South Korea Plastic Surgery - V Line Surgery - chin revision, zygoma, jaw reduction

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I am a mixed (black & white) 38 year old...

I am a mixed (black & white) 38 year old female that's starting to show signs of aging.

I have had a few of surgeries with the "best plastic surgeons in Atlanta" . The best plastic surgeons in Atlanta gave me a crooked chin implant (really due to my underlying anatomy but Hell if ur "the best" then you should've delivered better by customizing the implant before inserting ) , 2 different size breast implants (doc convinced me that since my breast were 2 different sizes it'd make sense, so he guessed what size to go with and got it wrong), a botched scar revision surgery (the liquid stitches popped open), and thousands of dollars worth of filler under my eyes (has not corrected the problem but like I dummy I keep gone back) . What the hell... After all this money I still look whack!! Im so tired of American plastic surgeons. MOST American plastic surgeons will botch your surgery or just under deliver!!

I have been OBSESSED with South Korean plastic surgery for a few years. South Korea is the Plastic Surgery capital of the WORLD. Soooo it makes sense that the doctors can perform better Because they do more surgeries & have more experience operating on ethnic features. Plus , Koreans understand what's beautiful & share my vision of what beauty is. When you think about it "westerners" have a completely different idea of what beauty is.

I am so excited. That is an understatement

I'm am having the following surgeries for 1/3 the cost of American surgery & it will be BETTER quality. mark my words --> better

1)quick zygoma reduction: side zygoma reduction
2)removal of chin implant
3) sliding genio
3)dark circle removal via fat repositioning and removal of eyebag
5)cheek implants : to solve the loosend skin + fill in the sunken parts

I will post before pics close to my surgery date August 1st.

Just booked my surgery :)

Today I Gave my down payment and booked my consultantion & surgery for July 30th :) I'm so excited and scared at the same time. This will be the furthest I've ever traveled away from home!! I can not believe I'm doing this. Seems very surreal

I've heard such great things about TL Pastic Surgery in Seoul South Korea. Dr Choi is my surgeon and will preform the entire surgery. I heard Dr. swapping was a big problem in Seoul & and is the primary reason for botched surgeries but this clinic claims to not do that.

I've started preparing for my trip & making a list. I heard that bringing baby food is very important because I'll be on a liquid diet for a few days and baby food (in the jar) is almost impossible to find there. Also I need different size straws to eat or drink my food through. I plan to book an amazing Airbnb for my stay . rental homes in Korea are super cheap... Like 35-55$ a night for a whole house!

Dr Choi on a Reality Show aired last month called Change Lives :)

Check out my doctor on this plastic surgery reality show called Change Lives just Aired in June 2016!!

The web page :)) is in Vietnamese but if you translated the page to English you'll see that Dr Choi is on a reality show similar to the TV series in America called The Swan. he makes over an under average-looking woman to a beautiful flower :)

My journey to South Korea starts today!

Just boarded-> 17hours till I reach Seoul with 1 connecting flight. I wanted to update y'all. I'll post pics today as well.

Here's information about my procedures

The TLPS version of the quick zygoma makes an incomplete fracture in the zygoma and manipulates it for a smaller facial width. Since the fracture is incomplete, the recovery time is less. sutures are not required and there's a lower chance of sagging since the tissues aren't disrupted or detached from the bone.

I'm having Sliding Genioplasty to allow the surgeon to move my chin to an ideal orientation , projection, & shape. My current implant will be removed.

TL Power V lift (liposuction + Acculift) is
Non- incisional V line surgery around the jaw line. It should provide a slim V line face line without shaving the bone. The Power V lift removes fat under the skin and pulls up the SMAS(Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) area of skin where the fat is removed. It eliminates fatty jowl, boosts Collagen, & Improves skin's elasticity

Last I'm having dark eye circle correction

All done. Now where do i start...

First of all , like to start by saying that i had incredible problems using my Wells Fargo bank card for this purchase. I spent 2 days and several hours on the the phone with the fraud department trying to complete my transaction. in the end, they had to force my card to work. I wasn't the only person with this problem. a woman from Thailand had the same problem with her Bank of America card so I would suggest paying for surgery another way if you decide to embark on this journey.

Dr. Choi and his staff speak good English. They provided me with an English speaking translator throughout my entire visit to assist me when needed. During my consultation Dr Choi, he told me that I couldn't have the under eye surgery done since my problem would need to be resolved with several laser treatments. We decided on a surgery plan and then he informed me that I would have to spend the night in the hospital. This was shocking to me since this isn't a customary practice for plastic surgery in the states.

