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Been seeing dentist quite a bit to improve my...

Been seeing dentist quite a bit to improve my smile.
Have had perio disease for years and have poor gums. Have had it treated a few years ago and have been chasing my tail with it.
My teeth have been moving and getting loose over the past few years, last 12 months especially.
Went to dentist re a loose tooth in front bottom and he tried cementing it, but it came loose again same day.
Told me it may be time to look at options.
Went to see denture guy and almost ran out. Dentures, hook on things, buts of plastic, metal and some silly snap on mouth guard thing that was $2500 per arch called Snap On Dentures or something.
Anyways, have been researching All on 4 online, on this site, and on YouTube.

Called the Malo clinic in Melbourne last Monday thinking they have an appointment free in December, turns out they had one free that Wednesday.
So off we went for a 2 hr drive to see Dr Larry Benge and his team.
After a chat had some 3D X-rays, another discussion, and then I decided that it was what I wanted to get done.
Had impressions and photographs that day and chose a color likeness.

So....I go in for surgery on Thursday.
It has all happened so fast.
I've been overwhelmed, daunted, scared, excited, exhausted. I am actually happy that it has been taken out of my hands and is getting done so fast.

At this stage I have surgery Thursday, with all teeth extracted and 4 implants in upper and 4 in lower jaw. I will be sleep und a general anesthesic.
I then stay in hotel and return the next day where teeth are installed.

I then have a soft diet for 3 months.
After 3 months I return and get permanent teeth put in.
The perms have a metal rod thing along bottom, that is hidden by gum stuff.
It looks very solid.
Been told the implants have a lifetime guarantee and teeth should last 7 years and cost around $800 to replace when they get worn out.

I think I have about 28 teeth to be extracted.

I'm so looking fwd to having my smile return and to be more confident, plus to be able to eat whatever I want.

Anyone have any thoughts or experience ?

I've been told recovery isnt too bad. Swelling on days 2-3 will be the worst.
It's expensive, but it will improve my life and improve my health.

some pics before

its a bit daunting posting these. This is day before my surgery. Hopefully it all goes smooth. I'm excited and a bit spooked.

Day after surgery

Got about 4 hrs sleep. Was up icing every 20 mins all night .
No pain at all. Have not had a pain med at all.
Haven't really opened mouth to speak, typing on iPad to my wife which has been great.
Last night I used apple squeeze fruit drink bottle to squirt some warm soup down my throat. Worked a treat.
This morning I used my apple squeeze bottle to squeeze sustagen drink down throat and just squeezed a lukewarm coffee.
Got call to be at clinic at 12.30 for fitting.
Im thinking teeth not ready u til tmrw Sat. (It's a 1-3 day procedure)
I'm ok with that, I was in for a long time and doc said I had quite a bit of diseased gum and some bleeding.
Took me awhile to wake up. Was a bit groggy after GA.
Only issue really was feeling queasy just before I left clinic, was given anti nausea drug.
And a bit queasy last night when I stood up to go to bathroom.
Have not had a pain med yet, but clinic said to pop one just before heading in for fitting.
I was allowed a light mouthwash rinse after my sustagen drink breakfast, but I am dying to cough up some phlegm and have a spit.
They told me not to yet. Hopefully they can clear me out at 12.30.

I have no swelling yet, but I was up all night ice on, ice off every 20 mins. Have been told swelling is worse day 2 and 3, and I am on day one.
I hope fitting goes ok and is not too painful.

The staff have been fantastic to me 10/10.

Sorry, I ain't posting a pic. I'm sitting here with a bandage around my head for popping the ice packs in and out and I look like an idiot.

My drink buddy

Was given this as I left clinic as I was thirsty. Drank half.
Got back to room and rinsed it and used it for water.
Then had a bright idea, my wife warmed up some tinned chicken soup and we looked at each other and went, let's use the bottle.
It worked a treat.
Could squirt warm soup down throat.

Here is a pic of it with lukewarm coffee.
Hope this trick helps you if you are having a similar procedure

Day 2 after surgery

Had surgery Tburs afternoon. Is now Sat morning.
Didn't sleep well again.
Been icing. Swelling a little. Had a little pain in upper jaw, about a 2 or 3 out of 10. More of a mini throb. All gone.
Took panadeine forte at 10.30pm, they helped me nod off, but woke around 3.30am. Was goi g to take more but I had gauze in mouth and was feeling too tired to really move.

