20 Years Old, 5'7"/125lbs/30GG, & Finally Getting Rid of Headaches and Back Pain! Southbury, CT

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First of all, a big thank you to all of the women...

First of all, a big thank you to all of the women on this site who post their experiences, it's given me so much courage to go through with this procedure!

Tomorrow is my big day, so I decided to do an initial post today with some before photos.

I'm a 20 year old college student who is a 30GG. As someone who is 5'7" and weighs ~125lbs, my boobs are one of the largest parts of my body and weigh me down constantly. After going on birth control a year ago, they grew one cup size to their current size, and I really started to lose mobility. I struggled with them a lot on my high school cross country team, but now I barely even run anymore because sports bras constrict my breathing so much, and loosening them only means bouncing everywhere (ouch).
As many of you can probably relate, the constant weigh pulling down on my torso really affects my neck and upper back, and has caused me tremendous pain over the past two years. It's become incredibly hard to stand for long periods of time without hunching forward, which has become problematic for me at my part-time job.

Deciding to go through with this surgery was a hard choice! I have just reached a point where I am no longer insecure about the way my chest looks, whereas I hated it all throughout high school. Now that I'm finally accepting the way they look, I have to say goodbye! :( But it's become very necessary for me to get this procedure. I can't sleep on my back without suffocating, my bras cost upwards of $60 each, and summer time is no longer the same because I live in fear of buying/wearing bathing suits.

I'm very optimistic about my big day tomorrow! I am currently drinking a lot of water and trying to eat protein/fruits/vegetables to help with the recovery process. I am also taking Arnica Montana to help relieve any bruising/swelling I may experience post-op. I purchased some Staphysagria as well to help incision healing, but I haven't been able to find as much information on it. Also, I will be using hydrocolloid plasters on my incisions when I can, because many women SWEAR by them for healing scars.
I think my biggest concerns are making sure I get the shape and size I want, and minimizing my scars. What reassures me is that they will probably be prettier than their current state no matter what, so I am very excited.

I have

1-Day Post Op

Hey guys, not sure why my first message cut off, but I'm not exactly sure how to fix it. Anyways, yesterday was surgery day, and everything went great!

I arrived at the hospital at 7:45, checked in, met with a nurse who took my vitals and gave a urine pregnancy test. I changed into the hospital clothes and then they put device on my legs that periodically compressed them to prevent blood clots.
Another nurse entered and put the IV in my arm, they administered some antiacid for my stomach (I don't remember the reasoning for this, really) and some Zofran (nausea medication). Because I have a very sensitive stomach, they also gave me a bandaid like patch that goes behind my ear to prevent nausea. I'm still wearing it, but I have to take it off some time tomorrow.

Once my IV was secured, the anesthesiologist came in to talk, he basically just said that on my way to the operating room I'd be given some amnesia medicine and then I would be given the anesthesia when it was getting close to operating time.

There was a lot of waiting! Finally, my wonderful surgeon came in and marked me up, and reassured me about the whole process. She's really great and I can't wait to review her, but I want to at least see my boobs a little better first.

Once I was marked up, I waited a little longer before I was wheeled into the operating room. I was not wearing my glasses at this point so it was hard to see. The operating room at this hospital looked weirdly like an art studio. The last thing I remember was looking at the three women setting up the room, and that's it. I don't even remember someone telling me I was about to go under.

Next thing I knew I was in the recovery room, waking up from what felt like a nap. There was a nurse next to me who was attending to me, and I told her my chest hurt so she gave me some more medicine. The pain wasn't that bad, it was about a 6, but it was a very dull sore pain. Once I got more medicine, I realized that I was really itchy all over. I think this is a reaction I have to percocet, so she gave me some Benadryl through the IV. Needless to say I kept falling asleep.

I was exhausted while getting discharged, I barely remember the process. I fell asleep in the car and in my recliner when I got home. I brought a pillow in the car with me to hug on the way home. I can't tell if it made much of a difference because I was so drugged and sleepy lol.

After a while of lying in my recliner and starting to come to, I realized my left breast was bleeding a lot. I texted some photos to my surgeon, who told me to change the gauze pads. My mom did that and then tightened up my bandage to add compression. My left drain has been filling much faster than the right one and my left breast is pretty swollen, but my surgeon said it was no cause for concern. I feel really good this morning, I'm still on percocet but I have little to no pain. Pain only really comes when I get up and walk around to go pee, and the pain is almost exclusively on the incisions under my breasts in the center of the chest.

