33 Year Old, 2 Kids, 5'4, 34a -Full C+ 371cc Silicone - Southampton, PA

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I have been wanting BA for about 7 years and...

I have been wanting BA for about 7 years and finally decided to take the plunge and get it done. My kids are 14 and 10 and don't rely on me as much so I figured this would be the perfect time now. I went for my first consult with Dr.Kole on 3/25. I did alot of research of doctors for months, looked at before and after pictures on their websites. Dr. Kole's work was by far the best. I knew a few people that have went to him and were happy with their experience. His staff is beyond nice. During my consult we discussed saline and silicone, what my ideal size would be and what size he recommended for my body to get the look I desired. I felt really comfortable meeting with him. We decided that silicone under the muscle would be the best option for me. We then scheduled surgery for June 2nd and my pre op appt 2 weeks prior.

Pre-op appt May 18th : Met with the doctor again and went over all instructions for before and after. He gave me the prescriptions for pain meds and antibiotics, as well as a script for blood work and a baseline mammogram.

Day of surgery: I was told to arrive at 10:15am. My sister came with me. I was super excited, not really nervous at all. The nurse took me back around 10:20, she checked my vitals, I gave her a urine sample and got changed into the gown. The anesthesiologist came in and started my IV, the doctor then came in to put the marks on my chest and I then walked to the OR with the nurse. I remember joking around with them making sure they made sure "the girls" look good lol. I layed on the table , they put compression stockings on and gave me something in my IV to calm me. I remember them saying the time was 10:44. They put the oxygen mask on and that's the last I remember. I woke up and felt great, I was shocked. My sister was there as well as the nurse. All I wanted to do was to see my new breasts but I was all bandaged up. After a few minutes I got up and dressed, the doctor came in to see me and said everything went great. I was on my way home around 12:30, it happened so quickly. Got home and relaxed, wasn't sleepy or in pain at all. Watched some of my shows I had recorded on tv, didn't have an appetite fir the first 2 days, nor did I sleep those 2 days either. The doctor called me that night to make sure everything was ok.I'm still in shock that I experienced no pain, other than some aching in my chest when getting up off the couch to use the bathroom. It was difficult to take deep breaths due to the toghr bandaging, but the doctor gave me a spirometer to use at home and it helped tremendously.

Day 5 post op: went to my first appt and he cut the bandages off and I put on a front closure sports bra, found an awesome on at Walmart for $10. I was excited to finally see my new breasts. They were still so high, so I really can't tell how they are really going to look.

Day 8 post op: went in to have my sutures removed, Dr. Kole said they are looking great, incisions are healing very well.he showed me some massage techniques to do 6-8 times a day that will help them settle. And to come back in another week for a follow up , which happens to be today.

2 week post op

Went to the doctors and everything looks great. Incisions are healing nicely. He gave me the ok to go back to the gym. That makes me super happy lol.

1st day back at the gym

Was super excited to return to the gym. Felt great to be back. Was able to do Burpees and push ups and chest presses. No pain and had full range of motion . The only thing that was a little difficult was jumping Jacks and running. Since the implants are still so hard and high it felt a little weird , like they were tearing away from my body a little bit. I'll give it a little more time before I start running again.

3 weeks post op

Just a quick update. Things have been great. Been back to the gym for a week now, still some discomfort when running so I have been holding off on that for now. Returned to boxing, feels great. The girls are still a little high and hard . Been massaging them a few times a day.
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