33 Years Old, 5'6, 2 Kids, Feeling Deflated, 34b Going for 375cc Natrelle Round Under Muscle

I've finally decided to go for it! I use to be...

I've finally decided to go for it!

I use to be happy with my breast. I was a perky 34c but after 2 kids, breastfeeding and loosing weight my chest has deflated to an empty 34b. My bras gape and tops often feel 'empty'. I have never purchased an unpadded bra and recently my confidence in myself/looks is much lower.

I have been for my 1st consultation and was very nervous. I explained to the doctor I wanted to ideally be a 34d. I want a fuller breast again and a natural look. He suggested allagen natrelle in either 375cc round or 360cc anatomical. I got to try on the sizers in the consultation which he advised would be he size of my breast when naked. They didn't feel too big but were much bigger than I was use to.

He then showed me a number of pre and post pics of ladies with my stats that he had done work on and the the ones who had been reccomended a size similar to what I had.

The consultation was a lot to take in. I left with a pack to read through and was advised of available surgery dates over the next 3 months if I was to go ahead.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about the consultation since I had it!!! Wow it's such a big step butnim so excited for my journey to begin.

My current situation

Deposit paid! Now I'm committed ????

Well paid my deposit to secure the surgery date. This seems to have made it real!

Mixed emotions. On one hand I'm super excited and can not wait to have my new breasts before the year is out. On the other hand I feel quite nervous. I've never had surgery or been in hospital apart from childbirth. I'm really scared about the GA. what if it goes wrong? What if I wake up mid op? Lots of crazy thought last going through my head right now.

Essentials purchased

So after reading tons of reviews and getting some idea of the 'essentials' that are needed after surgery I've made a few purchases today.

Ice packs, extra paracetamol, soothing sweets, laxatives (apparently these are needed from the medication), dry shampoo.

2 weeks to go! My early Xmas present

So it's 2 weeks to go I'm feel very excited. I have my 2nd consultation this week. I didn't have to have this but I just wanted to finalise the final details with my surgeon. I'm happy with he size recommended but wish I had asked a few more questions about the profile and maybe tried some different sizes/profiles in the 'tester boobies' at the clinic just to compare.

I will also have my pre-op appointment after my consultation which from what I understand from the phone call from the patient co-ordinator this will involve taking my blood and some swabs. I will also be getting measured for my post op bra which is included in my package.

I can't believe I will have my new boobies for Christmas.

Seeing boobs everywhere

So everywhere I look I'm noticing boobies. I have obviously been looking at lots of wish pics but I'm starting to wonder 'will I be that size, that's a good shape, should I go for a bigger size etc'

I've been researching on real self lots & it's been a god send. I'm starting to feel more relaxed that it's less than 2 weeks to go. I have sorted my leave at work which will be 2.5wks. My husband will be home to look after me and the kids for the 1st week & with it coming up to Xmas I'm having to decline Xmas parties at work/with friends (typical after not so many invites the rest of the year).

I've had a bit of a urge to get the house/my wardrobe in order etc. Ive also picking up some extra bits in Asda today (cereal bars, lucozade etc) for recovery.

I can't wait to start getting my new underwear. I know it will be in a few months but I just keep imagining how different my clothes will look & how happy I will feel to get some shape back.

Rice sizers 375cc

I think I've done these right??

It's just hard to get the shape of them as I know profile can vary but I've tried these with my clothes on too & feeling happy

More current pics

Here's a pic of me laid down. I hate how my breast look when I lay down. They are virtually flat!!! This is one reason why I hate laying on a sun bed only hols. I usually wear a paddded bikini but this just gapes when you lay flat!

I was always a 34c pre kids. I went up 2 cup sizes when I was pregnant and bf to a 34dd however they didn't feel too big or look big when the rest of me was bigger with my baby bump . However after I lost my baby weight I went 1 cup smaller than I started. I'm now a 34b

Dr's stamp from my GP?

