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So I've gone to a consultation before and nothing...

So I've gone to a consultation before and nothing ever came of it. My boyfriend at the time joked about getting it for me. I always figured I'd make vacations and home improvements priority over this. I've never had surgery so this is huge for me. I brag about my surgery free track record. I'm excited!

21 Days!

3 weeks. Oh my! I'm almost to part where I can't take my Ibuprofen lol. Here is a picture of my stomach.

20 Days

So this time in 3 weeks I'll be in surgery! Crazy! I am having a Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation. I am still in air on what size I am going with. I tried on sizers at first consultation and 450-500 looked like what I wanted to achieve with clothes on. The office called me and said because of muscle pressing some of it down, they have me as 550. I think this might be too much lol for my 5' nothing frame. So I am scheduling my own pre-op appt., since they don't do one past the consultation. So I am thinking more like 475cc possibly but we will see when I go on Dec 6th. Here are some more before pics and side profiles of my tummy.

16 days and counting....planning

So we've hit the crazy holiday season. I'm freaking out cause I'm no where near done shopping like I wanted to be. My fiancé said online shopping is the way for me to go since I hate overcrowded places!
I was looking at electric recliners but chose to not spend the money. We have a easy gliding recliner that I played around with today and it doesn't jolt me in anyway and I think for hanging out during the day I'll be fine. I'm going to buy my pillow with arms soon and we've bought a smart tv for our room so I am hooked into Netflix while hanging in bed. My awesome fiancé bought me my birthday present early so I could get all my books and set up all my accounts on a new iPad Air. So I'm pretty psyched to finally join the iPad fad lol.
I've got enough yoga pants and sweat pants to handle this comfort only stage I'll soon be in. I had a question on the front closure sport bra. So the one I've seen most people suggest is at Walmart. How do you pick a size? The ones I looked at were by size 34,36 etc. umm the 34 looked quite small and not sure that'll fit swollen big boobs.
Today I went and bought scrub pants. I work at hospital and needed new pants. I found fully soft elastic band pants by Cherokee that my fiancé suggested might be best for work when I return. Between reward points and coupons and birthday club perks I spent 12$ for two pairs of pants. Love those kinda shopping days!
I'm gonna go pamper myself this week and get a pedi since I don't foresee me bending that far down for a little while. How long does it take people tie their shoes?
Gotta start getting the supplies I need to have on hand and some of my favorite healthy dishes prepared or on plan for fiancé to make for me when I get appetite fully back. Luckily I have my Shakeology to have for meals after since I hear protein shakes are a good thing to have after.
Anything else a must have?

Single digit countdown!!!!

So I am down to the single digits! I've scheduled housekeeping to come clean my house prior to surgery so it's not needing to be done on top of everything else I have to get done for Christmas. I have a huge list of questions for the PS for pre-op and stuff to show him to get okayed by him.
I am officially done going to classes for the semester, so just three assignments and I'm done for 4 weeks! I have 5 days left of work and then it's show time.
I started my bedside basket people have suggested to have on hand. I have all my comfy clothes ready for my fiancé to know exactly where my clothes are.
My friend was so sweet and made me a surgery care package with all sorts of healthy snacks.
I originally had planned to be in Germany for my best friends birthday in January and felt selfish having to change our plans. I have since decided the end of January we will be cruising to the Caribbean. That way I don't have to walk too much and just relax and see some shows and enjoy my down time. So let's hope I'm feeling okay by then.
Oh I saw someone had posted about dry shampoo for the ones that can't shower right away. I was told bariste is a great one for after working out and I went and picked me up some for my basket.
My fiancé and my main helper tried snow boarding for the first time last Friday and broke his collar bone! So let's hope we can get through this surgery without him having to physically lift or move me cause he's one armed right now. Yep it'll be fun to watch us in a little over a week. Here are some pictures of sitting and how I can suck it in with jeans but over time the flab rolls over it haha, can't wait for it to be gone! Goodnight ;)

My little setup I have started...