After a few blood Tests & CT scans, I got dressed out for surgery and then was shipped off to the operating room in their basement. 1st, I was put into this small steel air shower room which blasted me with strong air. I'm not going to lie, I could hear a woman screaming in agony in the background & got really scared and tried to back out of the surgery completely!! I told them never mind LOL, but the girls that work there just kept encouraging me (both of whom had the surgery themselves) until I was laying on the operating table. When I woke up I couldn't breathe. my throat hurt so bad from the breathing tube and my face was wrapped so tight I thought I may suffocate to death. They told me not to go to back to sleep while they monitored my heart and vital signs for the next 2 hours. Best believe I stayed awake! after a few hours, they walked me back upstairs to a private room in the hospital where I spent the night. Throughout the night I had a saline IV drip and every several hours the nurses gave me some sort of antibiotic. I wasn't in pain at all (just super uncomfortable) but I'm not sure how much pain medication they gave me in my IV. At about 5 a.m. this morning, they told me they had to take out my mouth tubes and give me stitches. Like a huge cattle call, me and several woman were shipped back down to the operating room to have our tubes removed and stitches. suddenly I couldn't not stop crying. all I could think about was the scary sounds I heard from the operating room the day before. Unfortunately, this caused me to have 2 terrible black eyes... and it was all for nothing because the removal of the tubes & the stitches did not hurt half as bad as I had anticipated.

Right now, the only pain im Feeling is from my lips being so swollen. Additionally, I have this strange mucus almost as if I have a bad cold coming from my nostrils and throat.

I'll keep updating with pics for the next 3 months until my results are noticable!

More pics of surgery day

Few more before pics

Few more before pics

5 days post op

Swelling was bad so they gave me a shot & I've had a few laser treatments for the swelling , as seen in the pic. I have to keep the bandges on for a good 10 days so I have no idea what I look like. The anticipation is killing me.

Good thing they taped & badaged my face up tight operation day, because
The compression garment is super uncomfortable to wear as much as I should.

I will have the only plastic surgeon I trust in Atlanta (Dr Connors MD) to remove my staples & stitches in 2 weeks

Day 12 PostOp followup

I'm not in pain but still very sore. I've lost a 5 lbs. the recovery has been a little tough because I have a relationship with food. Ive been trying to eat anyways but by doing so I popped a stitch inside my mouth. I learned my lesson real quick and stop trying to put things in my mouth. The bleeding stopped so i didn't seek medical attention

Day 9 gave me great relief, my mouth stopped hurting and the swelling seemed to ease up a lot. Also, the staples in my head were removed from my zygoma reduction. It felt good to finally wash my hair after at all this time!!

Swelling has gone down quite a bit everyday, but i still look a little ... froggy . i can't smile or laugh too much else I could pop a stitch. Now i'm a little paranoid lol. I can't wait till these mouth stitches are out in 15 more days.

I will post one, two, and three month postop pics! Please stay tuned .

I think I'm going to look prettier than before surgery and excited about my progress :)

3 month + SWOLLEN

Hello everyone

Thanks for following up and asking about my recovery

The toughest part of this recovery has been the swelling. My chin and jaw line are very much still SWOLLEN. The swelling and numbness have definitely gone away quite a bit but still very much apparent . Also My bottom lip is still a bit numb. i've tried everything to make the swelling go away including pineapple Bromaline , turmeric supreme, & antibiotics (just in case I had an infection). The supplements have helped me immensely with things beyond inflammation that I won't discuss here. I thought I'd be prepared for the recovery process since I've had chin implant surgery in the past but the swelling is so much worse this time.

My zygoma reduction turned out perfectly fine . I have no sagging or any deformities. it's still a little sore though, and there's only a slight difference in my appearance from this surgery.

my social and personal life have suffered a bit , because I had planned to stay MIA until I was 100% healed but damn I definitely didn't expect such a long recovery

This picture was taken 1 month ago but at least it shows Everything is okay and I have no deformities from my surgeries. I'll post a recent picture by next week.

i'll continue to post pictures and comment here till my recovery is 100% complete... which feels like it could take months ughhhhh but I want to keep you all informed & share milestones of my recovery

I feel my recovery is similar to this woman who blogged about her double jaw surgery here:


Here's a picture for those of you Who are curious what's going on behind the scenes.

It was funny watching the American maxillofacial surgeon try to figure out my X-rays. he was completely bewildered by Dr Choi's technique. He didn't understand the gap in between the chin bones in the very middle and how they could fuse back together . He kept saying he's never seen anything like it & acted overwhelmed by the amount of sutures I had in my mouth.

1 Year Update

On the positive side, the dr did a beautiful job shaving my jaw & sculpting my new chin.. he gave me just as much projection as I had before & made it more feminine . I'm actually very happy with the shape of my jaw and chin. I suffered no nerve damage or irreversible disfigurement .

on the negative side .. he did a bad job with redraping my skin. I was hoping it was swelling but it was sagging... i had to fix it recently with more plastic surgery that I'll need to write a separate review for so I can give my Dr Kudos for fixing the botched job & give Dr Choi a big thumbs down on this review.
Dr Choi

TL PLASTIC SURGERY , SEOUL SOUTH KOREA (the cost of my surgery was based on an almost 70% special summer discount)

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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