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During the pregnant, I got over 40 LBS. After I...

During the pregnant, I got over 40 LBS. After I had a child, it was hard for me to lose weight. I did exercise and I was on a diet but I could only lose 15 LBS. I was thin and people said I had a great body line before the pregnant. Whenever I saw myself through the mirror, fat and ugly woman was before me. After I got weight, I lost my self-confidence and I became depressed. The most serious problem was abdomen. When I sat on the sofa, I had 3 lines on my abdomen and I couldn’t wear tight T-shirts that I used to wear. Finally, I decided to have liposuction. I searched lots of reviews and found out the clinic in Korea that is well known for liposuction & fat grafting. (I have lots of Korean friends and I’d already known that plastic surgery in Korea is famous. ^^) I visited their website and saw some before & after pictures. The results were great!! I talked with English-speaking consultant through messenger and she answered what I wanted to know. (She was so nice!! I asked her a lot, but she answered in detail.) After the conversation through the messenger, I planned to visit Korea with my kid and husband. I booked a ticket and made an appointment for the consultation.
After I decided to go to Korea, I was a little bit nervous but I was also excited!! I imagined how I could be changed. I went to the mall and bought a nice dress that I would wear after the surgery.
Wish me luck!!!! I will fly to Korea tomorrow.

Consultation day....

I arrived in Korea in the morning and had a consultation right after I checked in the hotel. I asked my kid and husband to stay at hotel and take some rest.. I took a taxi and went to the clinic by myself. I had a consultation about an hour and decided to have a surgery on the following day. (I will have a surgery at 10 a.m tomorrow) Both consultant and Dr. Hong were so nice!! They explained what the process is and what I need to do after the surgery. I only would stay in Korea for 7 days, I needed to remove the stitches in my country. The consultant asked me not to have food and drink ,even water, 6 hours before having a surgery. I hope there is no problem during the surgery. Wish me luck!!

Surgery day....

I arrived at the clinic around 10 a.m. I didn’t want to show my conditions after the surgery to my kid so I just came alone. Before having a surgery I had to enter the consultation room for doing the paper job. Consultant explained all the cautions after the surgery and also explained it might be happened while a surgery. I signed up the document and took pictures. English-speaking consultant asked me if I needed her help to buy the medication and I said Yes!! I entered the recovery room and changed my clothes to gown. Doctor came into the room and designed on my abdomen. And then nurse came in. I got an IV and finally entered the operating room. I couldn’t remember anything while having a surgery, I just remembered English-speaking consultant woke me up and helped me to walk into the recovery room. I didn’t remember how long I slept at the recovery room. When I woke up I said “Hello” and consultant came into the room in a short time. I was so thirsty so I asked her to give me water. She brought water and my medication and explained how I took it. She suggested me to take a time at the recovery room until I could walk out by myself. I might stay there 30 minutes more. Nurses came in and helped me to wear the compression garment. I felt a little dizzy but I could walk. Consultant called a taxi and I went to the hotel. First 2 hours, I didn’t feel any pain on my scars but after 2 hours, it was painful.

5 days....

5 days have passed. I will explain what was happened after a surgery in short. I have 5 stitches. 4 are below the panty line so when I wear the panty, I can’t see the scar. One is around navel. I had to put the disinfectant regularly and after I put it on the scar, I had to dry it. Also taking a walk would be good for reducing the swelling faster, she said.
Consultant said I needed to wear the compression garment at least 1 month. But I had to wear it while I was sleeping on the 1st day. Except the first day, she asked me to take it off at night because of the circulation. Also I could take a shower 3 days later, so I did it from this Monday, when I took a shower I needed to put the water proof bandage on the scars. I felt so fresh after the first shower. Haha. I had to lean my head on the two pillows. Consultant said it would help the swelling and bruises go down faster. I will visit clinic again tomorrow for the post-operative treatment. And that would be my last day of meeting the doctor before I go back to my home.

1 week later...

1 week later….
I had pain like severe muscular aches until 1 week. And it also felt like burning and heavy, it turned to be hard. I still have swelling and bruising.. Consultant said bruising and swelling would go down to the feet and be disappeared. Now I felt my legs have swelling and also my feet…

2 Weeks later~~

2 weeks post-op…. I removed stitches on day 11.
I felt hard all over my abdomen. And my legs and feet had swelling a lot so I was curious if the surgery was done well or not.
I remembered that Consultant had said if I would have high-frequency treatment, that would help swelling & bruising. I had it two days ago and after I had that treatment, my waist looked much slimmer and stiffness was gone a lot. I booked another treatment at the local clinic and I would have it regularly in every 2 weeks.
I didn’t lose lots of weight after the liposuction. About 2LBS was changed. I heard I could go to the gym after 1 month, so I will do the exercise to have better effects. Hahaha…..

After 2 months…

Stiffness became soft but I still feel numb on some parts.
Can you see my curvy waist??? Fantastic!!! This is what I wanted!!!
Dr. Jonghyun Hong

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