22 Year Old BBL by Blinski 5'6 140 Pounds - South Miami, FL

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My roommate and I are traveling to miami May 4th...

My roommate and I are traveling to miami May 4th to both get BBL's done by Dr. Blinski. So far we got our pre ops done locally in DC ... Just waiting on results. Jackie our coordinator has answered all our questions and has been a big help over the phone and through emails. We found Blinski on Instagram and instantly fell in love with all his work. Haven't stopped researching him since and nothing as made us second guess our decision yet! He's amazing so far! Will update more when we get to Miami! So excited ????

Gain more weight?

So I've gained like 5 pounds in the past month or so I'm 145 now... But I still feel like that's not going to be enough for me. I'm thinking I want between 1000-1200cc of fat in each butt cheek. Hopefully I have enough fat elsewhere for that. Anyone else in the same boat? Anyways 2 more weeks!! I'm so excited and anxious! :D

More before pics my roommate and I took at the beach the other day haha


So my roommate just got home an hour ago from surgery. She looks so good! But she is in a lot of pain and won't stop crying. She said the pain medicine isn't working at all and this is the worst pain she's ever been in :( I feel really bad for her but I can't give her anymore medicine yet. Poor baby :( I'm really scared for Monday now ugh I hope I can handle the pain! Will keep updating

Tomorrow is the big day!!

Going to eat my last meal then shower and hopefully get some sleep before 6am tomorrow morning!!! Ahhhh my nerves are going crazy!! Wish me luck! :) xoxo I'll post after pics as soon as I get them from ester!! By the way doctor blinski and his whole staff and so nice and make you feel so safe in their hands! Very happy with our decision to go to him. He calls me to check on my roommate and I can text him and ester anytime and they will reply and answer any of my questions or concerns!! :)

Before pics blinski took

Feel like I look so much fatter in these pics! Lol so ready to have my dream bod!

After pics

I was hoping for a little bigger but I think once all the swelling in my stomach/back and legs go down it will look a lot bigger! Yayy. Recovery is going so smooth for me :)

1 day post op

Before showering. Looks bigger in person!


Found a new way to lay on my back yay feels so good lol

Two days post op


Massage went well today! It was a little uncomfortable for me because I'm only 3 days post op but my roommate loved it! Said she almost fell asleep lol didn't want her to stop. Anyways here's another bikini pic! Getting better everyday :)

12 days post op

Finally back home and more comfortable. I will post a few more pics :)

15 days post op

3 1/2 weeks post op.

My new fav pic :)) I'll prob send this to blinski as well!
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