take my cast off! Ah

Took my cast off! Nose is swollen but I love the...

Took my cast off! Nose is swollen but I love the way it looks and I can breathe perfect out my nose! My tip isn't droopy and the bump is gone and it's straight and even. It was worth it.
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I was referred to him by my primary doctor.

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