Just Turned 30! Happy Birthday to Me with Breast Fat Transfer! - South Korea

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Hi guys~ I am a very flat chested Asian woman. I...

Hi guys~ I am a very flat chested Asian woman. I just turned 30 so I wanted to reward myself with something I have been considering since my teens. Being self-conscious is one thing, but I was very unhappy because of my size. After much contemplation, I have decided to try the fat transfer method for my breasts. I did consider implants in the past but it would probably look too unnatural for my body. Also, rather than having foreign objects placed inside, I would prefer my own fat. I am so glad this is even something that’s possible! I noticed a lot of people are trying this method these days. It doesn’t give you large results like implants, but it does look much more natural and there’s barely any scarring. Like two dots. After reviewing many reviews, it seems about a cup size will be maintained. I came to Korea, for the procedure. I live in Hong Kong so the best place to have surgery in my vicinity is Seoul. All of the places have online consultations you can do now and they speak English. The larger clinics do seem like they have more to offer, but in reality you do have to consider that the doctor you chose would not be the doctor that performs your procedure. I read in the reviews that unless you are famous or some VIP the doctor you come to see is only the face of the hospital. This is why I also chose to visit hospitals where the doctor you researched will be the one to do your surgery. I chose a doctor where he specializes in fat transfer. Rather than someone that does mediocre jobs in all areas, I would like my doctor do be excellent in what I need. They also have great English speaking consultants so I don’t need a separate translator to be assured. They will take fat from my thighs and transfer it into my breasts. This procedure is like a dream come true. I can increase my cup size while I lose my annoying fat bulges. I am set for surgery on Monday and I am super excited. I don’t have any friends that have had surgery so I wanted to take this journey with people that understand how I feel. I hope I can receive a lot of support on here. Thanks!

After surgery

I had my procedure yesterday. It wasn't too bad. I woke up a couple hours later, and I actually wasn't in as much pain as I thought I would be. They did let me know that not everyone is the same. My pain tolerance might be a little higher than others. A little bit sore. My consultant was also my translator and she was absolutely lovely. Very considerate and reliable. I think this is very important especially when you are going through a major surgery by yourself in a foreign country. Someone that will be SINCERELY helpful. She called me a taxi and I came to my hotel as soon as I was able to stand. Feeling great today! I spent all day resting (up right), watching tv, etc. I had some Korean porridge last night as my consultant suggested. They suggested bland food is better so I don't swell up. Today, they said it’s okay to eat whatever I want, but I’m still going to watch what I eat. Nothing too salty or spicy. I uploaded pictures of my scars and swelling. I actually never planned on taking the fat out my lymph node area, but I did have a lot of bulging there. I asked if it would look lumpy if my breast size grew and they were honest enough to tell me it’s a slight possibility (probably not they said). Since I didn’t want to take anything to chance, I got extra lipo in that area and it cost approximately 1300 USD. It was something I considered anyway. So they removed the fat from under my arms and thighs. They only transferred the fat harvested from the thigh area. Apparently the fat in that area settles the best. It looks nice now, but don’t want to be too hasty with satisfaction. The swelling does make it look a little bigger than it is supposed to. We will see!!! :)

After my First Post Operative Care

Today, I went to go receive my first post operative care, heallight. I do feel less sore as the day goes by. It looks like the swelling is really making my breasts look beautiful :). I know that they will shrink from this, but I am satisfied so far. I'm still wearing my compression garment for my thighs. This is really important because you don't want your suctioned area to get lumpy. Eventually my scars will slowly fade so I can wear a bathing suit again, and having lumpy thighs is the last thing I want. My breasts do feel a little awkward and hard right now, but it's not too bad. I keep looking in the mirror in awe and amazed that these are mine. It does feel tight whenever I lift my arms. I hope it gets better.

1 month mark

Hello everyone! It's been a month now after my surgery. I have been so busy since I can be more active now. I am doing a lot better. The tightness around my arms went away. I have tried on bras and tighter clothes now. They look much prettier with a bra on. Never had big breasts before so I'm not sure if they will sag. I just hope I retain fat well. Does anyone know if I don't keep much of the fat, I will have leftover saggy skin? I started to use Nivea's Q10 firming gel and Mama mio's boob tube just to be safe. Always thankful for all the support!

2 month update!

Hi everyone. I have received a lot of messages for new updates and photos. I have uploaded some before pics per request also. So far so good. I don't think they shrunk. Apparently I didn't put in as much as other women here on realself but my retention has been good I guess. They're not that big without a bra, but I'm happy!

Pic of my thighs before and after

Hello. I just wanted to show pictures of my thighs for comparison. Thank you.

9 month update!

Hello everyone,
It’s 9 months update!
Just suddenly wanted to update recent pictures
I worried the size will be smaller afterwards, but as you can see, my breasts still look good and the cup size hasn’t been changed a lot yet., and also it hasn’t been sag as well.
So I am enjoying taking pic of myself and wearing bikini.
I really appreciate the result, am really happy now with bigger and natural breasts.
Wish it won’t be shrunk a lot, if it does, I will go for touch up.

9 month update!

Hello, I just wanted to show pictures of my thighs, fortunately there is no lump at all. I have thinner thigh now =)
Dr. Jonghyun Hong

Seemed very confident! I have faith he will provide me with the results I am anticipating.

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