DEPRESSED! Jaw/chin Surgery - South Korea, KR

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Three months ago on April 13, 2016, I flew to...

Three months ago on April 13, 2016, I flew to Seoul, Korea, to have v-line (jaw/chin reduction) surgery. I also had a SMAS facelift. I did this because I was very depressed over how "fat" my face was. It was quite the ordeal and I was excited to see the results a few months later. Well, I'm not at 3 months post-surgery and I still look the same. The surgeon thinks I need to wait another 3 months but how much more different will the results be in another 3 months? This is what I need to know - and they are very reluctant to give me an answer. Can any professional tell me what to expect in another 3 months? Will I still have this double chin? Will my cheeks still be this fat? I wanted a slim face, and this is anything but! I was told I have thick skin, and if that's what's keeping my face fat - what are my options? Thank you so much for your advice. I am willing to fly anywhere in the US to get further procedures to achieve the look I'm after. (I don't think my jaw can get any smaller though!) I have included the before and after x-rays as well as the most recent picture of my face. As you can see - my face looks fat and EVERYONE says I look exactly the same as I did before. Is this normal after $17,000 worth of surgery????

My weight: 105 pounds

I would like to add that I am 5'1", 106 pounds.
Dr. Myung June Oh

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