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I've been reading the posts on this site for...

I've been reading the posts on this site for weeks! I wanted to post to start my journey and get the help and advise from everyone out here! I'm 41 years young 5'3 and 223 lbs! I've considered surgery in the past and stopped because I thought if I just kept trying I'd loose weight by dieting! I loose a little then gain a lot! I'm so excited and nervous about getting this procedure done. I went to the orientation a couple weeks ago and submitted my medical history and insurance information. They told me that my insurance ( Cigna) does cover the procedure. So next week I have an appointment with the nurse coordinator to go over my specific information and get the process started.
My husband went with me to the orientation and is also considering the surgery. I was wondering has anyone else also done this with their spouse ? Should we do it together at the same time or space the surgeries out? Part of me thinks I'll need him to be 100% to help me and the other part thinks that it would be easier to go through the steps together.
Thanks for all the wonderful posts ! Peace to all !

Excited for consultatiin

I'm so excited for my first consultation next week on the 30th! I've done so much research I feel like I already know everything lol!!
It seems like my daily life now consists of what life will be like after surgery! I went out to dinner last night and only ate 3/4 of my meal and I chewed my food real slow and well !! I told my self in a few months you won't even eat half of this!! Silly huh? I'm just so excited to start this and seeing all the wonderful comments makes it even better! Hope everyone has a great weekend !!

Advise about telling people

I'm really struggling with telling people that I am going to have weight loss surgery! I'd like to hear the good and the bad! I really don't want to tell many people but I don't know how I would explain time off work ( my job is very physical and I'm sure I'd need the full six weeks ) and then all the weight loss! Thanks!

First appointment went so well

Sept. 20th I had my first appointment with the nurse coordinator! She was wonderful and so organized. She gave me a binder chocked full of all the information I need to get to my surgery date- all highlighted and tabbed! I love this woman !! Well my weight was 226 and I'm 5'3'' so I'm exactly at a 40 BMI which is what my insurance required. I wish I would have know this prior because I would have worn jeans and sneakers to be a little heavier just to be on the safe side for insurance! Oh well she said 40 is 40! My first nutritional appointment is Oct. 8th in which I will be weighted again. The nurse basically told me "don't loose weight before then"which isn't a problem because I went on a little mini vacation! I feel so FAT! I went to Walt Disney world this weekend and let me tell you it wasn't easy walking around those parks at 226lbs! I decided that once I hit my goal weight ( I'm not really sure what this is yet) I'm going back to Disney with out the fear of "will I fit in this ride"
Nurse went over all of the insurance requirements, the most important being 3 months of nutritional counseling and gave me a tentative date of mid- February ! I was a little disappointed in the time line but I know it will go by fast with all the holidays and stuff. I also found out my out of pocket will be 20% or $4050 ! Ouch time to start saving some.

First Nutritional appointment

My first Nutritional appointment is tomorrow I'm excited to see what she has to say. Because my BMI was exactly 40% the nurse coordinator basically told me not to loose ANY weight before this appointment. She said that the insurance company uses the Nutritionalist weight to determine BMI and even if i was down one pound it could knock me out of the ball game ! SOO to me that was a license to EAT !! I feel so gross from one solid week of eating what ever I want! I also plan on wearing my jeans and sneakers just to make sure my weight is enough, I mean one pound could be a matter of going to the bathroom lol ! I wrote down everything I ate for four days ( and i was on vacation) it looks terrible! I drink WAY to much soda, that will be hard for me to give up!
have a good night all !

The waiting game

I went to my first nutritional appointment a couple weeks ago, it was a group setting and she went over different ways of eating after surgery. I am having a hard time accepting that I actually going through with this. Meaning - I haven't changed my eating at all!! I have a date of sometime in February and it seems like I have so much time that I keep putting off changing my eating habits. I need to realize I'm actually doing this and make some darn changes. The only thing I've changed is that I'm trying to drink more water! Has anyone else felt like this ??


I finally took the time to edit a few pictures to post! I had a terrible time finding any cause I never get in front of a camera! I can't wait for that to change !

