Upper Blepharoplasty for Hooded, Saggy Eyelids 46 Years Old - South Portland, ME

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Today was my upper blepharoplasty surgery. I chose...

Today was my upper blepharoplasty surgery. I chose to have it done under local anesthesia .They gave me 2 Xanax prior to going in to relax me. The first lidocaine needle on each eyelid hurt and then the other two barely did as the first kicked right in. Three in each lid. I couldn't even tell that he had started to cut at all. The cauterizing felt warm but not painful, there was a lot of tugging and pushing but nothing hurt until the stitching of the second eyelid. The whole thing took about 90 mins. I feel general anesthesia is not needed for this at all. I was sore immediately afterward. Took extra strength Tylenol but switched to hydrocodone 5mg. I was told to ice every 20 minutes all day till bed. There was some bleeding early from both eye corners and blood on the gauze between my eyes and the ice pack every time. There's a lot of redness at lash line and outer corners. Upper area under brows is very puffy and swollen. Stitches are slightly itchy. I'm using ointment every 4 hrs and artificial tears to not have dry crusty eyes. Pain level during -8 for first needle, 0 for procedure, 0 for cauterizing , 2 for stitching of first eye, 8 for second, 9 for recovery immediately after, 4-6 for rest of first day. Had very hooded, saggy, loose eyelid area that rested right on my lashes. Here are pictures of day before, immediately after surgery and later the first day. I'll update daily.

Upper blepharoplasty for hooded, saggy eyelids 46 years old South Portland ME

Day 3 . Still quite swollen and purple. Looks better with eyes open than closed. Can't wait to get these stitches out ????

4 days after ( technically 72 hours )

Today slightly itchy at stitches, eyes feel kind of dry and sore at the outer corners. Bruising is better but eyelids behind kasha still very swollen and tender. Here's pics from this morning.

Day 6... Day before stitches removed.

Still very tender at the incision site especially in the outer corners where it extends past my eye. Dried blood in that area just won't come off...hopefully they will remove it before pulling the stitches out. Bruising is WAY better... Under the brow area on both eyes is still quite puffy and seems like it's retaining fluid ? The actual eyelid directly behind the lashes is still very swollen also. It has not even been a week and I've definitely been out in public.. I'm hoping within 6-8 weeks all swelling and remaining bruising will dissipate. I am attending a wedding on the 30th and hope it will be fine(ish) for that. Here are my latest pictures from today.

Pics Day 6.. Day before stitches removed

Way las bruising, still puffy under brows and behind lashes.

11 days post op

It has been 11 days since my upper blepharoplasty . I was very diligent in following the post up rules from my doctor and only was bruised for the first three or four days. I had the stitches out this past Tuesday and here are some updated pictures.

3 weeks post op

Today is three weeks since I had my upper blepharoplasty it feels great and my vision is 100% out of the corners of my eyes ! I'm a little disappointed that I still have the heavyneds above my eyelid but this is the first time I've been able to see white on the outer side of my iris in a very long time. I'm hoping that under the brow tightens up a little over time and this did not eliminate any crows feet at all but the outer scar sits right in a wrinkle so is hardly noticeable at all.

Passport photo done 3 weeks post op

With the exception of the outer corner scars.. I can barely tell ????

June 2016 Blepharoplasty Before and After

Had always had droopy puppy dog eyes.. as I aged they became wrinkly and heavy . I started to notice after my 40th birthday that they were looking very bad . When I was 46 I realized that they were affecting my peripheral vision ... I went to see a nurse practitioner about Botox to lift them up and make them look better .. she told me there was nothing I could do until I had a blepharoplasty and she showed me before and after pictures .. as soon as I saw these I became obsessed with knowing that I was going to do the surgery . She suggested it in April and I had the surgery done in June . I did local anesthesia so I was awake during the procedure there is no need for general on this upper blepharoplasty surgery . It was very swollen for the first two days .I had the stitches out 4 days later and within a week my results were very good . By October they looked great and I'm very glad I did it. Sometimes I wish I had had him take more, as I told him to do it extremely natural so no one would notice . ????

Upper blepharoplasty 6/12/16

Here are some pics 4 months after surgery and some from last week..
Dr. John Kirkham

I was very nervous. He was very reassuring. Explained to me what would happen and how long it would take for healing and total results. I did this under local anesthesia so I was awake and he explained to me everything he was doing as it happened .

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