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I started on this site for my BBL & lipo only...

i started on this site for my BBL & lipo only but while struggling to lose the weight to get it done a friend suggested I get the lap band first. then when i sent pics to some dr & they suggested I get it 1st. At first i was thinking i dont need no damn lap band I can lose weight but then spoke with her cousin who made me realize its not about losing the weight but keeping it off for good. & she told me how she has stayed in her 9/10 for yrs now & that it what made me get the refferal even though i was so impatient i still wanted to get the other stuff but for some reason everytime i was ready to go get the bbl something would happen which allowed me to go through the 6mnth process. Now my coordinator has submitted my stuff to the insurance company & im waiting & trying not to get doubtful. its funny how i never felt this until she clld & said she submitted it. I have been through so much in the past yr I really need 2013 to start out right with no problems bc this will be the yr that I get back to my weight 155 become the woman I want to be booty & all. this lap band is going to help me maintain the beautiful body that i am going to pay for.

I forgot to add that I am 5'2 1/2, 209lbs, BMI 38%...

I forgot to add that I am 5'2 1/2, 209lbs, BMI 38%. u can find charts that say i should be no more than 131-141 but I love my thickness & curves when i was 148 it gave me a girlish figure instead of a womanlyn figure & I am all

Anyway...I got my approval from Wellcare today!!!! So for all who are wondering yes even Medicaid has gotten easier to get approved for lap band. going to my preop tomoro for my last min. ?'s. Do u guys have any u'd like me to ask? If i had started the liquid diet i could be getting the Sx even sooner.

I have lost 20 lbs which seems like not enough...

I have lost 20 lbs which seems like not enough considering a lot say u shoul lose 2lbs wk. but I talked to my dr & he reminded me that I had gotten up to about 225 a year & a half ago so I a rurally started losing weight way b4 the surgery & to be over 30lbs down in a yr is great. He said that my body probably just felt a plateau for a min. On top of my dr didn't tightens my band right away like some do bc he wanted me to heal first & get used to the band. But omg! When he did In march & again in April I could tell the difference & the weight is starting to off.
S. Gorjala

referral from my Genereal physician

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