My Experience from Fractional Co2 Laser (MultiExel DS-40ub)

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Hey All, I'm a 34 year old Canadian female...

Hey All,

I'm a 34 year old Canadian female living in Busan, South Korea. I decided to get laser treatments from a doctor who had given me five sessions of IPL. I didn't have any skin problems prior except for a few fine lines and some freckles (which the IPL had taken care of quite nicely.

They showed me a brochure of a brand new treatment from a machine called MultiExel DS-40ub which was manufactured in Korea by Daeshin. (MultiXel is a scanning type fractional ultra-pulse CO2 laser, in which the surgeon can control freely Scan Area, Density Level and Beam Degree. MultiXel is an advanced ultra-pulse CO2 laser of 90?, which increases treatment effects while minimizing the influence to neighboring tissues as a fine laser beam is irradiated.)

They were offering a special of 120,000won (135USD) for each session. They said it would minimize pores, tighten skin, eliminate wrinkles, and resurface skin.

The treatment itself was a little painful after the numbing gel wore off and the downtime was about two days, but my face looked bad for about 4-7 days. Two weeks after the treatment my face looked awesome; pores were was tight.

I had three treatments spaced one month apart. I'm still undecided whether it was worth it or not. One thing I'm not happy with is that it didn't minimize my pores; if anything my pores look bigger. You can still see the grid of little dots all over my face when you look close up at my face. This is quite alarming as I thought that would disappear, but it hasn't yet. I have read others' posts that the little holes can join up to look like lines and I'm worried that this may happen with me.

Another problem I've had is acne breakouts which have been every week since the laser treatments. Just big cyst like zits around my mouth and cheeks. Also more whiteheads and blackheads, and I don't know if it's because dirt and whatnot are getting into the holes or because the new skin coming up is more sensitive.

I have noticed lately that my skin does seem more "crepey" as others have put it, but only time will tell. My husband says I look younger and that my skin looks better, but I know my own skin and it feels like it's getting worse. It did remove fine lines, but the overall texture and appearance is what I'm not happy with (although it is supersoft to the touch) I don't want grid mark pinholes on my face for life!

I paid for four treatments but have decided not to go for the last one. I'm just going to wait it out and see how my face looks in another couple months. My sister in law also got one treatment there and she was happy with the results (she has Asian skin). But it was too painful for her and she didn't want to get anymore treatments for that reason.

Jury is still out...just a waiting game now! I hope my skin improves as time goes on.

To others who are considering it....Your skin will look better right after the treatment. That is not an indicator of what your skin will actually look like one month down the road. I've read so many posts from people who say they look great after one week and then never post again. People need to keep updating of what their skin looks like so others get informed. The lasers keep changing so we need to keep updating. I also think people with younger skin have a better chance of successful outcomes. Older skin may not have the elasticity and muscle tone to stand these treatments.

Micro holes are very small now. Noticeable...

Micro holes are very small now. Noticeable improvement. Less breakouts. Redness under eyes is only visible after hot showers. Overall texture is good.

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