So I got a call today from the ba clinic to say they haven't received my drs confirmation/stamp back on a form that needed completing. I'm so annoyed with myself this is the first I have heard of this and found a form folded up in my pack! My fault I suppose for not checking the pack throughly but I'm so cross. I went straight to my gp surgery and handed the form to the receptionist asking of it could be stamped and faxed back to the clinic tomorrow. She told me the dr I last saw needed to stamp it (as you can have any dr at my gp surgery there isn't one assigned to you). The gp is not in till next week (4 days before my surgery) I'm now panicking the form will get lost of not get returned back in time and i won't be allowed to for ahead with the ba! Sorry for the rant, just so frustrated with myself and the way the Nhs can be sometimes. I'm tempted to book an appointment and just take the form to the gp myself. Any ideas?

2nd consultation changed size and profile 385cc full/high natrelle TSF

So had my 2nd consultation today. It wasn't really smooth sailing. The doc had over run by half and hr, then the appointments before took longer. I then listened to an unhappy patient screaming at the poor receptionist (I don't know the ins and outs but I was mortified as this wasn't something I wanted to hear whilst I was waiting to go in). I almost got up and left.

Anyway an hour later I went in. The dr apologised for the delay and was really chatty. I let more at ease in a few minutes. I explained I wanted to try the sizers again. I told him I was happy with natrelle and the round shape but I showed him my pics again and asked about the moderate profile I had been recommended. He said the wish pics i was showing him were more of a fuller look. He checked my measurements again and suggested 385cc full/high profile. I tried the size on and was happy. He showed me some pics of his work of ladies with a similar build to me and the different size/projection.

I feel happy with the size and now I'm going to be looking for some
More pics of similar stats/sizes.

Im still a little unsure about the patient I saw who clearly wasn't happy. Could this be a sign???

Admission letter arrived from the clinic & told a few people I'm going for my op

So today I got my admission letter from the clinic. I'm super excited. My GP has also stamped my authorisation form and faxed it back to the clinic. Apparently the dr won't operate without this.

I also collected my body wash that I have to use the night before and morning of surgery.

I have told a few more people about my op. The girls I'm close to at works know and keep asking for updates. I told my boss (who's a guy). I'm a little nervous about going back into work and everyone noticing and talking, but I know that will happen in an office environment but I suppose it will be old news in no time (I hope).

I can't believe this time next week I will be preparing for my op. It's a week tomorrow. I have to take an overnight bag with me in case I need to stay but the plan is I arrive at the clinic at 7am and then wait for my surgery time. I should be able to leave the same day if all goes well.

My wish pics

34b currently hoping for a 34d and some volume putting back in my boobies

Less than a week to go feeling nervous

So it's less than a week. I'm starting to feel very nervous.

My op is on a Saturday morning. I'm working the Friday so think that will help take my mind of things a bit but I'm so nervous. I'm very excited too. I've had lots of friends asking me about the op which is nice I think everyone is very curious to see the results.

I have to say these last 2 days I getting lots of mixed emotions. Will 385cc high profile be too big? Will I look out of proportion? I don't want to look too fake, am I kidding myself?

Also having nerves about the op. I keep thinking I will wake up mid op or that something will go really wrong & I will end up in a&e or something. I've also have loads of thoughts about bleeding too much or getting some awful infection.

I hope these feelings are normal. I suppose no one knows what will happen. I'm feeling prepped at home in terms of chores etc. I'm also planning on my online grocery shop arriving the day before so I'm stocked up on everything.

I've got a v pillow but wondering if I should also invest in a wedge pillow? How long do I need to sleep sat up? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Final test before op

So the clinic called today to confirm timings. The post bra colour I wanted, and to say all my medical info had been received from my GP ok. I'm good to go. I'm going to be in the morning slot for my op so I'm quite pleased I won't be hanging about all day.

I've sorted out my post op clothes, button up shirts, baggy tops and hoodies and bought myself a few pairs of comfy sweat pants. I'm quite glad the weather has turned here in the U.K. As i will be able to wear sweaters whilst my swelling goes down. I've also put all my essentials in a little basket for easy access after the op (I'm a little OCD with things like this)

I asked the clinic what final tests i will be having. I will be having my blood taken on the day to check for clotting time, hemoglobin levels and my blood pressure etc. I think I'm all set now.

Goodbye chicken fillets & hellos sports bras :-)

Cleaning out a few drawers and came across my bra fillers! Hoping I won't need these after my op

More pre pics empty 34b

Excitement and nerves

So I'm supper excited for Saturday. I have spoke to the clinic and I will be having my op in the morn which is fab as I can't eat 6hrs prior some it's great I won't be hanging around all day.

