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So I got my first aligners on yesterday, I have...

So I got my first aligners on yesterday, I have really crowded teeth that overlap and my front teeth face inwards. I've had poor dentistry when I was young with some extractions due to decay but its still very crowded so I'm really looking forward to straighter teeth. I don't expect miracles but my plan indicates that there will be straight teeth without overlapping and for that I will be happy. I'm surprised that so far it has been relatively painless, but think that as I get my next sets and my attachments things may change. but so far all I feel is some pressure, more on the back molars. They were OK to take out and put back in, went fairly easily. I must say I am feeling myself tensing my mouth so have to remind myself to let go and relax my jaw, otherwise I think I might get some jaw pain. I think this forum is going to be helpful so here goes!

2nd Tray of 32 plus Attachments and IPR!

Yesterday I went to visit my Dentist ( not an Ortho but very accomplished in Invisalign and I trust him completely) and I got Tray 2, as well as 16 pesky little attachments and IPR on 2 teeth. I have very sensitive teeth and gums so after having the process of the attachments he suggested a little local to chill me out for the IPR, and I'm glad he did. The process was relatively quick and painless. He didn't think it was going to be painful, but I am a very jumpy patient so it was better for both of us.
So.... I don't like the look of the attachments as I have all these little bubbles in the trays, but family and workmates insist they can only see them cos I'm baring my fangs at them! they say they can't see them in normal mode.They feel weird and my teeth don't feel clean so I am glad to pop the trays back in to have a smoother feel to them. The trays are certainly a bit harder to get out, but I assume that will lessen over the 2 weeks. My teeth were a little tender when I first took the trays our, but I didn't have any pain or discomfort while eating. I must say they are becoming a bit like a security blanket, I don't want to be parted from them for long, and feel happier when they are back in!
So my review for the last 2 weeks is: I haven't had any pain, the trays have been easy enough to get in and out. They aren't bothering me much at all, and I've eaten out a few times and been to a social function where I coped well with the cleaning regime. I've had no sore spots, even now I have the attachments, and I am excited to say I can see a small gap appearing between my two front teeth and one of my worst crooked teeth has moved slightly so I can feel the difference in my bite! I am feeling a bit bad that I haven't experienced some of the horrible things and pain that others on this forum have been through, but I am not complaining at all. Excited to be on this Invisalign Journey.

Tray 3..... only 29 to go!

Posting today after changing to Tray 3 yesterday, I suppose I wont post so much as time goes by but my goal is to at least take pics every tray change for my own reference ( and hopefully inspiration). I can see a teensy change in the gap appearing in my front teeth, and there is change in my bite, just no one can see it!
So these new trays went in with a little resistance, I do find that because my teeth are so crowded on the bottom, and all higgeldy piggeldy, that a new tray hasn't 'softened' and so when putting them in, I have bent some of the edges which causes a bit of rubbing, but I am doing my best to straighten the bendy bits back, and with a little dental wax on the rough edge, I can get by for those first few tender days. I have taken paracetamol this time, but only twice, today it's fine.
I compared my last set to these sparkling clean new ones, and was please to see that there wasn't a lot of staining. I clean them every time with antiseptic hand wash, and for the evening clean a soak in 50/50 vinegar and water and for the last few days of the 2 weeks, I have done a 10 minute denture tablet clean instead of the vinegar soak. I know its probably not noticeable to others, but I'm paranoid about my teeth in the trays looking yellow!
I have my son's wedding on day 11 of this tray, I feel quite comfortable about wearing them, even for photos ( but not close up please!) so think I will only take them out for dinner and then leave them out for a few hours so I can enjoy a wine or two, then dessert and coffee...what bliss! But will be quite OK to go and clean my teeth and then pop them back in, all the family know about them now so I don't feel self conscious. So will post again after the wedding to see how well I went with my 'trays out' plan :)

Attending the wedding and then onto Tray 4.

