25 Yr Old Augmenting Breasts Via Fat Transfer from Thighs - South Korea

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Having been petite all my life I feel like I've...

Having been petite all my life I feel like I've always been waiting for my body to 'mature.' I noticed girls around me growing breasts later in elementary school and mostly in middle school and eagerly anticipated for my growth, which never really happened. It wasn't something I was too concerned about but who doesn't want fuller breasts? I wore push up bras and squeezed my boobs together in front of the mirror just to see what it would be like for them to be bigger.

After living in South Korea for a while, I started to contemplate potential options for breast augmentation. I've never really been a fan of implants for three main reasons: 1. It seems like a life long maintenance commitment, 2. I don't like the idea of having foreign materials in me for prolonged periods, 3. The look and feel don't suit my personal preferences. In short, I did a lot of research and found that doing a fat transfer from my thighs to my breasts suited my wants and needs best.

So, once I decided on that method I delved into more research and came across a post on RealSelf where the patient underwent the exact same procedure in Korea. I read her post from top to bottom with all the comments in between and got in contact with her. She was really super helpful and referred me to the clinic she and her friend had gone to and here I am, typing this review with thigh fat in my boobs haha

I had three small incisions on each leg to collect fat from all around my thighs - one above the knee, one just under the bum, and one near the pelvic area. Once the fat was centrifugally separated/filtered, 200-250cc were put into each breast. Since my left side was bigger than the right, the doctor filled more in the right to even out the shape.

The clinic I went to is called Yonsei Vera Clinic in the Gangnam district of South Korea (a different kind of Silicon Valley, if you get my drift lol). The website is all in Korean and the staff speak very little English, except the doctor. But honestly, it all went well and the language barrier wasn't really too much of an obstacle. The doctor was very thorough with explaining how the procedure would go and the aftercare.

I was put under for the entire operation and woke up in a cozy bed a couple hours after. The clinic is very modest compared to others in the area and gives off an intimate vibe.

I stayed at one of the many hotels in the area with my cousin to take care of me and got the bandages off the next day. Mind you, this is also when you get your compression garment and it is... not comfortable. While the breasts are mildly sore (more stiff than in pain), the thighs feel like they've been trying to do the splits all day. The doctor said they'll be sore for a while but I'm content with the trade-off :)

More photos to come!

3 days post-op update

My breasts feel fine but legs are still quite sore. There's a lot of bruising, especially on the inner thighs, which only time can heal. I'm happy with the way the doctor sculpted my legs and am wearing the compression suit religiously.

I had a full body shower for the first time in three days and don't really have too much to report on that. The legs were just a bit numb and getting the compression suit back on after washing and drying it was a little painful. I cleaned off the incision sites with iodine and put on polysporin and a bandaid after showering. The staff at the clinic recommended the dressing be changed every 3 days.

Sorry for the rush upload of photos yesterday, I've properly rotated them and added captions onto them now. Unless something unexpected happens, I'll be posting the next update in 5 days, when the stitches come out :)

10 days post-op update

Hello hello! I visited the clinic this weekend for a quick appointment where they removed the stitches, changed the dressing, and took some pictures.

The bruising is healing slowly but surely and soreness is down to a much more bearable level - its similar to how you feel the day after skiing/snowboarding. The best part about this is that taking off/putting on the compression suit isn't such a painful task anymore. The breasts have lost some volume but I'm still very happy with the retention so far. It feels very natural/proportional to my body.

Everyone at the clinic was super friendly and kind. There will be another appointment in a couple weeks for an ultrasound massage session for my thighs... Not entirely sure what that process is going to be like but I'll be sure to let you know once I find out :)

delayed: 1 month post-op update

Hello! Sorry for the delay, it's been very busy here.

A lot has happened in the past month since the last update. Good things, don't worry :)

First, I went in for both my ultrasound massage appointments, each a week apart. The treatment is suppose to help break down the fat in the fat harvested areas so it can heal evenly. If you've ever gotten an ultrasound, you know the drill. They plop a cool cream on the areas the device will run over to protect your skin and apply ultrasound heat for about 10 minutes. It's nothing like an actual massage so don't expect to go in there and get pampered... you'll be disappointed ;) The appointments were covered in the $2,700 operation fee, so no additional payments were made.

Continuing on the topic of my thighs, the awful bruises were all gone by mid-June, so about three weeks after the operation. However, they are still a little tiny bit sore. Maybe not so much sore as sensitive? It's really nothing to worry about though. The first couple weeks were hard but I can do just about anything except the splits now. But I wasn't able to ever do that. I'm just saying, you probably won't feel the discomfort much performing day-to-day activities but if you plan on doing intensive yoga or something you might feel a strain.

As for the breasts, they've remained the same size for a couple weeks now so I'm pretty sure this is the final result. I'm very happy with the outcome. Though it's not a big difference, I'm able to properly fit an A cup bra and it makes the world of a difference to me. I didn't do this to achieve a Beyonce-esque body (is it even achievable? haha). I just wanted to do it for myself. I feel the size suits me well :)

Attached to this update are photos from the clinic. Their photo quality is much better and they were happy to share them with me and I'm more than happy to share them with you! The pictures are pretty self exmplanatory. Note the small scars near the armpit and inside the knee. The ones next to my hip bones and under my bum are covered by the underwear and bum fold but you get the idea - small scar visibility.

Hope this has been helpful. Let me know if you have any questions/concerns and I'll try my best to answer.

Post-op notes from the doctor

1. Wait 3 days until your first shower. Use a wet towel until then.
2. Stitches come out 10 days post-op.
3. Wear the compression suit for at least 3 months.
4. Bruises from the harvesting site will last 2-3 weeks while swelling will last 2-3 months.
5. Take pain the prescribed medication as recommended.
6. Don't touch, massage, or press breasts for a month. If you must wear a bra during this time, wear a wireless one.
7. No saunas, drinking, or smoking for one month.

Extra notes, provided by yours truly :p
1. If you can, try to get the operation done during the winter time. It's easier to mask the compression suit.
2. Try to get the operation done during a time you can rest comfortably for at least a week. I got it done during a long weekend and 4 days was not enough. It's no fun going to work all sore :(

Bye! x
Dr. Yoon Seok Jun

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