Currently I am on Percocet, and I am taking an antibiotic. Percocet makes my skin itch so I am taking some benadryl too. I am also taking Arnica Montana for the swelling and Staphysagria for healthy wound healing and reduced itching. These are both homeopathic medicines I picked up at whole foods that have no drug interactions and my surgeon has approved them. Additionally, I have been taking Vitamin C and D for about two weeks prior.

My surgeon seems pretty optimistic about how the surgery went. So far I can still feel if my nipples are touched, but I'm trying not to touch too much of my chest right now. My surgeon also says I have an excellent chance of breastfeeding in the future.

Today the swelling has gone down and they already look better. I will update later today or some time tomorrow after my drains are removed.

Take care everyone!

Pain meds causing trouble

Hi guys! Day two of recovery is going smooth, I've had such minimal pain that I've stopped taking the Percocet. It was making me constipated and loopy and a little itchy. However, I had a really bad withdrawal about 12 hours of stopping which caused me to have bad stomach pains and vomit over night and I didn't get much sleep. I'm finally starting to feel better, but I HATE Percocet. Other than the pain meds this is a smooth ride-- left is still swollen though. Tape is still over my incisions.... would I be able to tell if I had a popped stitch or hole? I'm scared for the tape to come off and reveal one of those two things.

Also, tomorrow is when I get to shower! Does anyone have any advice for this? I'd rather not wet my incisions, but would that make them more prone to infection?

Thanks! xo

Before & After!

Just got off be phone with my PS's office, apparently they removed 533g from my right and 486 from my left. That's roughly 1lb per boob! I feel great now :)

One week post op!

Hi guys! Not much to update over here because things have been stagnant, bruising had significantly diminished and swelling has gone down. Finally starting to set in that this is one of the best decisions I've ever made. This entire week of recovery, even with its ups and downs, has been a blessing.

The things I've primarily struggled with are stomach problems! I'm okay now, but yikes, my stomach was having so many issues. I didn't poop for five days. It was awful.

Now that things have settled down, I'm ready to get rid of this tape! My appt is tomorrow and I'm so excited! I have peeked at a few of my incisions already and they look good to me. I still haven't wet the area in fear of infection, but after tomorrow I will probably take a normal shower with antibacterial soap.

I'll let you all know how that goes!

Happy happy happy!

Hey guys! First of all thank you so much for your kind words! I haven't been on a computer in a while and replying to comments is very confusing on the phone app-- so I'm sorry if I was unable to respond to you! Typing is also a pain so forgive my typos lol. Today I went to the surgeons office for a 10-day post op appt and got my steri strips removed. This is the result! I am looking forward to watching them heal :) What do you guys recommend as the best scar treatment? I have bio oil and cocoa butter currently, I'll probably start taking vitamin e capsules too.

Btw sorry if the pictures upload upside down or something, I'll fix them when I'm on my laptop later.

nine days post, fat vs. breast tissue, hydrocolloid plasters

Hi! Hope your holidays have been good.
Sitting here in awe about how much my body has changed in just nine days! I'm so happy now that what I have been fantasizing about for months has finally come true.

Some notes about my surgery: both my surgeon and one of her assistants (who I believe is a physicians assistant, she was present during my surgery I think) have told me about my breast make-up. Apparently my boobs were composed almost entirely out of breast tissue instead of fat, which is news to me because I always considered boobs to just be big blobs of fat lol. Mine had the most breast tissue they'd seen in two years! Apparently breast tissue is much more dense than fat and harder to operate with (the PA said it was like cutting into jello vs. tough cooked lobster). But this also means that my new boobs should for the most part retain their current shape. I thought I'd pass this info along in case it becomes important to anyone! I didn't know about any of this kind of thing before my surgery.

Another thing:
I have been using hydrocolloid plasters on my incisions to promote healing and keep them protected from bacteria and rubbing against my bra fabric too much. They also come off gently without ripping scabs or damaging healing progress. I read about them on this link, so if you are interested, take a look here: http://www.justbreastimplants.com/forum/breast-augmentation-surgery-post-op-recovery-forum/128763-incision-scar-treatment-what-i-swear.html

I got the CVS brand ones and cut them up to fit over my incisions. I haven't used them long enough to give a review (literally just put them on hours ago) but I'll let you guys know what I think in a few days.

