27 Years Looking Much Older Due to Flat & Skinny Face, Needed facial fatgraft.. Younger Look ..worth a try? - South Korea, KR

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I'm 27 year old typical Asian girl. I tried so...

I'm 27 year old typical Asian girl. I tried so hard to gain some weight, but I failed all the time. I needed to gain some weight on my face because the flat and skinny face makes me look older than my age which wouldn't be very helpful for me since I'm a model. I had a consultation with the doctor about the liposculpture to give some volume to my face. I felt like it was something I was looking for and the doctor told me there won't be scars left behind. I decided to go for the change^^
Here is the before and Day1 pic.

3rd day after Liposculpture...little bit of swell on my forehead and just a little bit of needle mark..

There were no swell on the 1st day of the liposculpture, but on day 3, I could see some swell on my forehead. I have injection on my forehead down to the line right below my eyebrow, front cheek, tip of chin. According to the doc, those are the spots to add volume to the face. What I like about the procedure is that I can enjoy my daily life right after the procedure cuz people cannot really tell what I have done. No bruise, No scar....Just really happy. As of Day 3, I feel like my forehead is going to explode..., but the doc says they will go down in couple month so considering that, it has to be a little puffy I guess. Hoping to see the natural look soon.. I think I look younger already with the spots filled with my own fat. Oh, another GOOD thing about this procedure is that i can get the liposuction from the desired area of my body~ So I did the liposuction from my thigh and transplanted onto my face. haha getting slimmer thigh and fuller look on my face.

7 Days Post facial Fat graft..loving the result..Definitely worth the price and my time!!!

7 Days Post facial fat graft, I look soooo different now without any scars or swelling. I feel like a new person just with the fat injection on my face. No more bony face !!! that is one thing I love the most. The side view and the front view, both look great!! I think a natural look within a week is a very quick recovery.

2 weeks post facial fat graft..very very natural

My pic comes out so well anywhere and however I take it!!!
I feel a lot more confident now. I'm impressed with my own picture hahaha

2nd follow-up fat grafting, retouch after a month

This is not another procedure I got, but just a follow-up fat grafting. The doctor told me to come in within a month or two for like a retouch. The doc took a look at the areas of fat grafting and decided to inject the fat that they preserved for the second fat grafting. They said that they do not inject a lot at the first time of the fat grafting since it does not look natural and does not bring the best result.
I don't have to go through the harvesting process again so It was like a getting a Botox on my face this time. The doc went ahead and injected little bit of fat on the spot where it needs to be re-injected. I think the doctor makes sure the fat cells survive by having 2nd injection. I've got some bruises, but it doesn't look too bad.

About 2-3 weeks after the follow-up(2nd) fat grafting

The thing I love about the fat grafting I got is the natural look. I did have the dramatic change, but people do not think that I got some help from the plastic surgeon. The reason why the doc suggested me with the 2nd(follow-up) was the same reason. I am sooooooo glad I found the professional doctor who knows what he is doing and who knows what I want. I've been talking to other people who had done the fat-grafting and noticed I have chosen the right place cuz the incision site...well...the needle mark is not so profound because he inject on the places where it is not so obvious. I like to thank Dr. Hong again and again haha looking forward to see him for other things LOL!
The bruises and swellings didn't last that long...bruises were gone by 6-7days and swellings got better in 2 weeks. Bruises and swellings appear very differently individually, but I think the level of bruises and swellings also depend on the doctor's skill. I think mine was very mild ...lucky me~

1 1/2 month post the follow- up(top up) fat grafting

I know I look a lot happier in all of my new picture^^ LOL I think others and myself knows really well about the reason. I just love taking pictures now....love myself and my look more than ever. I think if there are people who is guaranteed for the result I have....no one would hesitate to get it done LOL
well just for the people who looks older because of skinny face or the sunken areas on their face.
Thanks soooooo much "Fresh Plastic Surgery"
Gave me another life...I totally recomment the Fresh for your FG

my recent pictures^^

loving every part of my face everyday~~

Fat graft and now 7 month post

more pictures and hoping that my fat would last permanent...

Facial Fat Grafting 7 month remark, Still looking very good and very satisfied~

I was told that when the fat cells survive for up to 6 month, it could last up to 3 years or even be semi-permanent. So I'm thinking.... thank god hahaha I might get another fg later on cuz I kind of wish for a little more volume in the future. Well, all the girls need a little bit of touch ups here and there on a regular base..., right? haha
Dr. Hong, Jonghyun

He was very nice and patient with me while the consultation. I kind of asked too many questions LOL , but he was patient enough to go through all the quesitons. thanks to Dr. Hong.

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