21 Years Old, No Kids, Liposuction for Flabby Tummy and Arms - South Korea

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Hi everyone! I've been researching for so long and...

Hi everyone! I've been researching for so long and looking at forums and this site for reviews and Q&As. I've finally gathered the courage to post my post op review to keep track of my progress. Reading everyone else's reviews have been really helpful and encouraging and I hope this can be helpful for anyone out there too!

Few years back, I was at my heaviest and bulkiest but when I entered college, I decided to lose weight so I turned to pills, diet and some exercise. It worked! I lost 40 lbs over a span of 2 years. But of course, this unhealthy diet was not sustainable. I gained back 10 lbs in a year and all the muscles I gained from exercising became fats again. I wanted something more permanent. I am naturally top heavy and even after losing weight, there were some areas that looked big regardless - my arms and abdomen area. With exercise, fats in those areas became muscles. When I stopped exercising, the muscles became fats again. It's frustrating. I really wanted them to be gone for good.

That was the main reason for turning to liposuction. Fat cells in those problem areas could be removed for good. Liposuction, for me, was also a motivator to work harder towards my ideal body.

Finally a week ago I had my liposuction surgery done in Korea! I had a translator with me the whole time during consultation and operation day. During consultation, I had a body fat scan and was analyzed to have high amount of fat in my body. Doctor punched the fatty areas of my body to show me what will be taken out and they also showed me before and after photos of other clients. All the staff and the doctor were extremely friendly and helpful. We worked out a budget for the areas that I was going to get surgery done on.

On the day of my surgery, I arrived half hour before my scheduled surgery time to get some admin work done. I was guided to my own preop and postop room, was asked to change into a gown and then the nurse brought me to take my before photos. After that, I went back to my room and laid in a super comfortable heated bed while waiting for the doctor. When the doctor came over, he started drawing and marking the areas where fat will be taken out. We chatted and he was so assuring, telling me that he will definitely do his best. Then the nurse came in to administer the IV while I was laying down. They explained that I will be going into the OR soon. At this point, I still didn't feel nervous. Weird isn't it? The nurses held me and walked me to the OR and I was sprayed down with antiseptic. It was kinda scary because I look like I just came out of a blood bath. Lol. I climbed onto the operating bed, stomach down and head facing to the right. This was when the nervousness kicked in but 5 seconds later I was knocked out already. I was under IV sleep sedation btw. When I woke up, I was in my room on the same heated bed, feeling so fine, except that I needed the toilet so badly. The nurses were so shocked that I could walk to the toilet and do my business just fine. I was told that the surgery was a success and ended much earlier than expected. They drew out 3000cc of fats from my arms, abdomen, flanks and love handles. After much rest, the nurses brought me to another room where they squeezed out as much fats and liquid as possible before doc stitches the incisions up. Since not all fats were sucked out during the procedure, cause it would increase the pain and discomfort, the fats and liquid would be excreted from my pee over the next few days. The nurses explained to me about the meds, changing my dressings, the compression garment, exercise, before I left the clinic. I could talk, walk and felt really normal like I've never had surgery lol. My friend who was supporting and there for me throughout was so shocked at how normal I looked. Everything was okay except that I was bleeding so much from the back. My compression garment was soaked with blood and I couldn't wash it for the next 7 days since I only got 1 and had to be in it 24/7 for the first 7 days. Gross, I know.

Post Op Day 1

I woke up so sore and uncomfortable, most probably due to being in the compression garment which obstructs the blood flow. I was in the toilet changing my dressings when I suddenly became so dizzy and my vision became blurry. Next thing I know, I fainted on my friend and she had to carry me to the ground. She freaked out and contacted my translator who suggested that I make a trip down to the clinic to get an IV drip. When I was conscious, we finished up the dressing on the bed instead of standing in the toilet. After resting, we went down to the clinic and got the IV. After the IV, doc came and check in on how I was and explained that the reason why I fainted was because I took out the garment too quickly which caused the sudden blood flow to those compressed areas and away from the brain. When we left the clinic, I was okay again and we spent the evening shopping. Lol.

Post Op Day 2

As usual, woke up feeling more sore than yesterday and more bruised as well. There was no more bleeding so I didn't put gauze over my wounds anymore, only waterproof plasters. I'm so happy with my results though! I can definitely see that my arms are much smaller and the contours in my body are much more defined too!!

Post Op Day 5

I've been moving around a lot and feeling better everyday. Other than the fact that the bruises are getting harder to conceal since it's moving down to my thighs and also moving to below my elbows, everything is going well. Can't wait to wash my garment and remove my stitches. Lol.

At night, I saw that my abdomen was having this yellow discoloration which freaked me out a little. But thanks to realself Q&As, I guess it's a normal bruising stage.

Post Op Day 6

Finally took off my garment today to wash because I couldn't take the smell anymore! Still feeling hard spots on some areas and numbness in the abdomen and arm areas.

Post Op Day 9

I removed my 11 stitches at a local clinic and have been given a cream to apply twice daily.

Since I was instructed to wear the garment 24/7 for the first 7 days and 12 hours or more for the following weeks, I've been wearing my garment to sleep and during the day if I'm out and about, I will be without it. Generally, I'm feeling more bruised and sore these days compared to the first few days and any small touch would be so painful. But without the garment, I do feel more sore and uncomfortable which I guess is because of the lack of pressure. The skin under my arms is really tight and even slightly tugging the skin feels as if I'm tearing my skin. Ouch!
Dr. Chang Doo Yeoul

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