25 Years Old, No Kids, from Small B to ?? 360cc Unders - Southampton, GB

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I have been wishing to have this surgery for a...

I have been wishing to have this surgery for a very long time, however It was very difficult to find the right surgeon to do it, until I met Mr Horlock at the Spire Southampton Hospital, He has done an excellent job, is very friendly and caring, He gave me a lot of confidence and answered all my questions. I had my op. 2 days ago and I'm very happy with my results so far, I have had a fantastic experience, all the staff who looked after me were amazing, I didn't have any pain at all after surgery, My breasts are very swollen at the moment but hopefully they will settle down in the next few days.

How my experience started!!

sorry ladies!! I have been very busy as my family came from Spain to help me with the recovery. I'll post my experience day by day with pictures as well later. Real self has helped me a lot during this process, is very important for people thinking about getting this surgery or on the process to know about other women experiences so I'd like to share my experience with you and answer all the questions you may have.
I had always wanted to get a breast augmentation as my breasts had always been on the small side (32B), However I loved my shape and I thought I could wait until after having children (using push up bras) but the truth is, I'm 25 years old, I'm not planning on having any children for a couple of years at least so why wait that long? I work as a recovery nurse in a private hospital so I see every day a lot of cosmetic surgeries and I know all the surgeons who perform them ,and there is where I met my surgeon Mr Nigel Horlock, I thought I wasn't gonna find the right person to do my surgery until I met him, He is very professional, caring, friendly, I couldn't recommend him enough!! so I asked him for a consultation and I booked it through his secretary ,who is such a wonderful person and helped me a lot during all the process as well , for the wednesday 4th of may.
On the 1st consultation He asked me what I wanted to achieve with the surgery, which were my expectations and if I had thought about size,implants position,etc. He listened to me, answered all my questions and fears (very supportive at all times). He explained to me what the surgery involves, the different techniques and type of implants he uses and all the risks and possible complications post-surgery. He took all my measurements and said I was on the borderline and I could either go for over or under the muscle, As I wasn't sure about what was better and I didn't had a clue of the size of implants I wanted at that time He asked me to buy a shock absorber bra in john lewis as is the brand he likes for the post-op bra in a 32D-32DD size, try the Rice test at home and come back for a 2nd consultation in two weeks so that's what I did.

I went straight away to the shop and bought 2 bras one in a 32D and another one in a 32DD and made rice testers on different sizes ( 300,325,250,360,375,400), I tried first the smallest ones and then realised they were way too small after those I tried the biggest ones and decided I didn't want to go that big so discarded the 300cc and 400cc, I did the rice test 3-4 times during the 2 weeks between my 1st and my 2nd consultation and every time my choice was bigger that the previous one hahahaha I have to say It was a good fun!!!
I did a lot of research about the position of the implants ( overs vs unders ) and I found out more benefits on the sub muscular position (Unders) so I wrote a list with all I found on internet about it and why I wanted to go under the muscle ( More natural result and lower risk of capsular contracture) and I decided in the end I would like to go between 325-375cc for size of implant.
I had my 2nd consultation with Mr Horlock on the 21st of May, I walked into the consulting room really nervous but excited at the same time, I told him about all the research i had done and my size implants choice and after taking my measurements again, he gave me some implants on different sizes to try on the sports bra I brought and He advised to go between 330cc and 360cc, I couldn't see any difference between both sizes so he told me He would take both implants to theatre and try them on me during surgery and then decide what looks better on me as I said to him i wanted to look proportioned. I was absolutely happy with that decision, after all He is the professional and deal with this kind of situation every day so I let him know I'd completely trust him.
I forgot to say I had booked my surgery date after my 1st consultation for the 26th of may!! So after my 2nd consultation I was just 5 days off until my surgery!!!!! you can imagine all the excitement I had at that point!!! Summary: we decided 330cc- 360cc ( He 'd decide during surgery) under the muscle.
I went to try the implants again with his secretary the day before surgery as I forgot how they looked on me!! hahaha ( nerves on the edge!!)
I'll share my experience with surgery and recovery on the next post!! hope someone find my story helpful and ask any questions you may have I'll try to do my best to answer them properly!! xx

Op day!!

