My All-on-4 Journey. Melbourne Australia (Nervous but Excited) South Yarra, AU

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After many years of research, dreaming, saving...

After many years of research, dreaming, saving like mad and putting up with teeth woes...the day is coming.
I am a 46 year old guy who has put up with many dental issues over the last 20 years. I guess its genetics and bad luck. I have had numerous crowns and root canal therapies over the years only to have them fail and result in surgical extractions and a partial denture I can't stand. It looks okay (just) but the irony is its helping wear out my teeth. I have some good teeth left but not enough to hang on to them.
I have had quotes for a number of places to get this done and was even booked into a great place in Sydney for the end of the month. However I thought "I have not checked out Bond street" and thought I should.
Well I met with Dr Larry Benge 3 weeks ago and was sold! I cancelled my pre-existing booking and booked my all-on-4 surgery with Bond Street then and there. I could not have been happier with Larry who I think is the leader in the implant field but also a lovely bloke and very caring. I was also really impressed with the entire team who are all so friendly and genuinely caring.
So last Monday I went in for the pre-surgical work up and the impressions and photos, picked the colour, shape etc. It was mostly a good experience but I don't like impressions (I am a gagger!!). Larry said he would do them himself and I must say it was the best impression experience I have had!
So the big day is coming in two weeks. Im having my remaining upper teeth removed (under GA) and as I have gone for a bridge with a titanium substructure (rather than the chrome cobalt) I will have "teeth in a day" where I go home with a temporary set for three months and my final placed at that time.
The price I thought was fantastic (see AUD) and replacement bridges in 7-8 years are only about $800 and reuse the same titanium substructure (like a "re-tread" Larry said) which makes it quite affordable. in the long run.
I am nervous and a little excited. I will post regularly how it all goes.

The Big Day is Nearly Here

Starting to get a little nervous I have to say! "What the hell am I doing?" keeps going through my head. All paid up and ready to go. The team at Bond street have been so helpful this week with planning for the big day.
More next week!

All done!

Done and Dusted!
Yesterday went really well. So much better than I could have imagined. It was a very long day though. I arrived at Bond Street at 6:30am, had my consult with the anaesthesiologist, then was on the table at 7:15am ready to go.
I had a GA and this was one of the best I have had. Don't even really remember going out. I think I was under for about (I think) 2 hours and had a total upper clearance (9 extractions), Alveolectomy, and placement of the four implants (apparently the special ones for soft bone).
Woke up in recovery with my usual post GA headache which was dealt with effortlessly by the anaesthesiologist.
Had a rather long day as I was having "teeth in a day" where I get my temporary teeth fitted after surgery and my permanent bridge (with titanium substructure) in three months. So had a wax try in at 12:00pm and the final fitted by Larry about 530PM. In the mean time I was very comfortable in the recovery area with a juice and TV and I enjoyed a few "Boost Juices" and a coffee brought by my partner.
The team were all just so fantastic yesterday. I cannot speak more highly of them. All the nursing staff are so professional and very caring. Briony the All on 4 coordinator has been fantastic in the lead up and was just so wonderful on the day. And of course Larry was brilliant!
So at 6pm, after a epic day, I left with my new (temporary) teeth which for temps have exceeded my expectations! I think they look amazing. They even feel good in my mouth, smooth and it covers less of my palate than my partial denture did.
Last night I slept rather poorly. I wasn't so much on pain but just uncomfortable. Was icing all night. Some pain and swelling today but manageable. This afternoon I have noticed the swelling is increasing but I have been warned about the "dreaded day 3".
Soft food has been the order of the day and I am feeling pretty good overall.

The Dreaded Day 3

I was warned today would be the challenging one post op...and they were correct. Im not in agony but am very swollen, and woke this morning in a bit of pain. Have had an easy day in bed relaxing. My top lip is quite swollen so I can't see my new teeth!
Lets hope its all good things from here.
Still no regrets of course.
Back to bed!

One Week After Surgery

It's now one week since surgery and Im feeling pretty good. Most of the swelling has gone and I have just a little bruising on my cheeks. Lost my first stitch yesterday so assume the rest will follow soon. Throat still a little sore so I checked this out with my GP who said it's probably from the breathing tube during the GA which can happen.
Im getting used to soft food but cannot wait for a Hamburger for lunch after my three month follow up visit.
Very happy with my smile! I can't believe this is just the temporary for the next three months.

Two Weeks

Had my two week follow up today. I'm apparently healing really well and keeping things clean. I was given my Waterpik and its great. It just takes a little getting used to! I have drenched my mirror a number of times.
Im feeling really good, eating reasonably well but Im hanging out for a burger.
Im really pleased with everything so far.

One Month

I had my one month follow up today and all seems to be going quite well. They are happy with my healing and cleaning.
I got my "x-floss" today. At first I was a bit concerned about using this but it works really well to clean under the bridge.
Overall I'm feeling quite good. The teeth are taking a little to get used to in some ways but overall they are feeling more like mine each day.
I have developed more of a whistle as time goes on when I speak. As I had "teeth in a day" and get my permanent set made after 3 months this will be taken care of then.
Ive only lost a few Kilos which is good and Im finding more and more creative ways to eat. Still looking forward to that Hamburger in 8 weeks though!!!
Still very happy and feel this has been well worth it.
Dr Larry Benge

Fantastic! Larry and the whole team were just fantastic.

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