Well Invisalign friends, time is marching on and I'm now on Tray 4, not much to see in tooth movement but I can see and feel the changes, although ever so slight. I must say the 2 weeks come around quickly and I am always happy to tear open the next little bag to see a set of sparkling new trays to further my journey that little bit more!
So we had my son's wedding day, and I never saw a more handsome groom and beautiful bride.
(do I sound biased? well just a little bit). I left my trays in until after the ceremony, I did have a glass of champagne but no canapes, waiting until Dinner was about to be served before whisking off to remove the trays. Not one person noticed them, even though I chatted to many people, and the ones that I told were amazed at how 'invisible' they were.I did have them out for a total of 5 hours as the meal service was 4 courses but after dessert I was ready to go and give my teeth a good clean and pop them back in. they went in with no trouble and I just made sure I had them out for the briefest of times in the days after to make up. Trays 4 went in 4 days after the wedding and they have been fine with no pain or rubbing so I'm sure my 5 tray-less hours haven't hurt the process one little bit! So I have attached a 'selfie' that my daughter took on the way to the wedding to show a smiling me with trays in, and I'm pleased to see that they aren't the big scary things that I thought they were!

Before and now pics

So today is Tray 6, seems like I couldn't count and thought I was having 32 sets of Aligners, but no its 34, Oh well, better I worked it out now rather than at the end of 32! So all is going well, although I have some staining on my bottom teeth. Wondering if that morning coffee through a straw has done this? But I am booked in for a clean, so all will be bright and shiny again! I am happy to say I am having really no problems at all, a little rubbing on the first few days of a new set, but nothing my trusty nail file and blobs of Dental Wax can't fix. So I have attached pics from before Invisalign and now 10 weeks later. Happy to see my front teeth are coming forward to greet the world and although slight, my bottom teeth are also moving forward and off each other. Flossing is getting so easy these days with actual gaps between the teeth. Happy with my progress so far. :)

Nearly halfway!

I'm on Tray 16 of 34.
Well its been a while since I posted, and although I know there has been massive changes in my teeth,I feel its not all that noticeable unless you are peering in my mouth! But when I look at my first pic, I see changes and am happy! Those 2 little Top front teeth that were sloping backwards have come forward a lot and they are not as little as they seemed, my 2 'fang' incisors are moving into place and now they don't seem so big! And my little bottom teeth that were all crossing over and leaning inwards are also coming forward and I have gaps between them. The only downside to gaps mean tons of food stuck between them and Dental Floss is my constant companion. But I'm happy with the progress, my dentist tells me that my top teeth were actually halfway after Tray 14 as they are only 28 trays, the last 6 will in effect be just retainers.
I won't lie, I'll be happy when this is all done. my major gripe is constant irritation inside my mouth, each new set brings soreness to a different spot inside my cheeks, Thank god for Dental Wax, I just find I use it intensely for the first few days of a new set until the teeth have made their little move and the irritation subsides. But as I'm shortly on the downhill run I'll suck it up and get on with things....A nice smile without horrible overcrowded teeth will be my reward!


Just posting an up to date pic as the last one was 3 months ago and the changes are evident! Today I am wearing trays 23 of 34 and so looking forward to being able to say I have under 10 to go. I am having lots of people notice my changes and so that makes me very happy :)
There's nothing much to report apart from the usual chafing and irritation, but that's just a part of the journey and so I just get on with it. The food getting stuck in the gaps is getting less these days too so that's another positive. Roll on the next 5 & 1/2 months!

OMG I am changing to 33/34 in 2 days!

I don't post much on here now, as the changes seem to be so subtle I don't really notice them. My top teeth are finished ( ended with 28) and so I'm just in the last stages of the bottom. I have been changing every 11 days for a while now and all is going well, so my treatment will have been for 14 months, not 16 as initially planned. I will still have to have some work done once I've done my 3 months full time with retainers. I have to have some old silver fillings replaced and will probably have some 'prettying up' done but the teeth are in position and I'm happy as Larry! They will never be perfect, but gee, they are a hundred times better than they were.
Sticky out eye teeth are now in, inward facing incisors are now out and the overcrowding on the bottom is a thing of the past. all standing up straight in a row...how exciting for me!
I found an old photo of me with a wide smile ( very unusual due to those teeth) and wow, the difference is amazing. Friends and family comment all the time on the improvement, so this girl is very happy. I won't have refinements, although 2 teeth haven't quite performed as they should have, but I'm happy ( and had enough as well of the whole plastic mouth thing- lets get these retainers started!)

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