Okay, best wishes, I probably won't update until the 2 or 2 & 1/2 week point so take care!

Week 2-- small hole, still bruising/swelling on left side

hi guys!
Nothing new really happening, I have been maintaining them by washing every day with antibacterial soap and then massaging the closed incisions with cocoa butter and bio oil.

A hole has formed in the bottom left and it is draining yellow. I'm hoping that this is just some delayed healing. This area had a lot of excessive bleeding since day one, so I'm thinking it's just taking some extra time to finish up. I have been applying neosporin to this area and sometimes vaseline to keep the wound protected and moist. I keep antibacterial gauze in my bra as a protective layer.
Any advice on how to help this wound heal nicely? I'm nervous about it opening bigger. Was thinking of trying medihoney since my grandma has some and is visiting on Thursday. Can anyone offer any reviews on that product?
Thanks for everyone's kind comments and help on here. It really does make me less anxious about this whole process!

before and after!

Day before surgery vs. 2 weeks post surgery.... so glad I was born in a time where awesome things like this are possible. Can't wait for my first jog!

(almost) 3 weeks update

Not much has really changed, I've just been showering normally again and putting cocoa butter/bio oil on them. I have a small opening on my left T incision that I treat with neosporin and medihoney. it seems to be resppmsing well, but I will probably go to the PS this week and get it checked out. Here are some pics I took today!

Update: closing wound separation with wet to dry dressings

hi guys! as you may have heard, I had gotten some wound separation at the T junction under my left breast. This was very stressful for me as I am an anxious person when it comes to my health, and all I want is an easy recovery.

I tried to apply neosporin, then medihoney. Within a week, not much really changed. So I started to look for alternative methods to heal. This is when I read about wet to dry dressings and decided to give it a shot.

This is the regimen I followed, but please talk to your PS before doing anything new with your healing process please!

I shower twice a day (when I wake up and before bed) and wash my incision sites with antibacterial soap.
After my day shower, I use non stick gauze pads. I cut them up to fit the size of my wound and to save money. I apply saline wound wash to a small gauze pad until it is soaked, then I apply it directly to the wound and cover it with a dry gauze pad. Then I tape it on with paper tape to keep it in place. I replace the wet dressing with a fresh one in the afternoon.

After my night shower, I apply neosporin and then medihoney and cover with a dry non stick gauze pad and paper tape. After only two days of this, my wound is closing rapidly. I've attached some pics so you guys can see for yourselves!
The reason I don't apply the wet dressing at night is just because I start to think about it too much and try to itch. So I just let it "dry" out for a bit.

one month update

hi guys, not much has been happening, so I haven't really updated. my incisions are all healed up and I've been doing scar treatment lately. my left one is still a little stiff and it gets softer every day with massages. similarly, most of my raised scars have flattened, but there is still a tiny bump at my drain sites and in the middle of my chest. that's okay though! time is healing everything pretty well. the shape should look a little more natural soon. the scars will also lighten soon! after 6 weeks my surgeon said things should start to become less red. also one boob looks lower because I am extending that arm to take the pic!
Sunny Waitze

Look no further, she is the BEST! I don't really write reviews, but I am just so happy with my results that I need to spread the word. This was my first ever surgery, and it couldn't have gone any better. Everyone in her office is so friendly and helpful, and the environment is really comfortable and welcoming. I met with another surgeon prior to meeting with her and I did not feel the same comfort as I did at Pomperaug Plastic Surgery. After my consultation with her, I canceled the consultations I had booked for later. It's only been about a week and a half and I am so pleased with the results of my breast reduction. She did an amazing job and brought me to the exact size I wanted. Not only that, I am shaped really well, and I am just in love with my new figure. She also gave me her phone number to text during the days following my surgery, so I could get any questions I have answered right away. I am somewhat of a hypochondriac, so this was super reassuring for me. If you're looking for a plastic surgeon in CT, I couldn't recommend her enough. I don't even live close to her office and I found the drive to ultimately be very worth it. She and the rest of the staff in her office are all so sweet and made me feel so much less nervous about everything. Also-- waterbury hospital is nice! If you need to get surgery done there, the staff I met were all very friendly and helpful. My first experience getting surgery was virtually painless. Choosing Dr. Waitze as my surgeon was pretty much the best decision I've ever made! I can't imagine where I'd be right now if I had chosen someone else to perform my surgery. Thank you so much to everyone at Pomperaug Plastic Surgery for making my life change for the better.

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