24 Years Old Wanting Breast Enlargement UK - Southampton, GB

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So I'm 24, 5ft 6 and about 126 pound (9 stone) im...

So I'm 24, 5ft 6 and about 126 pound (9 stone) im a size 8 I'm roughly a 32A however I have been buying a 30C recently from boux avenue which are majorly padded but never fill it properly and always end up with the top part gaping. I have been considering a breast enlargement for years and looked into it when I was about 18 but felt it wasn't the right time, but now I know it is.

I had my first consultation with my PS on Saturday 25th June, I have chosen Nigel Horlock at The Spire Hospital Southampton. It was a really brief first consultation he's told me I need to buy a shock asborber sports bra but hasn't told me what cup size to go for as this will be the bra I will wear before and after surgery. I am hoping for a full D. I have tried a 350cc with the rice and I'm thinking this is the size I'm after but when I told my PS that he just told me to carry on trying different sizes and wouldn't give me his opinion and 350cc so now I don't know if he thinks I should go more or less :|

If anyone is roughly the same stats as me it would be great to hear what size you have gone for. I will upload some pics soon.

2nd consultation

Hi ladies. I hope everyone is on and healing well!!

So I've just had my 2nd consultation with Mr Horlock, I went in wanting 375 cc but the implants he uses don't come in that size, so I tried on a 360 and a 330, going for the 360 but he said he will order both and try on day of survey to see what looks the best (I hope it's the 360!!) so we are going for either size, under the muscle and he is ordering high profile and ultra high profile (not really too sure why) I forgot to ask I was too excited lol

Anyway here are some before photos.

Won't let me upload any photos. Please help?!!!

If anyone else is having this trouble please let me know xx

Before pictures.

Really don't have a lot of anything. I'm more nipple than boob :D

Surgery booked

Hi ladies,

So I've finally booked my surgery after changing the date 3 times lol. So I am all booked in for the 16th September and I can not wait!! I am so excited it's unreal!! One tiny issue tho, I need to tell my parents, I know that they are going to be totally against it and I'm so worried about their reaction. I know they will try and talk me out of it and they will make me start to doubt myself. I think I'm going to wait until the end of August so they haven't got too long to moan about it.

Was anyone else worried about telling their parents or partners? Any advice on what to say and how to deal with it will be very much appreciated!!

Happy healing :) xx

Pre op done ????

Hi ??

So I've just had my pre op, was so nervous about the blood test but wasn't actually as bad as I thought it was going to be. I'm all booked in the 16th September and I can not wait. Mr Horlock told me I don't look nervous at all, and I'm not i can not wait!! It's something I've wanted for a long time. So excited :)

We re did sizing again today and I preferably wanted 360 or 390 but he thinks the biggest he will be able to go is 330, so I guess we will his have to wait and see. I've added some extra photos in a "double size" bra so you can see the proportions to my body. I have a bit of a bum so looking forward to having boobies too.


3 more sleeps :)

Hi all. So it's only 3 more sleeps until I get new boobies and I am so excited!! Time has come round really quick. So I've bought some bio oil for the scars, some Senna, cold packs, V shaped pillow and lots of paracetamol. Is there anything else you lovely ladies would recommend I need to get?

How long after your ops did you start driving again? I'm just really dreading being stuck in the house and my mum doesn't even drive.

On going to take some pics tonight in a bikini top so I can upload some before and after comparison pics for later.

Lots of love xx

Night before :)

Evening all :),

So my boobie day is tomorrow and I can not wait!! I've packed my over night bag and I'm all ready to go. Need to be at the hospital for 7:30 tomorrow morning so I thought I'd try and get an early night tonight and it just hasn't worked out lol

I've just taken some before photos in an old bikini that has no padding what so ever, which should give a good comparison for after too.

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm nervous and so far I'm not, I'm just really excited and eager to see the final results. To be honest it does still feel a little surreal, I've always wanted them done but just never thought it would ever happen!!

I'm going to try to get some sleep and I'll see you all on the other side!!


1 day post op

Hi ladies,

So I arrived at the spire for 7:30 yesterday morning (16th September), Nr Horlock cone straight to see me and marked me up, I went down to surgery at about 10:30, text thing I know I was waking up in recovery at about 1:30, finally went up to my room at 2:30. It was the first time if ever having an general anesthetic and I had no idea what to expect, but it was a thousand times worse than what I thought it be like. I could stop being sick, my blood pressure dropped really low so the nurses kept checking it every 15 minutes. Eventually at around 10:30pm I felt a little more human. Was woken up every couple of hours threw the night to check blood pressure and do meds.

Nurse came round this morning, removed my drains and gave me my meds to take home. Apart from my chest feeling like someone is sitting on it I'm not feeling any real pain, just discomfort.

I had a quick peek of my new boobies earlier and they are extremely pointy and high. They look really funny. Just can't wait for them to settle and look natural.

My surgeon went for 360cc high profile silicone implants.

2 day post op

Hi everyone,
So today is 2 day post op and I'm feeling a lot more like me however I keep forgetting I can't move my arms as much as I'm used too and I keep over stretching which sends a horrible burning tipping sensation into the incision, I also keep getting a gurgling feeling which every time I hear it, it makes me feel sick. Anyone else experienced that?

I've added my pre op photo with all the marking on me and 3 photos from today. They are looking rather pointy but I don't think too bad for only 2 days post op.

Happy healing ladies xxx
London Plastic Surgeon

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