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Hello, I have a small frame (5'4 and 110lbs) and I...

I have a small frame (5'4 and 110lbs) and I gave birth to four large babies. I had a 50lb weight gain with each one. After 20 years of living with a deflated stretched out belly, I'm so ready to have this done! I'm also having a small breast augmentation with silicone. I breastfed for pretty much 5 years straight because my pregnancies were all very close together. I was left with barely there droopy A cups. I've been single for two years after a 22 yr marriage and I don't think I'd ever be comfortable letting any new partner see me naked with the way I look now . I don't expect to look like a Victoria Secret model, I just want to be put back together ????

Before pictures

This is hard. My belly hasn't seen the light of day for years!

Belly buttons

Anyone else worried about getting a weird looking button? I've seen some great ones and well, some not so great ones. This seems to be my greatest worry thus far. I do know my PS is using my own and just moving it. I hope he gets it right. Here are some pictures of the way I hope it turns out.

Sad boobies before pics

Just a few before pictures . These aren't pretty to look at.

Cold feet

My surgeries are in 27 days. I'm starting to get cold feet. I think from reading the "not worth it" reviews and watching the show Botched. I keep asking myself.."is this going to make you happy?" also the expense $$ is stressing me out. I've got the money and I've literally waited 15 years to do this. Ahhhh is it worth it?!

Nerves Are Setting in

So nervous and starting to wonder if I'm going to have any regrets.
The pain, the healing, inconveniencing and stressing my family, money.
Is it normal to have doubts and cold feet? For all of you that have done
it...would you do it again? Was it worth it?? Might seem silly but I'm
also wondering if the hot humid weather/season is the right time.
Wearing a binder for the rest of the summer doesn't sound too fun!

Four days

Packing and organizing like a maniac. Surgery is in four days. Happy, scared, excited all kids of emotions. Am I seriously doing this?! I'm staying in a hotel with my best friend for the first two nights then I'm on my own. I have three teen daughters and four dogs at home. Hoping they will help out.
I have all my meds ready, ice packs and some frozen food ready. Is there anything I'm forgetting?


So excited. 24 hours to go!
I'm staying at a hotel for 48 hours and I just realized I probably won't have a freezer in my room for ice packs. Hmm what should I do?
Laid awake last night wondering if I'm setting a bad example for my three teenage daughters (13,16,18). Felt a little guilty. When they compare themselves to models or celebrities I always tell them that's not realistic and they are beautiful and should love themselves just the way they are and now I go and get a mommy make over. They have been fantastic and totally agree that pregnancy and breastfeeding did a number on my body. I tell them it's like I'm getting a tune up. Im not changing my body just putting everything back where it used to be. I've been single for 2 years after being married to their dad since I was 23 (now 45) and they want me to date ???? I'm hoping the new body will give me the boost of confidence to take a chance dating.
I will update when I'm in the hotel room . Wish me luck ! Peace ??

Two hours!

Goodbye AA boobies and wrinkly belly! Today's the day. Wish me luck????

On the flat side

Piece of cake so far. I had a few moments of throwing up in the recovery room. That hurt like hell! I'm feeling good and staying on top of the oxycodone. Doc went with 195 moderate silicone under the muscle. I'm happy and glad I didn't go with the 275. I just wanted to replace what breastfeeding took away ????


Just trying to figure out what my breasts will look like after the swelling is gone and they've settled. I can't find many pictures of women with such small implants!
Today is much better! I just stay on top of my meds and I'm good.

Sooo swollen!


I was doing great all weekend but today I'm in so much pain. I'm depressed, I'm dirty because I can't shower. Just having a pity party. Also out of pain medication.


My right breast is more swollen and painful today than it has been. I'm 6 days post op. Is it normal for the breasts to react so differently?

What is going on

In the last 24 hours my right breast has swelled so much and now is rock hard and so painful. I'm one week post op today. My first post appointment is tomorrow. As soon as the office opens I'm going to call. The pain kept me awake and my medicine isn't helping. Ugh what could be happening??


So I woke up this morning with one giant boob and so much pain. Immediately went into surgery. Doc removed a hematoma and 200cc's worth of other blood and fluid! That's bigger than my implant!! Crazy. Basically it happened because my blood was too thin because I've been taking Lovenox shots . No more thinners for me. I'm bandaged up tight and he wants me to keep my arms down and no lifting ANYTHING until I see him next Tuesday. Kinda bummed I have drains from my TT for another week. Long day for this girl. Gonna take some meds and go to bed. Take care and happy healing.

Much better

Just want to say thanks for the rs ladies who wished me well yesterday's. The hematoma and emergency surgery was emotional and scary.
I was in a lot of pain until around 4am then took a turn for the better. Doc wrapped me up super tight to prevent another hematoma. I feel like my little 195cc implants are squished. TT drains are not collecting anything so I'm hopeful I'll have them removed on Tuesday! Be well ladies

Wrapped up tight

Hopefully no more hematomas!

12 days post op

So I'm 12 days post op and I haven't even seen what my tummy looks like since the surgery. If I hadn't had the emergency surgery for the breast hematoma, I would have had my first post appointment, but since I did and he checked everything out when I was under anesthesia, I have to wait until Tuesday. I'm almost scared to look! Although I can not wait to get this hot itchy binder off!! I did peak at my breasts and they look really smooshed from being wrapped so tightly. It was to prevent another hematoma. I hope they go back to normal.
Can't wait to be healed and have my life go back to normal .

Drains are

Drains are finally out! After two long weeks. Woo Hoo. Saw everything for the first time. It all looks freaky but I know I've got weeks of healing ahead of me. He was messing with my button and it was such a weird wanna throw up feeling. I can't wait to be back to normal and feel like my breasts and tummy belong to me.

Two weeks post

Starting to drop a little. The right seems a little bigger. Maybe because of the hematoma surgery at week one.

Coobie bra

Love this bra

Before and after

They're definitely better than they were. Still want them to drop and look more natural. They look boxy because of being compressed for so long.

I finally looked

So here it is. Two weeks and I just took everything off to take a shower. I don't look that bad???? My breast are still a little large and lopsided but they'll get better.

I'm a wimp

So I decided to change my gauze on my BB tonight. All I had to do was literally take off one of those giant bandaids and put a new one on... I started to feel really hot, lightheaded and nauseous then the tunnel vision came and before I knew it, I was on the ground! Guess I'll never be a nurse! Lol

3 weeks

3 weeks tomorrow and feeling pretty good. No complaints ????

So excited

This may seem insignificant, but I'm so excited about buying a new bra today. I was an A, I'm now a C ????????
My belly was checked today. It's still red around the edges but it's doing well healing. I'm a little disappointed that my button isn't very deep. Almost at the top but not an outie. He said he couldn't make it deeper because I didn't have enough to belly fat. The one time in my life that I wish I had some extra meat on me. Oh well, at least I've got boobs:) (and nice ones, at that)

If you're tired of the binder

Started wearing this at 3 weeks post because honestly that big old binder kinda sucked. Doc says it's great because it has a lot of compression. Found at Target

Back to work

Lucky to be able to do work in my Jammie's and binder

4 weeks

Happy so far.

Before and after 4 weeks

Six weeks

Very happy with the results .

6 weeks

What should I do about the red scar around my button? I've been using the silicone tape but it hasn't done much. Also vitamin e oil .
Dr. Turko

So far Dr. Turko and his nurse are fantastic. They made me feel very comfortable.

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