Sleep study

I had a sleep study done Monday night. I had to go to the sleep lab and spend the night. I'm not sure how folks do this at home as I was attached to about 30 different wires. I had wires on my arms, legs, chest, neck and head. I also has some thing up my nose ( just slightly) and in my mouth. It measured the air going in and out the nose and mouth. I have no idea how they get a true reading this way cause who can sleep like that!!

told my best friend today

I finally told my best friend today that I am considering the surgery! I dont know why but I have been so nervous to tell her. She said I was beautiful the way I was ( this is why we have been best friends since age 14) but she understood because she knows how active I want to be! We do almost every vacation together and she and he husband are both so fit! Me and my husband are both fat! My husband hasn't showed much interest in the surgery since the initial consultation but he is very supportive of me getting it and also plans to do the entire diet with me to loose weight! I asked him tonight what he was gonna do when I was all skinny and he said " get skinny with you " he is very supportive and also the type that when he puts his mind to something he usually does it! I don't like my men skinny anyway so if he could just loose weight to be healthy I'm happy with that!
So the only people left to tell are my parents and I won't do the until my insurance approves me , that should be in January! I know they will be supportive but they are worry warts so that is why I'm not telling them now!
As for going out of work I have decided to tell others I an having bulb latter surgery! It's no one else's business! Thanks to all for the advise and support

sleep test

I had a sleep study done last week and unfortunately my results were abnormal so I have to go back for the second part of the test which is to sleep with the machine ! My husband has sleep apnea and oh the thought of us both laying in bed with our machines ! Oh dear god this is crazy so crazy it makes me laugh!

tick tock the clock is ticking

I had my first private meeting with the nutritionist the other day. My weight was the exact same as when I met her one month ago for a group meeting. I was a little disappointed because i thought I had lost a couple pounds. Oh well at least i didn't gain anything. I have to meet with her again in three weeks and at that time I cant gain any weight so I have to be good during thanksgiving!
I need a little encouragement..... I find myself questioning the surgery as the date gets closer ( February) I am very nervous and just keep going from "hell ya I'm doing this" to "F-it Ill just stay fat". The NUT said that was perfectly normal which made me feel a little better. Two things are making me not want to do this... one is what others are going to say about it. I know that is stupid but I don't have a lot of self esteem and I know that is why I'm scared to deal with the negative comments. BUT the main reason I'm scared is my love of food. I get sad when I think about not being able to eat a lot. Is this normal...... oh my stupid brain is wired so wrong when it comes to food.
I got a letter in the mail today from my primary physician group and I's scheduled Dec. 9th to do blood work, cardiologist,and pulmonary testing done. So Ill be able to get it all over with in one day !!
Hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving. Peace to all

Psychologist meeting last week

Met with the psychologist last week! It went well- she said she was happy to recommend me for surgery! One step closer! Have my second nut appointment tomorrow!! Getting scared and excited all at once !!

All these appointments

I had my final individual appointment with the dietitian last week! Unfortunately I gained 2 lbs. I don't know how this will affect my insurance approval, but I go for one more weigh in and I plan on loosing at least 8lbs. It is January 18 so I know I can do this. I also met with the cardiologist and pulmologist the same day. Both said I was cleared by them for surgery! My pulmologist is awesome and said I have very mild sleep apena but was putting the diagnosis on record so the insurance company will be more apt to approve me. My BMI is 40% and that is exactly what I need for insurance approval. However with sleep apena I can be at 35% BMI and still get approved!!
I've struggled with the realization of getting this surgery but now that I am so close it seems so real! I'm going to work really hard to shed the 8lbs as well as exercise everyday so I can be in the best shape possible for surgery!
Thanks for everything - this feed is awesome !!

Still waiting

I'm just sitting around waiting for my last nutrition appointment so the file can be sent to insurance for approval. I was originally given a Feb 15th date for surgery but I don't think that's possible because my last appointment is on the 26th.
I haven't been able to loose any weight! I share my body knows and is in reserve mode. I have however started working out a lot. I go to a strength and cardio class four days a week. I figure it's best to get these tired old muscles in the best shape I can for surgery! I want to heal quickly and get started on the new me!
Have a fantastic day!!

Last dietitian appointment

Had my last appointment today! They are submitting my file to insurance!! So now it feels real and I'm scared to death !! They are shooting for a end of February surgery date! Although I scared I'm excited !! Everyone's posts are so helpful !!

One last test

Sitting in the lab office waiting to get one last test- H- Pylori ! Then I should be done with all this testing! I can't believe I'm actually done with all of it ! Surgery is scheduled for 2/23/16! I keep going back and forth and basically talking myself out of it! Then I get a grip and get over that real quick! The site helps me to know that everyone has the same nerves! One last thing I need to do before surgery is tell my parents ! I didn't want to but my sister insists that I tell them ( God forbid something bad happens during surgery) I know she is probably right but my mom won't be supportive and will tell me 100 reasons why I shouldn't do this and I just don't want to hear about it!
Well thanks for letting me vent! Have a happy day !!

