35 Female Arm Lift - South Korea, KR

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I have wanted to get this arm lift for years. I...

I have wanted to get this arm lift for years. I did my pre op yesterday and my surgery is coming up Friday 11 July 2014. I'm nervous but excited and since this site as been a big help to me I want to share my experience along the way and ask you all to keep me in your prayers. I am currently in Korea for work so I will have it done here.

Arm lift 2 days post op

I'm still swollen the pain isn't bad. I'll post pics in a few. Putting the compression garment on was painful!!!!

3 days post op

Not in much pain at all in fact I haven't really needed pain meds. I still have slight swelling. So far so good no regrets

5days post op

I went back to work today. No pain only swollen. I do office work so it was pretty easy around lunch time I felt liquid coming through my garment and went straight to the clinic and was told that was normal as long as it remains clear. I'm just ready to be healed already. My right side seems to be healing slower than the left and I don't have full range of motion on the right side. The right side is way swollen compared to the right as well.

5 days

Post op

10 days post Op

So far so good! The swelling is the worst part of this entire process! I got my stitches removed from the left arm and some from the right arm. My left side is healing extremely fast compared to my right side. I'm curious to see how it all looks when the swelling goes away!! Ughhhh I feel like my fingers are going to pop as I type lol. I hope it goes away soon!!!

14 day post op

Follow up today went well I guess I have a few very small areas that look opened on my arms but they say I'm healing well. I'm just ready to see what the final product will look like. I didn't like the way it looked when the bandages came off but the doc said the lumpy looking parts will even out over time. I really hope so cause I felt my arms looked deformed. I'm still swollen and I'm just ready to be done healing already. I still don't have full range of motion in my right arm has anyone had that problem? I know I'm only 14 days out but I didn't expect this
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