Stem Cell Enriched Fat Transfer + Lipo - Seoul, South Korea

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I am not fat but i have really small breast and...

I am not fat but i have really small breast and thick thigh. My tummy is very flat but all the fat just seem to go my thigh and not anywhere else. So Once I have saved enough money, i have decided to do something about it. I actually have consulted alot of doctors across nations, including US, UK and of course Korea. Initially, I wanted breast augmentation but I guess I am not exactly very comfortable with the idea of having implants and I am really afraid that my future partner will know about it. Couple with the complication, I omitted the idea quickly. Another reason for choosing fat transfer is that I actually want a small increase of breast size. I am down with surgery in 2 weeks time. After consulting few of the very notably ( one in Seattle and the other in Carolina, I have decided to perform in Korea as it is nearer to my workpalce. Doctor said he would remove 1000cc from both thigh and would inject 400 cc into each of the breast. He gauged that 40 % will only remain, so he said after two months or so, I would only have half or one breast size increase which I am completely happy with. I will keep this coming and hope I will have a good results.

Done one week after

I'm pretty sure I've made the right choice. The place I went to is huge. They have a ward and many nurses and doctors to take care of you. Ultimately, I think this is crucial as any surgery has risk and you want to go to somewhere that actually is responsible to your well being. On the day itself, there's this consultant that explains everything to me and asked for my expectation. Then the doctor came in and we talked a little. Then we went straight to the surgery room. I have sedative and local anaesthesia. When I woke up I'm already at the ward. I stated in the ward for one night and throughout my entire stay, there were nurses who kept coming to check on me. My legs were so sore ... But I would say that pain is not unbearable, i even got up and walked for a while. The next day, after seeing the doctor, I even went shopping,though in a very slow manner. The doctor said the swelling would take a month to come down. And if I want a more permanent result, I should go for second refil as the fat would most likely be absorbed in two months time. They would keep the fat for me. For those who would like to do any surgery, I would suggest to go for a proper one that actually equips with emergency preparation. If you are concern with money then you should not do plastic and wait till you have more money to do it. Will update soon !!!

First week stitches removed

The thighs are getting more sores but the breast is getting softer. I could feel the fat is getting a little absorbed or just the swell simply has just gone down. I didn't develop any bruise one my breast which is good .

Almost 4 weeks post op

The swell in both thigh and breast have certainly go down. And my boobs have def soften up and some fat have already been absorbed. The breast is not really the issue but my thighs don't seem to have lost a lot of fat. And the back of my thighs have this hard bulging lumps, is that normal?

Almost 4 weeks post op

Forgot abt the photos

One month post op

My front thigh turns out quite nice but my back thighs are having noticeable lumps . Would this stay long? And the back of my knees kinda develop this dark line.(see pictures). I have been doing a little exercise nothing vigorous. As for my breast , they are shrinking a little but I'm okay with it. At least they don't perk up weirdly anymore
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