Paralysed and Confined to a Wheelchair from Botox Cosmetic - South Surrey, BC

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I want to warn other people about my experience. I...

I want to warn other people about my experience. I have been diagnosed with iatrogenic (medically-induced) botulism from Allergan Botox Cosmetic injections. I was diagnosed by a team of physicians and had this diagnoses confirmed by a neurologist who is an expert in this condition, as she treats many other patients like me, who have been injured by Allergan Botox Cosmetic.

I was never told about the risk that Allergan Botox and Botox Cosmetic (which are actually the same drug, just named differently for marketing purposes) can cause paralysis and death. In fact, I was told the opposite, that there was no possible way that I could get botulism from Botox Cosmetic. This is an outright lie. If you look at the US Prescription Information Sheet, from Allergan's website, and registered with the FDA, you will see that it clearly warns that Botox Cosmetic can cause botulism and paralysis and death.

Physicians who do not warn their patients of the risks with Botox Cosmetic are liable for not giving proper informed consent.

I got my injections from a top Dermatologist in Vancouver, and later at a spa in South Surrey, White Rock BC. My neurologist explained to me that my symptoms started from my first injection when I got a severe headache and flu like symptoms after the injection. I was told by the Dermatologist's office at the time that this could not be connected to Botox.

Unfortunately I got Allergan Botox for a few years but over time noticed I was getting fatigued more often and had repeated flu like issues. I had no idea this was connected to Allergan Botox because often the symptoms would happen weeks after my injection.

Then one day I started to lose feeling in my hands and my legs. Within 6 weeks of my last Allergan Botox Cosmetic injection I began to fight for my life everyday. I struggled to breathe, to swallow and to move.

It has been 17 months since my last Botox Cosmetic injection and I am told I have permanent neurological damage. I do not know if I will be able to walk or care for myself again.

I had an amazing life before Botox. I had been working out at the gym for over 20 years and was in excellent physical shape. I had a very successful career and a wonderful family life. I now require full time care. Botulism is terrifying. I am sick every day. And I risked this wonderful life all for treating something as meaningless as wrinkles.

My neurologist told me that if Botox stays in the peripheral nervous system the body can handle it. However, because it is injected into the skin, usually inevitably some gets into the Central Nervous system, where it causes serious damage and paralysis.

Increasing evidence-based research (notably not funded by Allergan) demonstrates the risk of the toxin spreading into the central nervous system.

Allergan states that there are no confirmed cases of botulism from Botox Cosmetic, but they have paid out millions to people who have sued them. Allergan typically settles the cases before they go to trial according to "Botox Buster" lawyer Ray Chester of Texas (source: Botox Investigation). This investigation also notes that in an August 2012 Deposition, the Vice President of Sales admitted that Allergan trains sales reps to tell doctors that Botox could not cause botulism--however, Allergan's own internal studies had confirmed that it could.

Since I have been ill I have spoken to people who have settled legal cases with Allergan. These are people like me, whose lives have been ruined physically and financially for years by Botox Cosmetic injuries.

Other early signs that the toxin has spread into your central nervous system can be increased urinary tract infections, constipation, trouble swallowing, hoarse voice, and trouble breathing. It's important to note that you may not even know that it has spread and caused paralysis internally. You can read about all the FDA reported side effects from Botox (nearly 36,000 of them in the last few years!) by going to and searching Botox. This is a real problem.

Botox Cosmetic has just been approved for the crows feet in the US. Consumers should know that 1% of clinical trial patients who received Botox Cosmetic for crows feet developed parethesia, which is tingling or prickling or numbness of peripheral limbs. I do not understand how a drug with such a serious side effect could be approved for something as medically unnecessary as wrinkle treatments. Consumers must be warned about this before getting the treatment so they can make an informed decision.

Botox contains botulinum toxin type A, which is considered a biological weapon. Think about it. What could the long term effects be of injecting this into your face a few times a year, for many years, let alone one time? It is ridiculous that we are falling for the scam that this drug is safe.

I urge anyone considering Botox to take my post seriously. I wish someone had warned me about it. I would be able to walk today.

I have attached a photo of me in my wheelchair.

A "Live blood analysis" will show what Botox does to you

As I have been diagnosed by a team of specialists with iatrogenic botulism from Botox Cosmetic, I encourage others to learnabout tthe risks before undergoing this procedure.

Many spas and natural health clinics offer Live Blood Analysis, where only your finger is pricked for blood and this is examined under a special microscope to give you an indication of what is going on in your body.

If you decide to get Botox, do yourself this favor: get a live blood analysis before and after your Botox treatment. It can even be a few days after your treatment. Then ask the practitioner to tell you what differences they see going on in your blood before and after Botox.

Then you will personally know that this drug is affecting your body, well beyond the injection site.

Please let us know if you tried this experiment and share your results with this group.
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