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Like many of you, I was left deflated from...

Like many of you, I was left deflated from pregnancy/breastfeeding. I thought about getting a breast lift with implants, but did not want to undergo another procedure in 10 years to replace the implant. I'm also not so crazy about the scars that would be left behind.

I live in South Korea (yes, you read that correctly) and since this is the plastic surgery mecca of Asia, I decided to get a consultation from a doctor who had already done the procedure on a friend. To my luck, the doctor told me I'd be a good candidate for fat transfer to my breasts. That I would get a mild lift from filling the volume to the upper portion of my breast.

I had the fat taken from my upper thighs, lower back and hip. Approximately 250-300cc's were injected into each breast. I only had the procedure done yesterday and am happy, but I still have a few more months to go to see the final results (swelling to go down, re-absorbtion, etc).

I recognize that I might need a lift (perhaps a little later), but this was definitely worth it. The worst pain is the initial moment when I need to sit or use my muscles (about a 5-6 out of 10). It feels like I worked out too hard. But after sitting for 5 seconds the pain goes away.

Harvesting sites for fat transfer

I had lipo done to my upper thighs, flank (back love handle) and smoothed out hip. My scar sites are very small (required only one stich) and hidden well. Will post more in the next few weeks after I heal and can see the results. So far, I'm quite happy with the way he sculpted me.

10 days post

I wanted to wait to update the photo until I had the stitches out. I still have bruising on my legs, but the swelling is starting to subside. I'm quite happy still with the results in my breast size as I thought the initial result with the swelling was a bit too big for me. However, the volume is still there which is great.

Upon reading other reviews, I am doing a few things to help the fat transfer. Taking extra iron, not exercising right away, and eating well.. especially (good) fatty foods, like Avocado. Not sure if it will help retain the fat, but it certainly can't hurt.

5 weeks post

It's now been 5 weeks since the fat transfer. I'm very happy with the lipo results on my thighs/flanks. I'm also very happy that the swelling has gone down (I felt too big after the surgery). It appears as though I'm retaining fat in the upper pole of my breast where I was completely flattened out and I'm filling out my bras where I couldn't before.

The doctor thinks he can achieve better results with a second fat transfer (rounding them out a bit more on the lateral side and filling the upper pole a little more), so I'm thinking about scheduling another fat transfer in the next 2 weeks.

Should I move forward, I'll make sure to post those results as well.

5 week photos

comparison photos - 5 weeks

here are the comparison photos of before and after

2nd Transfer

I was struggling with the decision wether I should do a second transfer. I only had a certain window of time and while I was happy with the results of the first transfer, there were other reasons I decided to move forward (see below).

The first reason was that I had an umbilical hernia repair. I had a slight dimpling where the mesh was tacked. The surgeon said he could fix it quickly but that liposuction would also handle the problem.

The second reason was that I wanted to lose a little belly fat, but was concerned that I would lose fat in my breast from the transfer at the same time (I usually lose my breast tissue when I lose weight).

Thirdly, I wanted the shape to be a bit more rounded on top (not necessarily bigger).

Finally I trust my doctor. He did a great job the first time and the cost was only $1900.

I had it done yesterday and I must admit, I was wavering in my head even up until him drawing on me. Today, I'm happy that I did it. It looks great and he was conservative in the second fat transfer by only adding 120cc in each breast where I needed it.

He harvested from my upper and lower abdomen. I noticed the pain factor is much less in my abdomen than it was when he harvested from the legs.

Im still swollen but will be sure to post photos by tomorrow.

2nd Transfer Photos

The upper pole was rounded out. I'm bruised and swollen, but nothing too terrible.

I'm getting around just fine. The recovery is so much better than having it harvested from my legs.

2 months post

I'm about 2 month out since my 2nd Fat transfer and I'm happy with the results. It filled me out on the top and gave a very slight lift. Also, I wanted to lose some fat in my abdomen and was afraid that if I started to lose weight that I would lose the fat transfer. I'm filling out a 36C bra perfectly. Since enough time has past, I've also gotten back into working out/toning up... so I'm sure I will see even better results in the future. I'll be sure to post more photos in another 3 months as my workouts progress to note any changes in the fat transfer. I might seek a breast lift in the next few years, but for now I'm happy with the results.

Lift done a year later

After a year, the fat transfer had remained and decided to have a breast lift. I debated to have implants, but was advised I had enough tissue based on the fat transfer. I opted not to have them and moved forward with the lift only. I'm glad I didn't get them because I am a 34D to DD. The shape is very natural and I'm extremely happy about the outcome.

It is a longer journey to go this route, but I'm so happy I did as I did not want to have implants and achieved the look I wanted. Will post before and after photos later.
Dr. Yun Seok Chun

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