Got up 8am. Had sustagen drink and took meds.
Now about to have a coffee, and wait for this day to end.
It's weird with no teeth. I'm looking at just having soup again today. I have been feeling a little bit hungry.
I hear that tomorrow will be the worst day for the swelling. Yay ! Not.
But it is a journey and come Tuesday it will hopefully all be worth it.

I did notice what may be a slight infection near one of the implants. Maybe just a raised peace of gum.
I have taken a pic and will see if it gets worse. I am on anti biotics. It doesn't look red or inflamed and is not sore.

Day 3 after surgery

Had an ok sleep last night
Woke up with mouth very dry.
Had meds, scrambled eggs and an Up and Go.
Ice packs on again, hopefully for the last day.

I do have a bit of 'phantom tooth' going on. As I have no teeth until Tuesday, I find I can 'feel' my teeth occasionally, and I can almost click them together and feel where they were loose.
I'm grinding my non existent eye teeth together.
It's a bit crazy.
Recovery going great. Lots of water and lots of ice packs.

Bruise, not sore

Heading in today to get fitted! Yay ! Hope it all goes smooth

Day 6

All done !

A week since surgery, 48 hrs since teeth

Feeling better every day. Gums must be healing, as it feels as if a teeny tiny gap is appearing between teeth and gums. I was told this would happen. It feels a bit different. Brushing with a very soft brush and using mouthwash.
Eating very soft food that require no chewing. Grabbed some baby food today, I find it hard at night when I am craving a 'snack'. Hopefully they fill the void.

Doing ok with it.

One month review

All went good. Had checkup, all going great, in 2 weeks I'm halfway there.
Got waterpik from clinic today.
Already squirted myself in the eye.

Quick pics of teeth

Here is a quick pic of my teeth. The first is me smiling as wide as I can. You can't see any gap at all.

The second is me pulling my bottom lip way down to show the 'gap'.
This is where I brush and have just started using the waterpik.

2 month checkup

All went well. Dr Benge said all looked ok, just need to brush a bit harder on teeth themselves to stop plaque building up.
Was given 2 new toothbrushes.
Had to remind them about the floss. Was shown how to floss under the teeth and given some floss. Was told that my use of the waterpik is great, and that I would only need to floss every other day.
Had bite adjustment, still feels a bit off, but they showed me the paper test they do and bite was hitting both sides.
Teeth tech said guns aren't quite healed yet, and to start rinsing in warm salty water 3 times a day to 'toughen gums'.
All in all, still happy. I have about 5 weeks till next checkup.
Then I should be able to eat properly. Still on soft food diet, I haven't been biting or chewing at all.
Lots of rice, soft pasta, scrambled eggs, baked beans with poached eggs, soup...etc.
It will be worth it in the end, but it has felt way longer than I first thought.

just over 3 weeks to go

It's Sunday night in Australia. This coming Wednesday will be 3 weeks until I go back for the 3 month checkup.
Been feeling more confident, more confident talking, smiling and feeling good about it all feels and looks.
I can't wait to eat properly. I hadn't chewed or bitten food for just over 2 months.
I'm still finding snacking difficult. Now it's pancakes, soft WeetBix or peas and beans with sauce as a snack.
I'm dying for a hamburger or a pizza or a piece of steak.
I've lost a bit of weight and feel healthy as. I hope to continue with the diet I've been on , mainly steamed fish and vegetables, but of course spicing it up with some crunchy faves.
The waterpik 2-3 times a day is a breeze, I'm flossing every 2nd day and it's still a bit tricky. Getting better at it, but it's a bit awkward and yuck.

Friend commented on new teeth

Caught up with a friend yesterday, hadnt seen him in 3 years.
Anyways, as he's leaving he says 'have you have your teeth whitened...'
I was a bit taken aback, not the usual comment from a mate.
I really want to know?
He said yes, so before I knew it I told him the whole deal.
I was ok with it, but this guy is a bit in your face and full on.
Anyways, I think I need to think about my reply in the future if I am complimented or asked about my teeth.
I don't really want to end up going into full details about it each time.
Anyone else been in this spot before ?
On reflection I thought it was a bit rude, and wasn't done in a 'wow, your smile looks great' more of a nosey 'are your teeth whitened' way.

