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I’ve always worried about my face. People say I...

I’ve always worried about my face. People say I look old and tired because of my hollow cheeks and a thin face. And my face was asymmetrical. So I had heavy make up to cover the face but I got trouble on my skin. My face had some red spots and I had to go see my dermatologist for a cure. I couldn’t wait to find another way to make my face look better; I finally decided to have fat grafting surgery. I have few Korean friends and that’s how I found out about the advanced skills of Korean plastic surgeons. Of course I am in love with K-pop stars and I’m in love with beautiful Korean stars and envy their look. I made up my mind to travel across the country which would be something that needs courage, but I made up my mind. I searched lots of reviews from the internet and found some clinics that are famous for fat grafting in South Korea (based on my Korean friends’ comments…very important haha). I contacted them through their official websites and booked a flight to South Korea.
After I decided to go to Korea, I was so nervous and scared!! The results were dramatic on the reviews but I was scared of a chance I would have the results so apart from my expectation. But I decided to have fat grafting already, but I would have to see how the consultation goes. I just tried to make myself relax. I visited three clinics and decided Fresh Plastic Surgery because some clinics suggested me to have more surgeries that I didn’t really want to have. But Dr. Hong from Fresh Plastic Surgery found out what my worries were and gave me the solution with a few surgeries. I had filler on the lips & nose & smile line, botox on eye rims & Glabella & forehead & chin and fat grafting.

Wish me luck!!!!

The first day after having fat grafting surgery

Dr. Hong was very nice and gave me all the information that I wanted to know. I was a little bit nervous but I felt comfortable after talking to Dr. Hong and the assistant/translator. The nurse said I would have sleeping sedation that would make me recover faster than having general anesthesia. After the surgery, I stayed in the recovery room for about an hour. Nurse gave me a mirror to see my face. I had some bruises around eyes with swollen face. There was a scar on my head near forehead line where the doctor grafted fat. I felt a little bit dizzy but I could walk without any help.
We’ll see what goes on from now on..

Five days later after having fat grafting surgery

The assistant said if I sleep with making body stand and against the pillow, it could help swelling go down fast. So I did like what she said. Bruises around eyes have been faded and the swelling has gone down. Three days later, I visited doctor’s office again to get post op treatment. After that I met Dr. Hong to check my condition of recovery so far. He said the surgery was well done and I looked much younger than before. Do you agree?

Almost 2 Weeks later after facial fat grafting

Swelling was reduced from 7 days later after surgery and I couldn't see much swelling in 2 weeks later.
After 1 week, I started to have a makeup, but it was not a heavy makeup that I usually had, I just had a light makeup. Having much volume on forehead and cheek, I didn’t have to cover those parts with makeup. My skin looks much brighter and it could have elasticity after facial fat grafting.
I thought that’s because of PRP.
One weekend, I met friends from high school and some girls couldn’t recognize me. They said it was a magic!! They were envious of me and I enjoyed their jealous. Facial fat grafting gave me a confident also.
Girls wanted to have a facial fat grafting surgery if they could have the amazing result like me. Before I had a facial fat grafting, I also had wondered whether that surgery made me a huge change or not. But now, I can definitely say fat grafting could make dramatic changes on face.

1 month after facial fat grafting...

My face looked natural after 1 month. I totally forgot my before face. Haha.
Someone thought Dr. put fat onto the forehead a lot. I also thought he over did right after the surgery. But the volume of my forehead was reduced and turned to be natural.
Fortunately, I didn’t have any bumpy area, that was my greatest anxiety, and I didn’t feel any uncomfortable after fat grafting surgery.

2 and a half months later….

Fortunately, I still have volume on my face. Some people were worried if grafted fat would be absorbed. If the volume is maintained, I will not have 2nd touch up....
My face looks natural and I don’t want to have much volume on face.

3 months later……

I didn’t have a 2nd top up finally. The volume went down but I think it looks much natural.
The scars were faded and gone so nobody could recognize that I had had a fat grafting except my close friends.… Haha.

4 months later...

4 months later...
I hope my grafted fat would not be absorbed anymore. ^^

My last update....

It has been about 6 months...
The volume on face went down but it looks much natural~~
I will go abroad for studying..
I might not visit this website often like before~~
I hope everyone also has a satisfied result that you expect. ^^
Dr. Jonghyun Hong

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