31 Years Old 4 Kids Much Needed Work - South Korea, KR

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My expectations for this procedure is high high in...

My expectations for this procedure is high high in hopes ???? I just want to be snatched again I have four children 3 via C Section so my belly is just not right I have been told I should get a tummy tuck but after having your pelvic area cut open three time I am like hell no I will deal with the little extra skin if I have any the only good thing is my kids didn't leave me with a lot of stretch marks ???? so I hope this helps my case a lot I am very scared but excited at the same time my overall goal is to be able to wear a two piece again even if it is a high waist one lol without the pouch in the front

The day is almost here I am so excited June 30th

Omg it is getting close to the day my birthday is on the 29th so I have to get it in before my surgery on the 30th ???? and my waist support came in the mail early so I am so happy about that

THE. BIG DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If saying I am scared is a total understatement right now I am going threw the fasting portion of it while my husband and daughter is trying to be supportive them eating a nice breakfast is just wrong ???? but I will update later on the surgery keep me in your prayers ready to get snatched

It's getting real

Here at the clinic ????

It's Over

Surgery went will I was really out of it yesterday my doc was able to suck out 15.4 lbs around my stomach area I think I am different from other I was hurting really bad afterwards but today not really to much pain I can go without my pain meds I am really sore and I was not able to get pictures right after my surgery but I could see my stomach was a lot flatter my love handles and back area was very swollen but it look like it is going down today I would recommend everyone to wear a compression board that thing saved my life ???? but I am going in for my massage I pray it does not hurt I will keep all you lovely guys update and more pics to come

Feeling A Little Better

Today I am feeling a little better but still very swollen and so damn sore but I am really loving the result so far I know I have a long way to go but it will be done I must say that abs board works wonders in my case I will just be happy when this is all over I hate not having full sensation because the itching is driving me crazy here are some more pics


Still very swollen and sore

A few new pics over the weeks

Never thought I would ever see a two piece again a little bloated but that is just Mother Nature ????????
Dr Jeon

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