41yrs Old, 14 Stone Weight Loss, Thigh Lift Required! - Southampton, GB

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Having started my weight loss 3 yrs ago, shortly...

Having started my weight loss 3 yrs ago, shortly after my son was born, I have been left with alot of excess skin. In October 2016 I had a fleur de lis tummy tuck, brachioplasty, and breast uplift, all completed and love the results. Stage two is now to have the lower half sorted out, so I'm firstly having a medial thigh lift and then in about 6 months an outer thigh and butt lift. Havingthis done in 13 days time...countdown has begun! Feeling nervous and unsure about recovery expectations, so if anyone has advice please let me know. Here we go again, I coped last time with 3 ops so hopefully I can cope with this?

Pre op marking!

Couple of after photos a few months on, having just had a lateral lift and butt lift, so everything still sore!

Lateral Thigh Lift and Butt Lift!

So This has been a long old journey...I've lost 14stone in total, and as a reward I've been gradually having procedures to sort the lose excess skin. In 2015 I started with a fleur de lys abdomnoplasty, arm lift and breast reduction and lift. Then in September 2016 I had a medial thigh lift and reverse abdomnoplasty. Then last month April 2017, I had a lateral (outer thigh lift) and bum lift. Its still early days with scarring, swelling but the results are promisisng. I think I'm done now? Going to let everthing settle down and take a look next year incase anything needs tweeking. I suppose I am a little dissapointed with the way my scars have dropped after the medial thigh lift...blimmin gravity! But this is something i may get corrected?

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