The Lost Soul - South Korea

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Who is willing in this World to help me? I need as...

Who is willing in this World to help me?
I need as jaw reduction surgery.

I am a free spirit, I am a person that is happy and feels great inside, sometimes I am even able to it on the outside. I can't live like this. When I look at me and see that is not me.
I am nobody special but I wish in this life to at least be normal. Genetically or not I am really like that, but not also a baby doll born. I wasn't taking care of on short terms.

Please if there is someone with a huge heart willing to help me, my gratitude will be endless.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this. I don't believe there is not enough space already in this World for another guy that just want to sing, make his design and let something beautiful behind.

On short terms, just thanks
and see you later.

I want to be beautiful

If I feel it inside why not let it out.
I will keep you posted.
Thank you.

Surgery getting closer

Since it's gonna happen soon, I would like another opinion. My surgeon said she can do to me anything I want. Brand new face if I want too. Should I go for it. In Romania, Bucharest. I guess that an enlarged upper jaw and a hit retracted the lower jaw plus cheers to fill the wholes I have around my eyes and my chin reduced also and rounded. What do you think? About the money, please stop being ironic. It's not the face at start that makes me hot. It's my character and skills. In case you don't know how this World is working, women's also pay for different needs. Classy ladies ;)

These are worst angels I could get. I hope in time to look normal and good from any angle. Thank you for your future replies and I can't wait to show you my final result.
Mr Ming Sao

Not yet :)

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