my surgery was scheduled for the 26th of may at 18:00, I was admitted into hospital the same day at 17:00 , I couldn't have anything to eat after 11:00 so I was starving by 16:00!! Mr.Horlock came to see me to my room just before the operation , He drew some lines around my breast and reassured me, after him, my anaesthetist came as well to check everything was fine. 10 minutes later the nurse came to escort me to theatre, I was scared and nervous but as soon I walked into the anaesthetic room the ODP and anaesthetist gave me some conversation and some anaesthetic drugs and I felt asleep, I woke up 1 hour and 45 minutes later in the recovery room ( It seemed like 5 min to me!! hahaha) I couldn't feel any pain at all, I just needed to go to the toilet ASAP so I asked to my lovely nurse for the bedpan and I was fine after that lol haha. I spent 1 hour in recovery ( It seemed like 10min to me ) I asked the nurse to inform my family that I was out of theatre and awake as they were a bit anxious and I was really worried about them not knowing what was going on for that long period of time. The nurses in recovery were amazing, they went to my room to inform my family as I asked them and gave me some pain killers so i could have a good night. I was feeling really relaxed and sleepy so as soon as they took me to my room and I saw my family I went to sleep , I slept for 6 hours, waking up to go to the toilet ( with nurse's help ) like 4 times during the night, when I woke up I was feeling a bit uncomfortable, not pain really, It was like if you are working out for a whole day, so I called the nurse and they gave me some pain killers and after 15-20 min I could go to sleep again for another hour until They came with my breakfast and my boyfriend arrived. Mr Horlock came to see me first thing in the morning and he told me I was acting really funny when He went to see me in the recovery room the night before lol hahah I don't remember anything at all!! and after having a look to my breasts he said i could go home later and then go for a revision in a week time. The nurse came explained to me everything about the post-op care and gave me a lot of leaflets with information, removed my cannula and the drains ( I had two in situ overnight) and I went home with my boyfriend, mum and mother in law to have some rest! however i couldn't sleep because of the excitement after looking at my new boobies in the mirror!!!! wow!! oh my!! I couldn't believe how natural and beautiful they looked for being just few hours post op! the picture with the bra was taken 2 hours post-op when i got to my room and the other two were taken at 09:00am in the morning after surgery so 14 hours post-op?? amazing! I couldn't be happier about everything! all the staff were amazing, the night nurse who looked after me couldn't be better, she was lovely and take care of me really well. My whole experience wonderful, I was expecting to be in a lot of pain, not being able to sleep after the surgery, not being able to go to the toilet by my own but nothing like that! 10 of 10!!

1st week post-op!!

Hi ladies! I forgot to say on my last post that in the end He went for the 360cc Nagor impleo High profile under the muscle implants. I'm 8 days post-op now, I have been walking around since day 1, however I have been needing help for thing like cooking, getting dress, showering, etc.. I went out for lunch on my 3rd day post op which I would never believe I could do and taking pain killers on regular basis to keep the pain under control. My boobies have changed a lot since surgery, they were very swollen the first 3-4 days after surgery, by day 5th my right breast was absolutely fine but my left still a bit swollen and sore, by day 6th I had like electric shocks on my left breast and I was a bit worried but I had my revision with Mr Horlock on the next day so I told him when I went for my revision and He said It was normal , nothing to worry about and he advised me to move my arms to recover full range of movement as my muscles were really stiff and tense. He checked my scars and said He would wait another week to remove my tape and stitches. I cannot have a proper shower for another week which really annoy me but I want to do everything properly and don't ruin my good recovery:)
I'm taking pain killers just when I need them now and before go to sleep.
I have attached some pictures so you can see the difference between my boobies post op and at 8 days post op. Hope they fully drop and get soft soon, anyway really happy with my results already!! I thing He did right choosing this size! It look really good on me!!


Hi girls! I went yesterday to my 2 weeks post op follow up with Mr Horlock, they removed the tape and said I can have a normal shower now and keep going with the tape for another week, so I had a shower as soon as I got home but I didn't remove the tape until after the shower, then I retape my scar but I'm bit worried because they are really itchy and the edges a bit red, it's that normal??? Thank youu xx
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Mr Horlock has done an amazing job, Couldn't recommend him enough, very friendly and caring, professional and gave me a lot of confidence! Really happy with the results so far!

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