For coming home...
zipper front sweat shirt
boots to slip on
Slipper socks
Front closer sports bra
Reminder to myself to wash hair prior and no lotions and tidy up anything last minute before I leave for surgery

To have by bedside:
Bendy straws
Medical pads for bed
Panty liners for protection on stitches
Comfy blanket
Gel ice packs 4
Pillow with arms
Hydro peroxide
Baby wipes
Face wipes
Stool softener
Dry shampoo
Good books
Heating pad for back (as you can see it hanging from bed, I use it often already:/ )
This nifty tray thing fiancé got so he can give me food on it and lay my electronics on with a little light.
Netflix is set up and ready
Med container that is easy to open since it's hard to open containers at first with BA.

Oh and starting supply of foods for after to eat ;)
SF jello
Applesauce in little containers
Breakfast bars
Vitamin water
Water bottles

The dreaded before tata pics....

I've been delaying this post but you need to see my starting point... I'm barely a full A, small B cup. The way they are shaped they don't fill any cup unless it's push up and that fills in half the bra for me ;)

Pre op Appt. Done! Chose bigger hahaha

So I went in there with 20 questions and intent of trying on sizes again. Hour later I had all my questions answered and went to trying on sizes again. I was slated for 550cc's. I tried on 550 vs 600cc's and saw hardly any difference so hoping I never have boob greed I went with 600. We did side shots and with my ghetto booty it all evens out without me looking like I have porn star boobs. I have 5 days! If you'd like to know all my questions I asked let me know. I will definitely share! I am hoping my experience can help someone else.

My questions...

Some of these are personal to him and how he runs his show and what my life entails.

Am I going under general or local anesthesia?
General since we are doing two procedures at once.

Am I allowed to drink alcohol 3 days prior because it's my fiances work party and my birthday on Friday?
Yes you can, wine is fine and unless you have massive amounts it will not thin the blood.

Which profile am I getting? This wasn't gone into detail prior and after my online research realized their are profiles.
At that size and your frame we will be doing high profile implants.

Will any complications be covered? (My friend had this procedure and her body was allergic and had to go back and do it all over again)
Up to a year if anything isn't healing properly I will make sure it's fixed properly,

What medication will I be on after procedure?
Well depending on how nauseas you get, we have three we use. If you get nauseas easily, you will most likely be on Demerol tab, then loratab or Percocet.

Can my fiancé see me day of surgery while in the facility?
Yes after you wake up he can come see you, surgery will be about 4-5 hours, then about 2 hours after that.

What do I need to bring and what do you provide for compression or bras etc.?
Bring an open closure sports bra but if it's not tight enough we will be using ace bandage to wrap you up. (I bought a bigger size and glad I asked, I will be returning it for smaller size) we will be putting a binder on you that you wear for a month. Besides that you'll be okay with sweats to wear out of here.

Showed him my Shakeology shake and he said it won't cause any issues and I am cleared to drink those after.

Showed him my BioCorneum scar cream and he said I am cleared to use that 3-4 weeks after as long as all is closed up.

Is muscle repair included in procedure?
Yep, most woman need it after children so we fix it while we are in there.

When are my follow up appts?
Day after I'm sent home, come in and change out garments and shower me and show me how to take care of everything with showering etc.
Week after, then week after, then at month. Drains usually remove week or week and half depending on how fast you drain.

What stitches need to be removed?
Belly button and we do that at a post op appt.

I think that's it. Told you it was a lot!! Hahaha

3 days!!!!

So I'm really in denial it's actually happening Monday. Like something will happen and it won't get done. I've done all my shopping, still need to finish wrapping and have everything ready for fiancé to do for me. Send teacher gifts, send boxes to family etc. I overall think I'm ready except for the few things I'll let fiancé go pick up when he gets back from business trip. Shower head that is removable seems easier to focus on parts, he's getting the ice gel packs, stool softeners and Benadryl cream.
Here are some pictures of me bending over and the flab hanging. Eww! And what my jeans and tight shirt look like now. I'm a size 4 jeans and small shirts.

