35 Y/o, 2 Kids, 2 C-sections, Ready to Get my Body Back - Philadelphia, PA

I will be having a mini tummy tuck and liposuction...

I will be having a mini tummy tuck and liposuction of the abdomen. So far I have only done the consultation with the doctor. I went in wanting smart lipo and was told that I wasn't a good candidate for it because my problem isn't so much the fat in my stomach, but the stretched skin from my pregnancies. He would also like to cut out my C-section scars that he feels weren't done properly.

New doctor

I was one day away from sending in my deposit with the first doctor I had a consult with when I was able to get in for a second opinion with a different doctor. I decided to switch to the second doctor, he gave me much more detailed info regarding my abdominal repair and he just made me feel so comfortable. He took before pictures but I don't have them. Once I figure out how to upload I will add some.

Second guessing my choice

I'm having a hard time mentally with a few things and I'm wondering if I should cancel my surgery. There's no one I can talk to IRL about this, so I'm putting it here. I want the tummy tuck for me, so I can be happy with my body and regain my confidence. But being the person that I am and usually putting everyone else first, I'm listing out all of the things that I could do with the money, worrying about how I won't be able to take care of everyone and everything at home and at work. I feel like I'm being selfish even though I know I deserve it. Just so much going through my head right now...
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