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Since I became sexually active I always knew mine...

Since I became sexually active I always knew mine was different (or now that I'm on realself, I am normal) but I want to be ascetically pleasing down there.

I scheduled a consultation and loved the vibe I got from the doctor! She explained what to expect and how to take care of the sutures afterwards. She uses a laser and stitches and has been doing this for over 10 years. She explained the possibility of loss of sensation but says none of her patients ever experienced that especially since she is not going to do anything to my hood or clitoris itself. She will just be tapering and cutting the excess tissue of the labia.

I am using care credit to help me pay for it since insurance doesn't cover this because it's more cosmetic thing more than anything but it definitely does affect me.

I am extremely active, in the gym at least 6 days a week, hiking and running when I can and I walk every day on my breaks at work (desk job). I hate the feeling of it rubbing on my underwear or pants and it often caused discomfort during intercourse especially if I was not as wet.

My last push to schedule this procedure is a bad meme my ex sent me after we broke up about beef curtains. Although he's an a-hole, he hit a spot that has always been there and since it had always been there, I decided to do something about it.

My procedure is on Friday and I will be put to sleep. Should be about an hour in operation and an hour in recovery.

The doctor has prescribed me Norcos, antibiotics and ibprophen but since I don't normally take anything even for headaches, I think I'll stick with ibprophen 800mg (it will still knock me on my butt I know, I usually only take one 200mg).

I will take Monday-Wednesday off of work just in case and will ice on and off for 3 days to help with my swelling.

I'll be posting before and will update daily! Wish me luck! So nervous but I know this will change my life.

Operation Day

It's today! I'm super nervous. My best friend is going to pick me up at 12:30 to check in at 1pm. I should get started at 2pm after they set me up and after an estimated 1.5 hours, I'll be in recovery for another hour or so depending on how I come out of the anesthesia.

I washed all of my bedding yesterday to make sure everything is as clean as possible and set up my apartment for easy use (better safe than sorry).. My meds are out on my counter, my "what to look out for" is posted on my refrigerator and I'm ready!

I washed my dog and set a bed up for her in the living room because she usually sleeps with me but I didn't think it would be the most sanitary for after a surgery. She'll forgive me... I got her a new toy and treats.

I figured now would be a good idea to post a "before" picture. I'll keep everyone updated!


So yesterday was my surgery and it went perfect!

The nurse was hilarious and we were singing Garth Brooks every time I got nervous. The anesthesiologist was funny in an "I've been an anesthesiologist longer than you've been alive" kind of way. She was like, "Okay, I am going to explain how this is going to work... You're going to go in there and fall asleep and you'll wake up out here with a pretty vagina." I died laughing.

I woke up with a little bit of a burning sensation down there (maybe because of the laser?) but then I heard my best friends voice there to pick me up. My friend and I ended up just sitting there talking to nurse Sammy for a minute. Cracking jokes and talking about vaginas a guys. I got up and only 20 minutes or so had gone by since my friend arrived and I had no pain. I got dressed and walked out. Sitting down in the car was a tender moment but once we got back to my apartment, walking up stars was fine and I kicked the ball around for my dog as if my vagina had not been just cut, burned and sewn.

Peeing was interesting. Since I was so thirsty from not drinking water, I downed two water bottles. I took a third water bottle into the bathroom with me. I leaned forward when I peed.. Kinda like I was aiming to avoid having to pat too much. I poured water (as instructed by my doctor) and patted dry with a paper towel rather than toilet paper so that I didn't leave specks. A little burn but otherwise not bad.

It's the morning after and I fell asleep with a ice pack on it because I was told it would swell. I haven't swelled at all and I feel absolutely no pain whatsoever right now.. I really really really hope it stays this smooth because I've also not seen any blood and I slept totally normal last night if not better than usual!

Nurse Sammy showed me a before and after and I have to say, I don't think I've ever felt.. So relieved. I have a post op appointment on Tuesday at 8:30 for my doctor to check on everything.. So until then, I'll update everyone with new pains or whatever happens.

These pictures were taken just now at the same time just two kind of different views.

12 hours post op pictures

Just wanted to add some photos of 12 hours post op. These were taken at the same time, just two different poses

24 hours post

48 hours post op

When I pee I pour water on it at the same time and every other time I put a diluted antibacterial soap/water mix and wash the area and pat dry with water. I haven't been icing as much so there is a little swelling (as you can see in the photo) but still no discomfort.

I've been considering going back to work tomorrow but since I already called off three days I think I'll just take it easy. I have to be selfish and make sure this heals well.

I still keep a panty liner on all the time so I can monitor any blood.

72 hours post op

Still some swelling on my right labia but I've been icing and taking it easy. I could have returned to work today but I already called out until Thursday so I've been taking advantage of Netflix and letting myself heal.

No pain meds since the first night. I could dance around if I wanted to.. Since I'm so active it's been hard to tell myself no gym... Hopefully me staying down will help me get back into the gym sooner.

I have my post op appointment with my doctor tomorrow morning at 830am so ill let you all know what she says!

