39 Yr Old Female Mother of 2 Doing Cs After Smartlipo - South Texas

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I did smartlipo on my abdomen two years ago and...

I did smartlipo on my abdomen two years ago and was unhappy with my final results. While I did look better with clothes on, my tummy stayed lumpy where the doctor left pockets of fat. I did 3 smartlipo procedures and it just wouldn't fix. I am 5'3 and 130 lbs so there wasn't much to remove, but it never smoothed out. I decided to try cs to try and fix my lumps.
I went in today and had the 2 small applicators put on my upper abs. The nurse said I would just need one treatment. I went in first thing in the morning with a sports bra, tank top and shorts, because she said to wear something comfortable. She marked my stomach and laid me down. I read just about every review, so I was prepared for the pinching and the numbing, however I was not prepared for what came next. The suction was not painful, nor was the cold...it was the feeling of not being able to breath that got me. I immediately felt light headed and was having trouble catching my breath. I think maybe because the machine was on my diaphragm or I just simply spazzed out. I tried to readjust my body but i was locked in my position because of the suction. I called for the nurse and she lifted me up and gave me another pillow. The anxiousness lasted for about 5 min then went away. I was able to relax and fall asleep for the remainder of the hour. She took it off and the "stick of butter" everyone talks about was very red and felt like a sunburn. She massaged it for two minutes. I did have to stop her twice because my rib cage was very sensitive. She put the applicator on the other side, and again I felt like I couldn't breathe and again got anxious. After the first 10 minutes I was fine. I talked on the phone for the remainder of the treatment. The Massage went the same as the first, painful around the ribs. I dried myself from the dripping gel, put my top on and drove home. i went in at 9:30 and was done by 12:30. I ate lunch and cuddled with the mister before he left to work. My abs felt cold still and sensitive to the touch, almost like a sunburn or a rugburn. I put on my compression garment and fell asleep for an hour,picked up my daughter from school and headed home. I dont feel any discomfort yet, unless I massage it, and again only on my ribs. Day one down, and anxiously awaiting for my results. I am posting a picture of myself immediately after the treatment which shows a large area that was sucked into the small applicator.

Day 2

First night was a success. I slept with a compression garment on, which is basically a onsie made out of spanx. I didn't have any discomfort and was able to sleep on my stomach. I've kept it on all day today, which is why I may not have had any pain. I wasn't going to wear it, but when I put my clothes on after I showered, the rubbing of my clothes was uncomfortable on my skin. I am swollen and my skin looks darker where I had the treatment. It looks kind of like a hot water burn. With the garment, I dont feel any pain or burning. I've been massaging it periodically, and I have been drinking a lot of water to help expel the fat. I don't know if that actually works, but that's my game plan. The massaging does not hurt, and I am only sore around my rib cage. I will update again if anything changes.

Day 4

4th day and I'm getting slight pings of pain come and go. I could only explain as small spasms come and go. Still wearing my compression garment 24/7. I am still swollen, which is to be expected, and I am continuing to drink plenty of water. I did notice that there is still a small area on my upper abs that is still cool to the touch, which is weird. I am itching a little but...but I will stress the word LITTLE.

Day 14

Its been 2 weeks since my coolsculpt, and I am happy to report that I did not have any major pain or itching. I stopped using my compression garment after about a week, because I no longer had sensitive skin. It is still swollen, but I am already seeing changes. The nurse said I should wait six weeks before making the decision of getting another treatment on the same are. I do notice that first thing in the morning my swelling is minor and it definitely looks flatter so I'm excited to see final results soon. I've decided to get my love handles done next week since it looks like I will have positive results on my already treated areas. I will post pictures on my 6 week check up.
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