Less than 24 hours!!!

I was sleepless, my anxiety is threw the roof! Yesterday was all "what ifs" and just crazy thoughts. Just finished my last day of work for a couple weeks. Laundry galore and wrapping presents all day today! Ahhhh

Oh and...

Fiancée won't leave me alone lol!
Counting hours down til he won't get any and he's chasing me around the house wanting me. We are quite active in that dept. and I know he's gonna have withdrawals haha!

All checked in!

Paperwork done and ready!

On the flip side...

Well I made it! Stick here so I'll chat later

Update post op

So I'm awake, had two 10 minute periods of being yesterday. I'm highly drugged and thankful going home with these same meds but in pill form. I feel like 50lbs of brick are laying me. Overall happy to be on flat side. Pics when I can. ;)

Home finally

Hanging out in my recliner watching nextflix! So tired and walking is horrible.
Oh and I have to get more stitches tomorrow. Guess pressure made them too tight so he has to go back and finish. Odd to me. Off to sleep.

Sleeping is hard

So I slept in recliner two nights and then I slept in bed last night. I have the wedges. Those things are helpful. It's funny because they are meant to be used for sexual positions.
How the heck do you wipe your own butt.
Haven't seen anything yet. All bandaged up and scared to move anything.

Oops pics

Here is view head on.


Had to check nipples so fiancé took pics

Took a shower at home! Yay!

Dr said to check dressings and shower over the weekend with help. So I just did that and here are a few of me slouched over (it's horrible on my neck.

I always hit the wrong key before I'm done posting pics!

Here I am after shower and about to get redressed with all my ointments and garments.

Can you imagine an UTI during recovery!?

Well besides having to walk 10-15. Min a day, I run to bathroom every 30 minutes or less to tinkle one lil bit. Very frustrating since 2/3 spots are comfy but hard to get you out of here alone.
So anyways dr is prescription for a different antibiotic. Hoping this helps it.

Few more pics on day 6 post op

Rough past few days!

Man! I had my "why did I do this to myself" moments all week! I got my first drain removed Monday one week post op and was finishing up my pain meds. I knew I was going to have it rough at that point. Christmas Eve comes and I'm useless and just point to where everything goes. Christmas morning the kids sleep in and we do presents and I'm having such pressure on my chest it's driving me crazy. My implants are way high and I just feel I don't have the skin to accommodate the size I chose. Too late now but long road to drop and fluff for me. All I could do is want to cry all Christmas morning. Why did I do this before Christmas? I gave up most Christmas vacation to the kids dad for my surgery. The kids had a great Christmas at our place and then went to their dad's house. I then took a long nap to snap out of my self pity party.

I woke up today to having to call in what my last drain put out in 24 hours. They said come in to remove this afternoon.
Yay! So off to shower which takes us over an hour to do. Lanyard trick for drains helps tremendously! Felt a tad better. Can't wait to shave myself! My skin looks horrible cause lack of moisture without my routine.
So I'm finally drain free, can walk upright sort of and just uncomfortable.
Would I tell people to do this surgery? Mommy Makeover? Hmm it's bad to ask me right now cause I debate if it's worth it still. I'm swollen like crazy and my boobs are in my throat. Knowing how much my fiancé has done for me, I'd suggest you definitely need a 24 hour help first couple weeks. One that you won't care if they need to wipe your butt! Might I add, refused to let him after I started AF. I have my limits. This man I'm marrying is a saint. He's gone above and beyond for me this past week.

Ok there is my book. If you lasted congrats.

Pics of hope

Decided to take binder off and wash it (much needed!) and looked in mirror and it looks pretty good from the front on. Side view we are still quite swollen.

New Year's Eve pictures and after BB stitches removed

So I had tape on for 2 weeks and when stitches were removed they took off tape. Problems started then...