5 days post op

I forgot to update yesterday but my post op went well. My doctor said that because my right side had more tissue, it reacted more to the laser so that explains why it is still more swollen. She said it will always be a-symmetrical because the base still has more tissue but she said I will hardly notice.

Since I am so concerned with getting back in the gym, we scheduled one more follow up appointment for 2 weeks from yesterday so that she can give me the okay.

She said I'm healing well and has instructed me to start using neosporin on th sutures in the morning and at night. I went to the store and bought the cream kind that is supposed to be for kids because I felt like that would be less messy and uncomfortable.

Still no pain at all.

6 days post op

No real update. Went back to work today.. Blah blah blah. But I went on a walk during my lunch break (as I usually do) but didn feel it rub.. Probably because it was surgically removed. Lol I can't believe it's already been a week!

I need opinions

Okay so I see some of the stitches look like they already dissolved or fell out and I'm worried that my lips seem to split down the middle in some areas.. Will it heal? Has this happened to anyone else? If you have had the same kind of slit on the Labias from the sutures, let me know how everything healed. Please don't mind the hairyness.

Please share your thoughts.

Not sure.. 8 days post op

I'm trying to be patient.. I just want it to start looking prettier...

I need some feedback from those of you who have gone through this procedure.

How long did stitches stay in? Did any stitches come out? How long until you felt you were healed?

Random bleeding at 9 days post op

I very carefully shaved this morning and am regretting it. After my showers I basically sit naked on my bed and air dry the area. Today I decided to let it air dry and sat on the ground to do my makeup. Once my makeup was done I took a small mirror to see what was up down there and saw a little bit of blood. No stitches seem to be missing so I'll just let it dry up and put some neosporin on it before I leave for a family party. Since it's not gushing blood or dipping or anything gorey, I assume this isn't a life or death situation... as a matter of fact, if it forms a scab, it may actually help the healing process, right?

Btw.. Worst part about this is no exercise. I have been so bored being a couch potato.

Because I'm trying to update daily

Bleeding stopped shortly after I posted the last update. I think it may have been because I took a hotter shower than usual and maybe because of the extra from shaving the area... Just don't shave... In case it was the reason, I recommend you just go bush woman down there until you're healed or until it itches so bad you can't take it anymore.

I feel as if they are slightly thinner today but maybe it's just wishful thinking.

I hope my updates help answer questions for the those who are considering the procedure. So far, no pain, no regrets and clearly no patience. Even though it may not hurt, take the days off. I feel like taking 5 days off from normal movement really helped.

Losing stitches

I am still patting dry after peeing and today I had two stitches end up on the toilet paper after.

Still laying low after work so that the stitches stay doing what they need to do for as long as they need to do it.

2 weeks today!!! Crazy! I'll post a new picture tomorrow morning.

15 days post op

The stitches are beginning to be really itchy. 2 fell out yesterday as I mentioned in the previous post... Hoping the rest hurry up and fall out too but I'm not going to help them.

Still uncomfortable with the fact that the one side is larger than the other but there was more tissue on that side so I knew since it was thicker it would always be a little different but honestly, a man won't notice that as much as my old Labias.. Lol

To help with the itching, I used a all natural powder and I lined the base of the labia so that if the stitches rubbed when I walked it wouldn't irritate.. That helps.

Doctors appointment on Tuesday afternoon so I hope she's happy with the way I've healed so far!

Itchy, itchy

So freakin' itchy I can't stand it. Who needs an alarm clock when your vagina itches this bad?!

To make matters worse, I'm on my period and I was instructed by my doctor to not use tampons until my stitches are completely out... So pads it is.. Doesn't help with the itchiness.

Can't wait to get back in the gym.. I've said that a million times but I swear... I can't wait!!!!

3 weeks post op tomorrow

Not as itchy today. Went and had a post op appointment on Tuesday and she said everything is looking great.

I was up on the table and she said "wow I can hardly see them" oh man that was good to hear!

Still out of the gym for the next two weeks until I have another post op appointment and I hope then I can get back into the gym.

I miss jogging but my doc told me to protect my investment so I'll be patient.

3 weeks two days post

Stitches are slowly falling out. Both of these photos were taken at the same time.. Just a little different angles.

Make sure you stick to a healthy diet while you're healing otherwise you'll be like me.. Our of the gym and gained 7lbs. Omgosh I can't wait until I can work my butt off and get back into shape..

4 weeks post op today!

Losing some stitches.. No real swelling anymore. Still patting dry when I pee to not mess with the stitches.

I have plenty of feeling down there so if anyone is concerned with losing it.. I almost feel like now that the usless tissue is gone, I have access to the stuff that actually has feeling! So excited to try it out if you know what I mean lol

I figured I'd post a few more before pictures and then excuse the hair but the hairy one is from today.

Doctors appointment went well

I expressed my concerns to my doctor regarding my left side. Their is separation where it should have healed closed so my doctor gave me some vaginal estrogen. It is also supposed to minimize the appearance of where I was cut.

Has anyone been given vaginal estrogen cream?

7 weeks

This photo was from 7 weeks post op.

The estrogen cream worked wonders!
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