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As you can see from my pic I am on the petite side...

As you can see from my pic I am on the petite side. I am a newly divorced 44 year old lucky mother of 2 very supportive kids: an amazing 23 old son and a bright beautiful daughter of 15. I have always wanted a BA since my son was born. Today I am 1 week away from my surgery day 7/15.... So excited!!.
Last week I had my Pre-op appointment and weighed in at a whopping 104 lbs, 5’1” tall, ribcage measurement of 27”. I currently wear a 34B bra and barely fill the extra padded cup. I am looking to go to a nice solid C. My PS and I decided on 350cc to 371cc smooth round, med projection plus, silicone cohesive gel implants to achieve the “natural soft look” I desire without exceeding the proportion of my small frame was an important factor. I am a Yoga enthusiast! I absolutely love being on my mat and yoging with my best friend. This is where I find my peace. I practice 4-5 times a week at the studio and also incorporate a home practice on off days. Since Yoga is a huge part of my life. I was concerned the size of 350cc to 371cc was a bit much. I do not want the girlz to interfere (too much) within my physical abilities. I was thinking closer to 300cc-325cc at the largest. After talking with other women and reading all the insightful posts on with you lovely ladies. I now agree and feel comfortable with my PS suggestion of 350 cc to 371cc will give me what I am looking for
While I am under.. the Doc is going to cut out and restich the hiddious scar you see on the left side at the rib cage.. Ive had that thing for 44 years. Actually i dont know how i feel about it. Its been apart of me since I was 2 months old. It never bothered me nor made me self consious. It is what it is.. Now having the choice to fix it..Hummm I still have a week to ponderit..
Check list done:
I have my front zip sports bra. I hope it fits. I needed to get one to fit my new girlz and not knowing the actual end result…. was a bit of a crap shoot.
Picked up prescriptions
Blood work
Ice packs
Week off of work..:-)
Light weight front zip hoodie and Yoga pants for surgery day. As well as plenty of leisure wear for the rest of the week.
My all time #1 BFF through my life… Big sister is taking me to and from along with my daughter and of course Mom! its a girls day
The kids are going to beach for a long weekend this week. This is giving me plenty of time to clean, go food shopping and stock up for a few days.
I think I have pretty much everything ready to go. Feeling very pleased how everything is falling into place.
Now as a major concern I have been struggling with: PAIN PILLS!
I am a recovering alcoholic. It’s been 3 years since my last drink and it would completely ruin my life if I went back. I am scared to death about taking the Oxy prescribed. Narcotics or other drugs have never been a problem for me.. never took them. However, I know enough that addiction is addiction: shopping, food, substance, gambling ect.. it all satisfies a deep craving and obsession I do not want to awaken. Therefore, I am trying to take the necessary precautions. I’ve told my PS who supports my recovery however, insists I do have pain meds cuz I’ll need them. He agreed to limit the number of pills prescribed which he did. Any refills will require an appointment and be very carefully monitored if needed. I have told only my very close inner circle of women who I also have for support.
I cant wait for my new girlz to be delivered…

Last day of work before the big day

Less than 3 hours to go at work to start my (girlz) vacation. Trying to get as much accomplished to minimize any calls that may arise next week in my absence. Honestly, I finding it so very hard to concentrate. My mind keeps wondering and excitement is starting to shift into nervousness and fear. I find myself thinking of everything that could go wrong instead of everything that could go right. I am not so much worried about pain or recovery but the end result.. Too BIG to small or just right.....ugh!!! My character defect of "control" is starting to drive this bus into a tizzy!

Just hours away ..YAY

Last sleep on my belly for a while. Prayng it wil be a good one! Finally calmed down a good bit. I had a horriable rash the other day luckely disapated. My GP said he believes it was brough on by nerves..I was getting a little worried becuse my PS said he would postpone due to the rash..NOOOO... not at this stage, i'd be devistated. Anyway i got everything ready to go for the morning. My excitement has now shifted into complete exhaustion.. My mom came over with a ton of her famous salads and treats..just Love her too peices. Going to have a quik snack warm milk and hit the hay.. and hopefully fall into unintreupted blissfull sleep...untill tomorrow.

1 Day Post OP: Huston.... We have BOBIES!!!

Feeling much better now, My head has cleared and no more feeling sick to my stomach. final decision was 371cc Mentor med profile plus.. I could be happier. The size is perfect for my small frame.

Day 6

Feeling better everyday, The girlz are feeling less sore and starting to drop nicely. I had my postop apt on Friday and all is looking very well and developing nicely. I wound up with a lot of bruising because I did get the scar on my abdomen fixed. My PS had to unattached the scar tissue from my ab muscle (it was just the way it healed 44 years ago). Anyway when doing so he said all he seen was intestines, Apparently, I had a very large hernia I had no clue I had. He fix the hernia while he was in there and fixed the scar. My recovery is taking a little longer than expected due to abdomen being so sore on top of the BA.
Since I got the bandages off Friday we have dropped a good bit, but still need to drop a more. All is well with everything being even, Nipples are just where I wanted them and both right and left are dropping evenly. We did go with the 371cc and I am on the fence. One day they are perfect one day I think they are too large for me. I feel like I am on seesaw. I am hoping they don't get bigger after they fluff. I go for my 2nd postop appointment today. I am very happy doing this for myself. I have always wanted to do it and I feel so blessed to have had the chance to.
I am already jones to get back to Yoga. Since I had the hernia it is going to postpone returning to my mat even longer than expected. Oh well. on the bright side I got Boobies!!! I'll update pics in the next day or 2.

13 days old

Its so hard to believe tomorrow will be 2 weeks ago I had the surgery. How the time flies.. I am feeling very good except for the fact I cant practice yoga yet (lol). I am in no pain they are tender and a little sore. Its very similar to feeling as thought I am breastfeeding. I been noticing the left side is larger and not sure if its just dropping quicker than the right. I am right handed so I am thinking is may just be the right muscle is just tighter and needs more time to stretch. I see my Doc Wed I'll see what he says. Other that I love them! They look and feel great! The past week I have been able to wear such cute tanks and cami's with NO BRA :)
My scar is healing nicely also.. last 2 weeks has been tough. I have to admit doing simple things like laughing and coughing up and out of bed was painful. I am thrilled on how much of the old scar the Dr cut out. I look down and can hardly notice it.. Can't wait for it to heal completely. I want to see about scar cream and when is the best time to apply. At this point I may even get it to be almost invisible.. That would be great.

Better pic of the scar before.

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