2 Weeks Tmw Post Op - Texas, TX

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I regret not tracking my progress but when I...

I regret not tracking my progress but when I logged on to this website I'd scroll through the stories in a rush just to get to the good part so ill cut straight to the chase.

My procedure: tummy tuck with Lipo on full lower back

The nurse Nina took me to a room and told me to put on my gown and gave me a Valium to relax cause i was shaking and tearing. She also administered the best IV ever after giving me a little shot to numb my vein. Didn't feel a thing! The dr came in and marked me and soon after watching a little tv the anestigiologist came to explain to me (God knows what cause I don't rember). Then another nurse came in and started wheeling me out of the little room I was in (in the bed) and that's all I remember.
Then the next thing I know is Nina telling me "you're out of surgery honey, you're in recovery. Im gonna take out the catheter ready? 1, 2, 3" I felt the pull and felt so groggy. I was in and out of consciousness and as I heard her giving instructions to my husband my head kept falling back with my mouth open. I kept knocking out. It was hilarious. At home I don't remember much other than feeling tons of pain in my abs and me sitting on the couch and also the bed as they kept trying to spoon feed me while I was asleep. I couldn't keep my eyes open for the life of me but I did pee like twice and slept through the night with the pain meds.

I seriously don't know how a lot of ladies on this site tracked their progress those days right after surgery. Day 2 was pure misery of pain. I was prescribed Vicodin and Valium and they weren't cutting it. Oh yes, day 2 I had to go back to the office so they could change my gauses or whatever they are called. They're the cotton that go on top of the cut. They offered a pain patch at the office and I declined cuz I didn't think it'd be strong enough. Day 2 plain out sucked. I felt stabbing pains all down my abs since he said he stitched them all together. I also felt super sore from my back as if someone punched the crap out of it. Day three was the same with a lot of crouched old lady walking, and tears. There were a lot of "I regret doing this so bad" moments. It was pure torture and I told my husband many times "please just kill me!" That's how bad it was.

This was the day I felt the ab pain finally recede. It wasn't as bad and I could sit up/stand up more easily. I forgot to mention my husband had to administer 5 shots on each thigh total. Once per day, in different sections of the thigh. They were to prevent blood clotting. These shots were worse than bee stings and made me hollar and cry. If you asked me if I recommended this surgery at this very moment I'd say HELL NO. I threw up once and stopped taking the pain meds cuz they'd make me super nauseated. I had bowel movement this day or the day before I'm not so sure sorry. But it happened and it wasn't soft.

my last shot was administered and I cried tons, but a lot of the pain was gone from my abs and it was when my family came to visit me that I cried, from laughing too hard. I'm sorry I forgot to mention the drain. I have one drain on my right side. Almost near the end of my cut. It stings and is uncomfortable but for the most part, bearable.

DAY 6-13
These days were more relaxed and less pain. One of these days I felt some pain and decided to take a Vicodin to knock me out, bad idea. I threw up an hour or two later. Ladies be careful with those side effects. I've read some people get super itchy and I got Nausea. So tmw is my two week anniversary and the dr has this rule that the drain comes out until two weeks have passed and I can't wait. It stings every once In a while like when you put lemon juice on a cut. You just gotta move slow and loosen up the binder on it to avoid that tang of pain. Right now my fluid is light yellow kind of the color of pee. I also unfortunately still walk crouched. Not as bad but you can definitely tell I had surgery by the way I walk. When did y'all start walking straight?

I borrowed a walker and a shower chair. I ended up putting the walker in the shower cuz the chair was too huge. I had to shower standing up and this causes major back pain to the muscles. Actually the first week you'll feel a lot of this back pain cause apparently our backs don't like us walking crouched.
My binder was provided by the surgeon and the only other thing I'd recommend are straws. It just made life easy.

Edinburg Plastic Surgeon

I was a walk in and he's one of the two surgeons in the valley. He was very friendly and gave me good results. I'd definitely go back. He was charismatic and answered all my annoying questions.

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