I've just packed my bag for the clinic, I working until the day before which again is good for me as it will take my mind off things. My little ones will be at grandparents the night before and on the day so I think I'm all set???

I'm hoping fall goes to plan. My understanding of the morning is i will checked in. Have my blood checked. The surgeon will come to see me to confirm the plan/size etc. I then think i meet the team who will be in the operating room.

Tomorrow after work I'm planning on having a bit of a relax and an early night. I will also be enjoying my last night sleeping on my tummy.

Any tips for recovery would be greatly appreciated. I've stocked up on cereal bars, snacks and lucozade.

The night before, goodbye old breasts

So tonight is my last night with my old breasts. Feeling excited, I've had lots of lovely messages and well wishes from the people I have told.

I've just come to bed (9.45pm here) & hooping to have a good sleep on my tummy, although I'm sure I will be restless.

It's going to be strange saying goodbye to my old breast but can't wait for my new ones. I've got everything ready for the morning.

Night night x

Last night of tiny boobs

My boobies are here!!!

So I had my op at 7am today.

All went well, Im just waiting for the ga to wear off. Feeling tired and chest heavy. Can't believe it's done

Operation day update

So I had my 'boob job' today. I had this at 7am at the new birkdale clinic, Clifton lane, Rotherham.

My kumar was my surgeon and what a good experience I have had so far.

I arrived at the clinic at 6.30. I was shown the the ward and I had a private room and en suite. It was spacious and lovely and warm. The nurses gave me a gown and asked me to put on some paper pants and get changed. After I did this she returned with a folder for me to read about what my day would be like at the clinic with lots of info for after the op.

She took my blood and tested my clotting time, oxygen levels, pulse etc.

My kumar then arrived. We confirmed my implants. I went for 385cc, natrelle inspira, round shaped in high profile. Under the muscle.

He ran through the risks of a ba op. I got my post surgery bra and band. He then drew all the lines on me.

After this the anethastist came in. He told me what would happen. How i may feel afterwards. Said I would be given anti nausea drugs and explained about the cannula.

I was then visited my another nurse. She took me to the theatre. I walked in and laid down on the bed. It was a huge modern theatre and was very spacious. Music was playing which put me a ease. I was surprised by how many people where there. 5 in total. I was then introduced to a man who was the scrub nurse. He was very smiley and happy and again made me feel relaxed.

The cannula was then inserted into my hand. The anethetist the. Asked me about where I worked and explained I would get a funny taste in my mouth. He then said you might feel sleep and a bit dizzy. The nurse. Who walked me down to theatre asked if I had done any Xmas shopping. I replied but was struggling to talk as I was sleepy. They then put a mask over my mouth whilst still chatting away and I was gone.

I don't remember an thing. My biggest fear was waking up during the op!! Apparently that never happens. I struggled to wake up afterwards in recovery as I was so relaxed and in a deep sleep. Once I came round in was a bit teary. Not sure why. My bed was wheeled back my room where my husband was sat waiting. He nodded off again. I must have been in and out of sleep for a few hours as then next thing it was 12.30pm.

The nurses was all so lovely. Then checked my obvs every half and hour. Once fully awake I got some toast and a cuppa tea. I didn't have any nausea I was starving! I felt better again after eating. I was told to drink lots and have a trip to the loo as soon as I could and move about.

I left at 2.30pm. My op experience was lovely as far as ops go. I have to wear my bra dat and night for 8wks. The band must also be kept tight. I can have half and hour off wearing my bra each day.

I came home and slept another few hours. I then ate dinner, took my meds and sat up watching tv. My mum came to see me. I had a peak at my boobs (and I love them!!!)

It's now 9pm. I was showered by my husband (waist down) and I'm propped up loads of pillows with my v pillow and neck pillow. I'm now hoping for a good rest. Last night I kept waking with nerves.

I'm on codine for the pain. A course of antibiotics and paracetamol. I also used my ice pack this eve which eased some swelling and pain. I have my meds laid out for in the night.

I have to go back in 1 week to see the nurse to have my dressings removed and stitches checked.

I'm feeling very happy and upbeat. I love my new boobs and my biggest fear was the GA and the op.

Here they are....new boobs

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