Question to all the sleevers about travel

I think I posted this before but I can't seem to find it. Did anyone do any travling yet after surgery? And if so how soon? My daughter lives in Italy and I really want to visit her. My surgery will be Feb 23rd, I wonder if I'll be up to traveling in May? It is also a question I will ask the doctor when I meet with him again next week!

Just left surgeons office

Just met with my surgeon- wow he was so amazing! He made me feel so at ease and said I will be a perfect candidate ! Starting my two week diet tomorrow ! I'm not gonna lie I will eat like a pig today :)

Two week diet is no joke

I'm STARVING! I mean I'm about to eat my own hand !! This diet is tough! Honestly - how many cheated on the two week diet ??

Insurance approval

GOT MY APPROVAL TODAY. I was so excited!! Also found out that it is covered 100% ! I thought I was going to have to pay about $4,000! That is even more exciting !! I put the money aside for new clothes! Less then a week away and I'll be on the sleeved side!

Totally cheated on my pre-op diet

I'm so mad and upset with my self ! I'm on a 3 shakes a day all the veggies I want pre-op diet! I totally cheated at lunch today!! Ugggg what was I thinking- surgery is Tuesday and I got really sad for some reason and I just ate! I didn't even think about it !! Someone tell me I'm not the only one who has done this!

Surgery tomorrow!

I'm pretty excited ! I was very nervous but I had a good reason. I was very hesitant to tell my mom because she is crazy when it comes to anything medical- she thinks anything stronger then a Tylenol is just stupid. So I told her last week and of course she said I was crazy! She told me not to tell her until it was over! I knew this would be her reaction and honestly I was more heartbroken then I thought I would be! So with that said I went through this week never telling my parents that my surgery is tomorrow. It was weighing on me - big time! I was honesty thinking of backing out! So I sucked it up and called my father ( my parents are still happily married)? I told him all about it, he said that he didn't think it was the right thing to do - but I was a grown up and could make my own decisions. I told him all about what I've learned over the past couple of months and by the end he said " you know I support you in what ever you do"
Let me tell you I feel like a huge weight has been taken off my back! I'm not even nervous anymore! I'm so thankful my father is so much easier to talk to then my mother! Thanks for listening and all the support ! Next time I post I'll be on the sleeve side !!

One question

I'm packing an over night bag for the hospital! What should I go home in? I was thinking like sweatpants type shorts or a comfortable dress ( like a maxi dress)
What else am I forgetting! Thanks all!

Finally sleeved

Well I got sleeved yesterday! The first two hours awake were so tough. It was so much pain my I was just so uncomfortable! I can't explain it ! Feeling pretty good not but man am I ready to go home ! All this crap hooked up to me is driving me crazy! Thanks for all the support

Post op diet

This post op liquid diet is killing me! I feel so hungry- what am I doing wrong?! The only thing I think I can eat is protein shakes, jello, Popsicles, and broth! Any other suggestions as what I can eat. This seems to be harder then the pre-op diet! I'm 5 days post surgery! Thanks

One week sleeved

Well it's been one week ( and a day) since I was sleeved! All in all I'm happy with my decision but I'm not gonna lie- I want a big ass cheeseburger like mad!
I had to do three protein shakes a day one week prior to my surgery and two weeks after ! So I'm on the down slope of being able to eat soft foods. Only five more days!!!
I know the hunger is all in my head. I told my sister the "tool" ( surgery) forces you to stick to your diet!
All in all I'm healing very well, I have had no problems getting in my water or protein shakes. The biggest incision sight ( by my belly button) is still a little sore but noting that I have to take medication for. As a matter of fact I stopped taking the pain pills prescribed to me the day I got home from the hospital!
So there's my one week update !! When I was reading reviews I loved hearing the stories of people just out of surgery! So I hope this helps someone! Be blessed all !!

2 week post op

Just left the doctor and I'm a wonderful 23 pounds down! I can't believe it !! These two weeks have been hard work but I'm so happy with the results! Everything looks wonderful! I'm getting my protein and liquids down just fine and can start on soft foods today! I think I'm going to have tuna fish!
I have s tender spot on my largest insidious line that is a small bump- he said it is probably just the inner stitches trying to come out but to give them another week or two and they should dissolve on their own! I hope so with the exception on that one spot I feel like a new person!
Thanks everyone !!

