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Is it OK to have bruises like that (photo)a week...

Is it OK to have bruises like that (photo)a week after surgery? Have very sore breasts and they don't feel soft. I can feel the implants too. My breasts are very uneven :(((

I had few problems with my implants. First, is...

I had few problems with my implants. First, is that they were placed pretty low and I have nipples looking to the sky... for that I was able to get my money back. Right now I feel pain in my right brest...

But , I'm still happy to have my breasts bigger than they were. My advise to those who are just planning to get them done : FIND THE BEST SURGEON!!!

Almost 8 months after BA. developing terrible pain...

almost 8 months after BA. developing terrible pain in my right breast. Cant move while sleeping without pain. Hurts a lot while tuching too...

Revision after Three years

I can't really explain what happened to my boobs... Just see the pictures. Well, another doc i went to ask what can be done in my case advised to get my boobs redone. This time the clinic was specialized for breast revision and post cancer breast surgeries. Doctor seemed trustworthy and promised to correct them... The pictures of his work of redoing unnatural and ugly looking boob jobs made me feel I picked the right place...

Today is day 5 after surgery. I got anatomic, texture, MENTOR, 330 CC . I don't want to look sexbomb. Just want to have nice looking breasts.
Surgery was for about 4,5 hours as he had two different approaches to correct my breasts. Blood collecting pockets were removed right on the third day and left on the fourth.

Left one sores when touch from side with pressure. Right one doesn't give any pain. I'm still with tape and corrective bra. Even though I have got textured implants my breasts feel softer that three years ago after first surgery.
I feel very confident about myself and surgery I have done.

The doctor was nice to meet me for FOUR days in a row, checked my breasts and answer on all my silly questions. I'm getting laser treatment for them to heal fast. No pain. I really love the attitude of this clinic stuff. The tape should be removed week after. I'm doing all the job around the house easy.

This time it cost US 8 000 $
Performed in Seoul, S. Korea, (Gangnam) UBA clinic. Dr. Park

before revision

left one

5 days after

five days after

Sorry, don't know how to post all pictures together...
Seoul, Jewelry Clininc, Dr Sin

I did it in S. Korea. Even though I speak Korean pretty well, they can use the language difference againt you. The country has it's reputation as the best in PS, but I think, Koreans are just making it up. What I really enjoyed was the aftersurgery care: 1 day hospital stay with IV and drenages and 8 massages... But still, can't say I was sattisfied 100%

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