18 days PO called PS

Well the tape they took off under my left breast pulled off scabs and the sterile pad hey put on it did also when I went to shower. From that point on it attached to pads and then sports bras when I figured take pad away to try to air it out. Got to this point and freaked out cause nothing was letting it heal. So the nurse said air it out, dilute peroxide, apply, then no bra or anything touching it to let it dry out. Great! My father is coming town in a few hours and now I'm told to hang these big babies free in big oversized T-shirts. In the cold my boobs harden to the point of pure rocks and pain.

Having a good day with trying a shirt on ;)

My hairdresser new I was needing a mood lift after all this. She had a cancellation and asked if I wanted it. I jumped at it, my fiancé on the other hand quickly asked if I felt up to it and if I'd be okay driving. Oh snap, true! Am I ready after 2 weeks? Well it's a straight shot I'll be ok. Yep, turning your head is a challenge, getting in car is challenge, seatbelt is challenge and turning that steering wheel uses muscles you haven't used or are in use cause they are clenched to your implants lol.
Well 3 hours later, hairs done and she's saying I'm not sure if it's cause your antibiotics and anesthesia but your blonde parts dried out completely. Never has happened to my very healthy normally hair. Luckily she is a good friend also and planned on buying me some products to repair hair. Woke up the next day to her texting me to see if I could come in on a Sunday to salon to get a deep protein treatment to fix my hair and that she had bought products for me but she wanted to show me how to use them. My hair felt awesome after all this. Mind you, we can hardly wash our hair so this was great! Now twice a week I have a 4 step process to do to continue healing my hair. My skin has dried out horribly also. Kicked my body into a whole different mode after surgery.

Still walking a bit funky

But I'm back to work and school! Look kinda gimpy but gotta get back to schedule. I did cancel kids swim lessons. Can't work 3am-9am then run myself til 8pm with theater for them, then swim. Too much for me right now. I tore easily and nerve sensation is returning so tingly burning sensation.
Here are latest pics as of yesterday.

Oh and top everything off... So uti when u can't run to bathroom resulted in pads to absorb while hobbling to restroom, fix uti, then start period which lasted 2 weeks(was that anyone else's experience? Light week then heavy!). Mixture of pads caused horrible "diaper rash" type issue which was definitely not needed! So trying to remedy that after googling it!

So uti, diaper rash, open area on breast... All on top of normal healing!

Yep I'm glad to be over humps!

Went and tried on bikini!!!

So I was curious how the incision line would cover up with bikini. So here is a bikini pic and it covers perfectly. Not feeling this style of top but I also haven't dropped yet so maybe later I will.

My comfy bras for now and I'm binder free!!

While I'm out and about these bras are my go to ones and I went and had my left breast looked at yesterday. When finally it does heal we will be doing scar revision.

Update on lefty

Here are some updated pics. After ointment during a few days a week the scabs have shed themselves with only a couple left. Can't wait to settle so I can do the revision :/

Put on dress pants for first time and love the flat look and being able to wear so many of my shirts I was too self conscious of wearing prior!

Oh and phx trip was trying! Was flying standby and was stuck in Denver airport 13 hours Friday and 30 hours Monday/Tuesday resulting in camping out on seats in airport! Yeah I was swollen mess when I got home!

Before and after pic

So I wanted to see side by side my old and new body! Wow is all I can say. I still can't believe this is my body! I've yet to wear jeans and show off my new curves. Can't wait until I feel comfortable with less numbness. Light at the end of the tunnel... Can't wait for 3 month pics!

Almost 3 months! Crazy

Still swollen at night after long day. Haven't gone back to Nordstroms yet to get officially sized. I am maxing out 34DD at VS. Got a sports bra from there that I live in! My scar on my tummy is healing great I feel. Here are a few pics. Hardness around bb is the biggest issue for me. Kinda sticks out more when I swell.



Some newer pictures.

I'm measuring at 34DDD and some days I feel like I'm top heavy but some days I feel like I don't have any cleavage. I'll find more pictures and post them.

Few more


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