Question ??

Hi sleevers!! I have a question ? I am three weeks post op ! In my largest incision site I was having a lot of pain - it is now healing well but part of the internal Dissolving stitches has started to poke out of my skin! My doctor told me this might happen and to just call the office if it does- has this happened to anyone else??

Almost to onederland

Got on the scale this morning and I'm at 203.4 !! I'm so excited to get out of the 200's! Hope everyone has a blessed Easter!

Finally made it to ONDERLAND

Officially 198lbs today! So excited ! I'm about six weeks post surgery and down a total of 34 lbs! I told myself that once I was below 200 I was going to start the couch to 5k program, so I started today!
All in all I'm doing well! Really learning how to eat is hard! I get full very fast but them seem to be hungry again pretty quickly, so I'm constantly eating!! I'll be honest I miss sitting down for a nice full meal! It's been a struggle for me! I know it's a head game but it is still hard! Getting below 200 will for sure be a motivator! Thanks for all the support !!


I bought this off Amazon the other day! After just 24 hours I am AMAZED at the results! My scars are really red and I honestly have to say after one day they are 20% lighter!
They are like a band-aide with silicone on one side and you leave them on as long as you want! They even stayed in place all night and day! Thought I would share this product! Will post again as to the product in a couple days!

Question about vitimans

I went to my nutritionalist today and they have a problem where they can no longer sell vitimans. Some paperwork issues or something. So what do you all take for a daily?? Thanks


It's time that I must do some clothes shopping! Everything is falling off me! Problem is I have no style!!! I used to buy what ever fit! Now I'm about a size 14 and I have options but I struggled with what looked good! Ugggg never thought I'd have this problem!!

Post op visit

Met with my doctor today! He was so funny he came into the room and said " oh sorry wrong room you can't be my patient"! He was so kind and kept telling me how good I looked!! It made me feel so good! I'm five months post surgery and down 43lbs! I went from 230 to 187!! I'm shopping for size 14-12 clothes and it feels so good!!
One thing my doctor said was to keep to the diet! Don't start going back to old habits or this won't work! I needed to hear that because I'm finding myself slowly cheating here and there!! The mental struggle is still real but having this forum keeps me on track! I read posts everyday and love looking at all the before and after pictures!! Thank you to everyone !!

Dreaded hair loss

I am five months post surgery and I thought I was going to be the lucky one and not experience hair loss, well today I noticed that may not be the case :( ! I am taking, in addition to my normal vitimans, a vitiman called HairNails and Skin from a company called It Works! I hope it helps and makes the hair loss minimal! On the bright side I am down 46lbs and loving it! Bought a couple of size 12 shorts at Old Navy today- that was exciting!!
Thanks everyone for all the support!

Been awhile

It's been awhile since I've been in here and I have to admit I NEED HELP! I've slipped big time- I went on vacation about three weeks ago and ever since then I CAN NOT seem to get back on track! I still don't eat a lot but I am not making good choices ! I realize this and I have to change ! I haven't gains weight but I've only lost 2 lbs in the past two months! I need some encouragement please !

Still at a stall

Hi all! On my last update I was not doing so well! I found myself slipping right back into my old habits! Sugar is an addiction I will fight my whole life! I got back on this site to read my posts and to read all the reviews of you lovely people to remind myself of why I did surgery in the first place so that I won't be a failure! I'm a little over a year out and please believe me when I or others say that the surgery is just a tool! It is SO easy to go back to your habits especially because in the beginning you can make a bad choice or two and still loose weight, but eventually that one or two bad choices turn into five or six or so on. Again it is SO easy to go back to eating they old way! I've committed to myself to start over cut out all sugar and get the ball rolling again! This site really help the support is amazing! Thanks for listening!

Back at it

So today is my first day back at it and I'm going to apologize for multiple posts now ! This site helps me a lot so I'm going to turn to you all frequently! Today has been a little tough but not so bad, I ate oatmeal and a half a banana for breakfast. I'm going through sugar withdrawals so I also ate a handful of nuts which help me a lot. I've already drank an entire bottle of water! I remembered that when I was doing the liver shrinking dies chicken broth helped me get through the withdrawals so I brought some to work with me! Hope everyone has a great day!
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