4 days until my 3 month checkup

It's Saturday morning. On Wednesday morning I have my 3 month checkup. Which hopefully means I get to eat anything again !
Has anyone else had any experience with eating again ? I'm sure it will be a bit spooky biting into something. Getting over the 'I hope they don't break' may take a while.
I'm not sure if my teeth get removed for a clean or I just get X-ray to see if implants have all taken.
Not long until I find out.

3 month review

It's been 3 months. Went in for checkup.
All great !
Dentist checked guns and tissue and implants.
Then had X-ray.
All implants look great and are infused into bone well.

I'm eating again !
Had a burger on way home, and popped into butchers for some meat for BBQ.
Told I can eat anything.
Receptionist did say avoid hard nuts and don't chomp,on a bone, common sense really.
Thanks to all for reading my posts and sharing their thoughts.
If you are heading down this path, I hope it goes well. In my case it's been fantastic.

4 1/2 months update

I'm now about 4 1/2 months since surgery. All going good. I do find I get food stuck in bottom front area. And I also need to stop 'pulling faces' and poking my tongue around my gums. I have been doing it subconsciously and am trying to stop. I looked in mirror when I did it and it looks a bit silly.
All in all I'm very happy. Been able to eat anything and enjoy meals out with friends.
It's weird, but I need to 'learn' how to smile naturally again. Maybe it's from hiding my smile for so long.
The flossing and cleaning had been no problem.

I did have a small issue just after my 3 month appointment.
I noticed what I thought was white 'scratches' appearing on my teeth and gum of my new teeth. It was like a hole, or deepish crack.
Went in for appointment and turned out it was 'scale'. Hygienist removed in no time.
Showed me how to brush properly and I have been doing that 3 times a day, every day.

6 months now

All going great Don't have a checkup for another 3 months. I think that's with hygenist. Then 3 months after that I get teeth removed and implants cleaned. Very happy so far, each week getting mite used to it. I have noticed a small 'hole' on one of the back teeth. Food gets stuck in it and I just blast it out with waterpik. Also feels like a tiny piece if tooth missing on another back one. Anyone know if they can fix these without removing them? Can they do like a filling like a normal tooth or does the whole thing need to be taken out and fixed ? Even tho it's been 6 months I'm still new to this prosthesis thing. Anyways, I'm loving my new smile. Sometimes the bottom ones look a little 'fake' to me. But that could just be because my old bottom teeth were not in good shape and I used to hide them a bit. I have listed some new pics. Resting mouth, smiling and opening wide. Do they look similar to you guys ?

9 month check up today

Head in for my 9 month check up today
All been going great
Only issue has been a couple of small chips on the back teeth, must have been from biting something hard once or twice.
I think today is just a clean, checkup.
Hopefully it's a breeze today, I'm sure it will be.

12 months now !

Wow. It's been 12 months. What a ride. I'm very happy so far. A couple of minor issues, main one being the 'temp filling' over one hole falls out. But it's no biggie. It's kinda like having a small chip on one tooth.
In 4 months I go in to have them removed and cleaned.
My cleaning is going great, they feel great and I'm so very lucky to have had this procedure done. It feels good knowing I will have white straight teeth for the rest of my life.
Here's some pics I just took. How's do I look ?

15 month update and removal and clean

Went in for my second hygienist appointment and this time my teeth were removed for a clean. I was a bit scared going in, but it was quick and easy as. No pain, no feeling of pressure or anything. The hygienist rubbed some anti bacterial gel on implants and gave teeth a clean. Upper was clean as, lower had some calculus built up, need to floss a bit more there.
Back in 6 months for head X-ray to see if implants are all ok and then 12 months after that for another clean.
Have been given a blue floss, which is thinner than the green one.
Still very happy.
Dr Larry Benge

So far, fantastic. Friendly, confident, caring and understanding. Feel like I trust them.

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