Botched Jaw Surgery and Sliding Genioplasty - Southeast USA

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I had a botched le fort 1 jaw surgery and sliding...

I had a botched le fort 1 jaw surgery and sliding genio in june of 2013. It's been a horrible experience and I honestly don't know how I've coped for this long. 

I was an attractive girl before this surgery that was going to fix my overbite and slightly recessed chin; now I don't even want to leave the house on most days.

The surgeon butchered me by moving my top jaw forward and plating it back on crooked which has also left my nose crooked. Instead of him moving my lower jaw forward as planned, he cut my entire chin bone and some of my jaw all the way back to my last molars. This left me with a very broad and long chin. On top of that, he advanced my chin 7mms and also plated it back on crooked. My chin sticks out of my face so far and when I smile my face goes crooked. He didn't even correct my bite. I have two teeth in my mouth that actually make contact.

I was wanting to undergo jaw surgery again to fix the crooked top jaw and bring my lower jaw forward to enable my teeth to touch but I've hit such a low that I just want my chin fixed asap. This dr gave me a crooked man chin and then told me he was proud of what he had done to my face.

I am hoping after the genio revision I will look somewhat how I use to.

I wish I could tell the name of the doctor who did this because he is still operating on people. I even ran into a woman who had surgery with him and he had to reoperate twice on her to fix mistakes.

It would be really helpful to speak to anyone that's had a genio revision.
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