40 Yr Old, Weight Loss 13st.. Having Breast Lift, Arm Lift, and Fleur De Lys Tummy Tuck - Southampton, GB

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Having lost alot of weight, approx 13stone, I have...

Having lost alot of weight, approx 13stone, I have been left with alot of lose saggy skin, after losing all that weight it's a fact that I hate my slimmer reflection possibly a little more than my old larger one! Does that make sense? I have made the decision to start my 40's by saying goodbye to the unsightly reminder of my previous obese self, by having an arm lift, breast lift and fleur de lys tummy tuck. I am having these three procdures done in one go, hopefully I wont regret this!? If anyone has any experience of any of these ops, or helpful recovery advice pls let me know, I'm terrified!!

5 days to go..

So yesterday I saw my surgeon again, and had my pre op meeting with the nurse who took blood samples and swabs for MRSA etc, and asked me a million questions! All fun. My surgeon explained the procedures again, and answered a whole host of questions! I went armed with an extensive list which I have been compiling. I've organised childcare - my parents are having my 2 toddlers for a week when I return from hospital so no worries about being jumped on etc. Tomorrow I'm picking up a reclining chair ( electric) which luckily my brother in law was getting rid of. Today I went shopping and purchased a Shockabsorber sports bra, as recommended by my surgeon, I will be wearing it when I leave theatre. My admission is 7:30am Friday, so its an early start! Nothing to eat after midnight, and absolutely nothing to drink after 5am. Getting close, but I'm feeling alot more relaxed after seeing Dr Horlock yesterday. Will post before shots probably Saturday, my husband is going to take pictures before I go in to theatre. Wish me luck!

Pre op photos!

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