Looking for Surgery Buddy for V-line Surgery in South Korea CALIFORNIA to SEOUL

I have been looking into having V-line surgery in...

I have been looking into having V-line surgery in the US for months now and haven't found a doctor that I feel like would give me the desired shape. Many of them have before and after pics that are just not the best compared to South Korea. I have found 2 clinics that do it and haven't chosen one yet but I want to find someone who is also interested in getting this procedure done so maybe we can travel together, and get an Airbnb place and stay together. Maybe spend time in Korea together until we are ready to come back home. I don't know how to speak Korean, so if you can speak it too even better, if not, we can figure it out. It's scary flying internationally for a surgery and having company would be nice. We can save some money on hotel and be a friend to one another too!

I am looking to get the procedure done by end of the year 2016.
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