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Hi everyone ;-) I had a tummy tuck and...

Hi everyone ;-)
I had a tummy tuck and beltectomy done on Saturday, December 22, 2012. It all happened so fast - I went in for my consultation on 12/15/2102 and had my surgery the very next Saturday. I did not have time to get too nervous but I did as much research in the few days before my surgery.

One thing I want to share is while shopping for your procedure - get wet wipes, white wash cloths, antibiotic cream and a grabber. White wash cloths help you to see how clean you are - oh use a mirror too for areas you cannot see due to swelling - that also helps with proper washing. Antibiotic cream will help with rashes that can develop in the groin area espeically in the first few days especially since you might be sitting/resting more than usual. The grabber is a heaven sent for stuff that falls or hard to reach. Oh and get undies that are two sizes larger - they are more comfy over the garment.

Well, today is 18 days post op and my first day back at work. This morning was the first time that I saw a little reduction in my swelling but for the most part my stomach is swollen 24/7. It gets worse after meals or when I drink even though I have considerably smaller meals. I used to experience a lot of burning and stinging sensations especially on my right side but those are subsiding - now they feel like dull aches. The one thing that continuously scares me is that my belly button always feels like its going to pop out! - has anyone felt that too?

Regardless of all this, I have to admit that my stomach and back look very nice even though I look like I ate way too much. My doctor says the swelling will go down in six months and I wait with bated breath for that. He really did a fantastic job and my hubby is pleased so far.

One thing I do miss is close intimacy but I am hesitant as the twinges, stinging and soreness are a bit scary - so we are becoming creative in that department ;-). I also find that taking half a pain killer does soothe these little twinges and makes sleep easier so I am going to take one now and go to bed. Yes, bed - so glad to be out of the recliner although I am still propped with several pillows - just being able to sleep next to my hubby is healing in itself. I will post a pic once the swelling subsides more. I am really looking forward to eventually losing more weight and wear a bikini - haven't worn one since I was 19 - I am 47 years old.

Happy healing everyone and thanks so much too for sharing - your posts have been an encouragement.

Good morning everyone ;-), hope everyone is...

Good morning everyone ;-), hope everyone is healing well. Well, I am in week four post op and the healing is sloowwwww but sure. The stings and burning are less now but I have gone back to my recliner because its easier to get comfortable for sleep as my incision runs around to my back due to my beltectomy. I have another Dr.'s visit this Friday, 1/18/13 and the nurse thinks they will finally remove my bandages. I have also gone back to work and driving is a pain and I still get that feeling as if my belly button is about to poke out - but I am still truding on as these are a part of healing right lol ;-).

On a brighter note, I was able to stop wearing my garment as the elastic was so stretched out, so I tried one of my own shaper undies and they fit!!!! OMG I was elated - a sign that better days are here lol. I opted for a girdle type undie and a full bra as the full shaper made bathroom trips painful. Just a tip ladies - the full shaper might rub against your incision particularly at the hips later on in the afternoon when you are fuller so shop for comfy ones - you might have to go a 1/2 size bigger for comfort - I learnt that the hard way as my incision actually started bleeding a little because my shaper was too snug on my hip. Dressing for work is a pleasure now as my clothing is fitting so much better even with my swelling and puffiness. I noticed is that since I am back at work and moving around more, the swelling above my incision is a little puffier.......did anyone experience this???? ..its is not painful or anything....just puffy ....any similar experiences? Ok ladies - when did you start wearing your heels again? - I am wearing cute flats now and think I should be able to try small heels by my fifth month - any advise/suggestions? Well, back to the grind - looking forward all your encouraging posts, updates and pics. I want to post a pic but even though my clothes fit better and I am healing well, I think I am still too swollen/puffy so I am not picture comfortable just yet. Happy healing everyone. ;-)

Hello fellow healing friends, Well, I begin my...

Hello fellow healing friends,

Well, I begin my third month post op tomorrow and what a wild ride this has been. Month two has been filled with ups and downs. I lost a total of 18 lbs so far and am fitting in my size 8 pants pretty comfortably so that is a definite upper and makes me happy I am going through the process. I still have considerable swelling though - I think I look amazing for a good five minutes in the mornings and then the swelling comes back - I hope it will be all gone by Christmas - long enough right lol.

I have started to increase the pace on my workout but developed severe hip pains and now I have to be doing some therapy - feeling better already. My stomach is tender in spots - my left side feels amazing but the right side is tender in some areas. One of my post op bothers is that my body rejects pieces of sutures and pushes them out so they stick out like little really thin fishing line - it is so annoying because my underwear brushes against it which is no fun as the area getw a bit tender. Soooo, I have to nip them with my surgical scissors - can I say I am really looking forward to my scar finally healing!!!

I have receieved some really good pointers from other members which have been a tremendous help espeically with eating better. I don't think I have ever eaten healthier in my entire life - I love how I look now (even with the swelling) and I would never want to go back to being chunky. I try to eat what is grown - fresh fruits, veggies, lean meats, fish and turkey and moderate consumption of good carbs. - really helps with the trips to the "little girls room" lol. It is such a pleasure to pull on pieces of clothes that fall nicely.....cant tell you how much I love my newly developing body. Bonus - my hubby is enjoying this new body - maybe toooooo much lol.

Well, I am going to sign off for now. Just wanted to pop in and share my progress. I am so glad I have this new group of friends to talk to - would be nice if someone lived in my hometown so we could chat over fruit juice or something lol.

Happy healing everyone.
Jeffrey Hamm

Dr. Hamm answered all my questions and he actually suggested the beltectomy which is a removal of the "muffin top" for want of a better term. It makes your back look so much sleeker and contours the body nicely. I chose Strax as they offered a great price with great credit and would still aprove me even with not so good credit - the cost would just be a little more. Plus the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.

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