Perpetual Confidence Issues Due to Acne

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I started pharmacy school this year, moved near...

I started pharmacy school this year, moved near campus and life was in the fast lane since August. My skin started to look terrible and gone were the days when people complimented my skin. I've always had chronically congested pores on my nose and chin, but nothing like the cystic acne I was getting now. I went to my campus doctor, she wrote me a script for doxycycline 100mg once a day, clindamycin gel, and also 0.025 tretinoin (generic retina a) to use every night.

- the cost -
The meds are way expensive if I had to pay cash. Around 400+ for the three items. Thank God I had insurance that was kind enough to cover all three even though I am 24 years old (normally a push for insurance to cover acne meds of an adult). So I was able to pay $10.00 for each. If you don't have insurance, I would suggest alldaychemist to get Indian generic drugs for a fraction of the cost.
I started treatment on 10/20/14.

My acne has gotten worse since then, less DEEP DEEP acne, but now I have small bumps all over, on my forehead where I normally don't break out. It's frustrating, cause not only do I have acne and scaring all over my jaws and cheeks but bumps where things were once clear. It's so embarrassing. So embarrassing to go to be in a doctoral program and become a young professional while having skin that looks like a teenager. I feel like no one will take me seriously looking like this.

Anyways, the generic retina-a cream is so high in alcohol I wonder if it is irritating my skin.
I am considering purchasing Fermented Cod Liver Oil, sulfur soap, and Saw Palmetto to help with acne.. in addition to what I am doing now.

Will try to cut down on sugar and dairy but man oh man one thing at a time.
Coffee = sugar and dairy and its hard to cut out delicious coffee as a pharmacy student.

More updates to come, along with some more pictures if I'm feeling brave.
I'm trying to avoid going on accutaine. :( So I hope this works eventually.

Moving on to Accutane

Topical retinoids, while helping reduce the size and clarity of my pores is not effective enough for my acne. Now, two years later, I am finally starting the process to begin taking Accutane. I will create another review and update there.
All of your comments and support have been so kind, I really do adore the RealSelf community, you guys are great.

Beware liquid foundation

I never started acutane, however my skin is much better now.

My skin isn't perfect by any means, but it has improved 90%. The cystic type acne that left scars and marks is gone because I stopped using LIQUID FOUNDATION. Specifically, ANY Dior brand face products, makeup or not, because they all have the same fragrance ingredient that I believe is highly irritating to my skin.

I'm flabbergasted that my skin has improved so much just by eliminating this.

I use powder foundation now, Smashbox Halo. No issues.

I never took Acutane after all, just thought it was worth stating here.

I drink coffee.
Sometimes have sweets.
I eat dairy and gluten.
I am stressed as all hell.
I don't sleep enough.
I hardly drink any water.
I use topical adapalene from time to time.

Stopping liquid foundation is what made the most difference!!
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